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  1. I agree. I've been flying out to Dever quite a bit over the last few months for a job. While it's cheaper to fly out of Chicago it's never been worth it when I had in the extra expenses. The last trip we did use Chicago becuase it was about half the cost but by the time I paid for meals, gas, tolls, parking, tips and hotel (flight left at 0600) it ended up costing me more money. Granted, this was only for 2 people, I can see how saving $100 per ticket for a whole family can be significant. It sure is a whole lot easier though flying out of GRR than ORD.
  2. Cards are available in the gift shop at the Grand Plaza. Beaners also has a cool selection of cards. Not aware of GR postcards though.
  3. GRDad your concept for the Ellis lot is amazing. The uniqueness of it would create a huge draw. I personally don't like the openess of the ice rink when I'm eating or looking for a place to read. I'll find a place near the trees. I think the depth and character of your idea is perfect.
  4. Havd you tried Joe Chicago's in Grandville? Or Chicago Joe's, I don't remember. While nothings as good as driving to Pizzano's in Chicago for the atmosphere. Joe's is every bit as good. Get their pepperoni and extra garlic. TONS of fresh, chopped garlic cloves. My understanding of the authentic Chicago style is crust, layers of Pepperoni, then tons of cheese, and then topped with sauce. The crust is actually rather thin but "deep" because of it's pie-crust shape. It's not thick like Old Chicago's poor attempt at Chicago Pizza. Seriously though, if you feel like "suburbing
  5. I don't know if it's been reviewed here yet but my wife and I went to Old Chicago's this weekend. Don't flame me for eating on 28th street!! We went to Roses' (2 hour wait,) called Bluewater (2 hour wait) and found the same at The Shipping Company. Weren't dressed "cool" enough to go to our downtown spots. The food was terrible. I am a Chicago deep dish fan so I ordered their, so called, Chicago Pizza. Not even close. Don't call it Chicago Style Pizza if you're not going to follow the rules for Chicago style pizza. It was a Pizza Hut Pan Pizza. Very dissappointed.
  6. I thought they said it would be this week already.
  7. FYI...SanChez and Mezze will be combining menus soon. They will still maintain seperate identities with different atmospheres but will now have one, huge, combined menu. Too many people have been trying to order items off the other's menu so they decided to just let us have our choice of everything!
  8. New Middle Eastern Restaurant opening soon on, you guessed it, 28th street. I believe it is in the strip mall with Qdoba, west of Woodland.
  9. This happened to us about a week ago very excited to have a free scone!! (Veloise, I almost asked a lady in there if she was a UPer. Middle aged. Brought a laptop in and sat over by the wall across from the stage. My wife and I were sitting on the stage. Could that have been you? )
  10. Just so you all know, I've passed this thread along to one of the Meijer family. He found it "interesting." Speak up UPers!
  11. What about the house on the corner of Plymouth and Wealthy just south of the Blodget Mansion? This was featured in a magazine a few years ago. I believe the square footage was around 13,000.
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