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  1. Yes. I was trying to think what it reminded me of, but I couldn't put my finger on it. You just did.
  2. Homewood Suites redux. Propose something striking (although I wasn't crazy about the first iteration of the AC design) as a first offer, aiming for something about half way between highway hotel village and downtown elegant (but closer to highway hotel village). Or so it seems to me. I would think the DRB would be more protective of a site across the street from the Peace Center and just up from the Falls. Imagine a design on par with the Spartanburg AC on that site.
  3. The Food Thread

    Went to Grill Marks. Really good burger--exactly what I was looking for. And a really good Irish whiskey milkshake that I'm motivated to try to reproduce at home. Thanks for the suggestions. And not to state the obvious, but something needs to be done with that parking lot next to Grill Marks.
  4. The Food Thread

    Thanks. I'm really craving a good, substantial burger. Or maybe a McAlister's-like menu (but not McAlister's itself).
  5. The Food Thread

    I'll be in Greenville today and I haven't eaten downtown in a long time. Any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive place for dinner? Thanks.
  6. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    I get that--it's a beautiful area to live in. I would undoubtedly say the same if I were already living there.
  7. Grand Bohemian Hotel

    So, with that roof pitch, are we looking at something close to Embassy Suites height?
  8. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    It's booming way past capacity, unfortunately. We originally wanted to buy a house in or near Mooresville, but the traffic up there seemed so bad (I'm not thinking of I-77) that we opted for Concord instead. Cheaper prices didn't hurt, of course; but given the traffic issues we experienced there, we wouldn't have bought in Mooresville even if the prices had been the same. And that's with I-85 construction creating bail-out traffic issues in Concord.
  9. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I'm still relatively new to Charlotte, but I've only heard about a *new* 12,000 foot runway. What's the time frame for that runway, and has there ever been any serious consideration of extending an existing runway? Seems crazy that Charlotte hasn't addressed the runway length issue already in some way. AFAICT, there's not a single runway in NC longer than 10,000ft. Even GSP's got an 11,000 footer.
  10. Buncombe St. Mixed Use Project

    A cathedral is the place where the cathedra (bishop's throne) is. No requirements as to size--there are quite small cathedrals in existence. Some Protestants/Independents use the word "cathedral" in their church names (with the apparent meaning "really big"), but the word "cathedral" etymologically evokes an institution (hierarchy of bishops) that they reject. But you're probably right in this case: if Greenville is to become the seat of a new diocese--and there are more and more Catholics down South every day, so parish growth is probably part of the equation--then maybe they're thinking they need a bigger building. Just please not one of those geometric monstrosities that Catholics are too often apt to build (I say that as a Catholic).
  11. The Gateway Site

    I suppose that, in a way, the problem of this island is the price paid for what downtown actually has now. As I recall (and I was single-digit age at the time), the right fork that is now Beattie Place was constructed ca. 1970-ish, I guess to extend College St. and to improve the flow through that part of downtown. I'm pretty sure that before then, North St. had been two-way all the way to Heritage Green. Anyway, without that road construction (which orphaned the old Memorial Auditorium site) there might have been no Hyatt, no U. S. Shelter Center/Liberty Square, and all the redevelopment that ensued, including the arena. Or, at least, the alternative history would be quite different.
  12. Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Wasn't HM's expansion at least partly motivated by a proposal to build a mega-mall between Greenville and Spartanburg? I think Westgate expanded at about the same time, and the two expansions essentially killed off the mega-mall idea. So, I suppose another HM expansion will only come about when a worthy competitor comes along. Or demographics overcomes the owners' reluctance. Neither of which seems to be on the horizon.
  13. Greenville County Square redevelopment

    It was Furman U up till the late 50's. Then Bell Tower Mall operated from the late 60's till the early-to-mid 80's, with a major movie theater onsite, Baskin-Robbins, a Woolworth, a department store called "Edward's" (if memory serves), two grocery stores (for a time, at least), and a below-average collection of tenants inside. It always seemed to get by, for at least 3 reasons, in my opinion: 1) General Hospital was still the main facility, and so there were physicians' offices all over the West End, very close to the mall--a built-in, relatively wealthy clientele. 2) Furman was still playing its football games at Sirrine Stadium, and so, even though that was only 5 or 6 weekends in the Fall, there was still some energy generated in that area. 3) There was some complementary retail in the area: the 8 O'Clock Superette across from Sirrine Stadium (where the high-end condominium building just went up); the Marquette on Augusta (still there, just empty, last time I drove by), and a few other places. If you shopped at one of those, Woolworth, or A&P or W-D, or some other Mall store was pretty convenient. Anyway, Spero makes a good point: even before the Governor's School, the Mall was very closely connected with the West End and with the area around Sirrine Stadium. The park was a natural barrier before the Governor's School was proposed. It seemed Mall traffic was naturally aligned along University Ridge, not so much down Church Street. When the M.D.'s departed en masse for Greenville Memorial, and Furman built their on-campus stadium, the whole area went straight downhill, and the Mall with it. So, I think whatever happens there ought to have some relation to the West End. Building an adjunct to downtown or a "midtown" might end up being an island.
  14. The Gateway Site

    With one of the one-way streets mostly below grade, and so less-than-useless for access. Seems to me that, short of putting pedestrian tunnels under Church and E. North--or probably even with it--whatever goes there would have to attract people who don't mind walking across the bridge, as it was with the old Memorial Auditorium. So, as several people have indicated here in the past, some sort of entertainment venue adjunct to the arena seems the best in theory. But what?
  15. Judson Mill redevelopment

    Anybody know of a handy inventory of old textile mills in Greenville and their current status? How many are there left that can be redeveloped along the lines of Judson, Mills, Monaghan, and Woodside? Are there others that have already been redeveloped?