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  1. yeah downtown. it’s called Stella’s. owner has several bar concepts, i’m just a landlord not a bar owner. his place w me is max’s south seas hideaway which is a tiki restaraunt— it is awesome
  2. that's a super cool idea. one of my tenants (Max's south seas hideaway) also has a video arcade bar downtown GR, he's the right guy for the job, I will ask him
  3. ^^ "fish mural" building @ 710 Wealthy St.... that one is us. We haven't closed yet, and we do not know who our eventual tenant will be-- purely speculative like the rest of our projects in this neighborhood. Historically, the building had two entry points and a center demising wall (read: two-Tenant bldg.) and when we engage our architect that is the path we will take. Due to the weird Covid-dampened retail leasing market, we will not be in any big hurry to start this one, but we know that eventually we'll wish we had .. thus we raised our hand for it. Any user ideas f
  4. Yeah, thanks Walker. It's a really cool business model, in what I consider to be the right area for what they're doing. I think they have a fairly big social media following, wish they had a bigger 'street presence' -- a sign or something, it is still a street-retail business after all. When you drive by it's hard to know what's happening in there. I wish them all the best of course and hope to see them succeed ! We do have another prospect looking at the other side of the building, but overall retail Leasing is pretty slow right now. I'm hopeful.
  5. Thanks GRD3. We're happy with how it turned out for sure, our friends at McGraw Construction got it done ahead of schedule and on-budget. To my amazement, NO tenants yet. Plenty of prospects, but nothing 'done deal' yet. We also think there could be a market for smaller buyers and so we are going to also list it as two separately available retail condo units. Sizes approx. 1500 SF. Perhaps there is an operator out there who would prefer to own than pay rent ? There's nothing for sale really in the neighborhood, other than un-renovated stuff that is very expensive and re
  6. Paul--- great to see your progress here and the continued enthusiasm for the block you were so instrumental in getting started. Full support from us for sure, we're watching with full interest and hope to see it happen ! eric wynsma / terra firma development
  7. There are probably many of us that would buy these properties, but when you look at 710 Wealthy ("the fish building") for sale @ $710,000 it really is not 'for sale'. I made the guy an offer a few years back, I really do not believe he wants to sell-- but I suppose at that number he would. His number is probably what it's worth after someone does a full-on renovation, there's really no room for a developer OR end user to have this make any kind of sense---- so there she sits---- it's frustrating to those of us who are invested in neighborhood improvement....
  8. Chris, we have no Tenants for this one. Purely a speculative project. What we've learned from our other 3 projects in the neighborhood is that marketing before "nearly complete" does generate interest, but it's a whole lot easier once people can see and feel what the end product will be like. SO--- we'll begin that process once we have a basic structure outta the ground. Currently, doing some sub-surface demo as we found a bunch of old concrete in the ground (from the old gas station days). Site work begins immediately thereafter, steel goes up next, etc. We like the idea
  9. Less than 5 hours, the whole building was gone... We're gonna roll straight into site work, and ideally, we will be ready to start doing Tenant buildouts beginning in June. Took us forever to get all the approvals, but all is well and here we go--- thanks for the interest.
  10. Article about Wealthy Street in MiBiz: https://mibiz.com/item/26160-wealthy-street-corridor-emerges-as-‘jewel’-of-gr-real-estate-market
  11. GRDad--- I consult with industry pro's on every project and generally stay out of the way on overall design--- I'm no designer or architect -- and perhaps x99 is God's gift to urban revitalization but his know-it-all style sucks and I dont care for the insulting nature of his words. OK--- enough on that. I'll move along now. Thanks for your interest.
  12. I had a long, lengthy, and overly academic explanation typed up That seems to be your style... As a developer, I don't expect you to know any of this, Yes, developers don't know what basic architectural fundamentals are. Obviously. When we go to developer school, they teach us to ignore these principles. unless you're also a historic preservation aficionado. Yes, I have a few historic preservation projects in my past. . You want traditional you call Dixon Architects in Ada, Finally we agree on something. I've done numerous historic renovation p
  13. there’s always the argument that ‘enough money’ can fix it— but not here. this building was bad even before the fire. and since that time, much of the upper floor found its way downstairs, it is dangerous to walk through and cannot and should not be saved— one guy’s opinion here but with a bit of experience. a new 2-story retail down / office up or residential upstairs is the obvious answer.. I am nominating X99 and GRdadof3 !
  14. Hi Joe---thanks for your kind words... you've been around here many years so your opinion matters a lot, same for GRdad and many others here. We will continue our mission of trying to secure street-level retail, local business Tenants. We said no to a bunch with our previous buildings in that area--- chains, big cell phone shops with all their neon lights and stuff. We really want the same thing that (what I perceive as) everyone here wants to see. We are having conversations with boutique style clothing shops, local food operators some quasi-retail-office users, a residenti
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