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    Richmond International Airport

    I come from Charlottesville and recently have discovered RIC. I think it's a great airport. New, clean, modern, short lines, relaxing, and only 1 hour away. I often find fares very comparable to flying out of Dulles, so it's quite a deal. Charlottesville's airport is great, but it is just TOO expensive. I'm getting a flight out of Richmond to Boston this weekend for $139 while from Cville it was ~$400!!!! I'm glad it's doing so well with JetBlue increasing service and all that.
  2. lexicon506

    City Walk

    I was looking around google earth to see where this site is, and was shocked when I found a "downtown" full of parked cars! Has it always been this way? Unfortunately, I don't think this development is going to do anything for downtown other than get more cars on the roads. What needs to happen is the demolition of all those big box stores, and division of those blocks into smaller parcels to encourage different buildings with smaller footprints (and mix-use, of course). You can't expect a place to feel urban just because there are some shiny towers and a few stores proposed. Look to Providence, Asheville, Boulder, for how to revitalize a downtown. I don't mean to bash VaBeach at all, it's just that I was very disappointed when I saw that this would be destined to become a shopping mall in disguise due to its suburban surroundings.
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    Cotuit, did you also make the Boston page? Both look great!
  4. lexicon506

    Proposed Light Rail Systems

    Charlottesville, VA is considering a light rail line that would connect the transit center (under construction) downtown with the University of Virginia and continue to the shopping areas along Route 29 North.