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  1. So, I got the chance to check out Wayland Square and Fox Point a little bit last week, and then spent some more time in and around the East Side today. I came away quite impressed with the East Side in general, and both my wife and I liked the Wayland Square area and could see us living there. Looking at rental listings, there are definitely places that fit most of our needs, and although owning a SFH seems out of reach in the near future, that's not any different than Bristol or Barrington, I guess. Hopefully house prices will moderate and I will make more money in the coming years... R
  2. Based on what I'm reading here, I may have underestimated the Bristol - Providence commute. Westerly to Providence is 45 miles, but it's almost all highway (I-95). My guess is that the trip would typically take 45min to an hour, based on traffic, and that's more time than I want to spend in the car. Bristol to Providence is about 16 miles, about 50 / 50 surface roads and highway. I was thinking that the commute would be 20min to 30min...and a half hour is about as long as I think I can stand on a daily basis. But maybe the surface roads are so slow that it will take more? And I-195 into Provid
  3. I just looked at the Henry Barnard site too, it does look quite reasonable. So, if there's a lottery, any idea how many applicants and how many available slots? And even if an older child gets in, the younger one still needs to get through the lottery? I know at some magnet schools, younger siblings are automatically admitted so that the kids can all go to the same school... At any rate, a somewhat affordable alternative to the public schools sounds like a good option to have. BJE
  4. Thanks for all of the replys so far. I really would like to try living in Providence; I don't know that I can get my wife to agree though. Still, I'd like to take a closer look at Wayland Square; I've never been through that neighborhood before. What is the main commercial street through there? Angell / South Angell, or Waterman? My target budget (renting) is $1200 - $1600 / month. That is more than I'm paying now in Westerly, but less than I was paying on my mortgage + condo fees when I owned. The thing with PPS is that the school system seems to be going through a tough time right
  5. I don't think I've ever formally introduced myself to this forum, although I've posted here a couple of times and lurked for about a year or so... I'm a CT native, and lived the last 5 years or so in Hartford (had a condo downtown at Bushnell Tower). By trade, an architect (not licensed -- yet). Then I got married, had a son, and after much soul searching and debating with my wife about where to live, went looking for a small town to raise a family in. I moved to Westerly, RI about eight months ago, and it seemed like a good choice at the time. My office is Hartford based but has a branch
  6. Yeah, I don't see this busway accomplishing much at all. First of all, as everyone knows, people don't like busses. Overwhelmingly, they are used by people who have no other choice, i.e. people who are not wealthy enough to own cars. So the idea that they will reduce vehicle congestion is questionable at best. Second of all, the idea that the busway will promote development around the stations is also doubtful. The fact that bus routes are easily changed and rerouted means that these stations lack permanance, as compared to light rail. I just don't see high-density TODs being developed a
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