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  1. I'm happy as heck! My oldman works there! There has always been at least 2 or three members of my family working there......this is a big victory for Maine and New Hampshire!
  2. It's great to see that work has begun. I don't know why they are preserving the roof......and not just ripping the old place apart. Whatever works....anyway, I think in one of the forum threads I mentioned something about Graves Hill. I really haven't heard much about it till now. It seems like the project stayed under the Nimby radar. 14 stories would have been nice...but 9 will do. Also, the project that is planned around or near a church is Chesnut Street Lofts, 8 stories.
  3. GREAT NEWS! Way to go Westin! It's nice to see a project in Portland getting bigger, not smaller! As for the waterfront....it will always be there and protected. Pvenne, I think the Waterview is breaking ground this fall.
  4. I'm all about the hotdog lady! When I am back in Maine, my brother and I make it a point to buy from her! Sadly, she is not topless like you said, but she still looks good in that bikini! Maybe she should post her sister by the Saco River near your house so you could buy some hotdogs too (on 202)! Not a bad idea! As for old, nixed projects, I have one for you (the other is Lincoln). Below is a proposal for the Fidelity building in the late 80's:
  5. Hello all.....my name is Martin, age 32 and I'm a Sergeant stationed at Ft. Drum. Sounds weird....here's some background!!! I'm originally from Maine, having lived in Sanford, Shapleigh and West Newfield. In high school and USM I wanted to be an Architect....but, after partying too much, the military was the way to go! Uncle Sam might own may ass, but my heart is still in NNE! You young bucks ^ are a cool bunch!
  6. Here is a couple of pics depicting what the new Mercy Hospital should look like..
  7. 8 stories would be nice....but hey, lets hope the Westin proposal down the street gets its addtional height increase!
  8. Another neat find.....the proposed 300 Fore Street:
  9. 20 Pearl was an unexpected find. I found it at the Winton Scott Architects website. It is in the office buildings section of the website, but not in the "works in progress". So, I'm thinking this could possibly be an old proposal....maybe late 80's? Maybe that parking lot above could stay around for a while longer!
  10. Have you ever heard of 20 Pearl Street? I found a couple of interesting projects at the Winton Scott Architects Homepage..... In the works in progress part of the site there is also the Pearl Street Residences, which look pretty impressive. Check it out! www.wintonscott.com
  11. Another developement in the works is Chesnut Street Condos, 8 stories. On the outside of town there is a proposal to construct Graves Hill Condos, 2 buildings, 100ft. high, 10 st.
  12. I think the Wheates kicked in the day I started posts at 3 differant skyscraper sites! But hey, how often does Portland have this much developement at one time? We gotta represent! Hell ya! Anyway....thanks for posting the pics of the current sites Corey! I can't wait to compare the before and after pics. It's about time something new goes into Congress Street. And as for Waterview, no doubt it will be a great addition to the skyline. I did read the same news you did about the additional stories to the proposed Westin. I hope it goes through...6 stories isn't much. I also have been reading about another developement in the same vicinity as the Westin which would be around $45 million. Even more....there is also another parking garage or addition going in at Maine Med.....and condos going in somewhere behind city hall (7-8 st.?). With the exception of the failed Lincoln Square (again!), these are good times! Later on I will post pics/clippings of Portland projects that got the axe!
  13. Here is a preview for what is to come to Portland this year: Waterview Condo's - 12 stories: And Monument Plaza....5 stories...
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