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  1. Exile

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    I only had time to scan the articles on it. I agree with all that this is impressive, but a question: is this the first phase of a larger 160 acre park, or has the whole thing been scaled down to 60, or was it always going to be 60?
  2. Exile

    Greenville County Square

    Rome doesn't have much height either; or, more comparable in size to Greenville, Florence (Firenze) has no height at all (except the domes and campaniles). All to say that I really like the more European manner of downtown's development. This seems to continue that, more or less.
  3. Exile

    Greenville County Square

    There doesn't appear to be any contour to the land--the whole thing is rendered as if it's built on level ground. I remember some steep spots in that parking lot around the tire store on the corner--and wasn't there a Hess station there at one time? I think it would be pretty cool if they graded that land at the intersection of Church and U. Ridge so that the bases of buildings there were higher than the intersection--unlike the way they've graded down for that new business school at Clemson
  4. Exile

    Greenville County Square

    What exactly are those people walking around on the roof going to be able to see?? Even with the apparent pitch, it's seems like an odd perspective. Having said that, I like the look of the building. It reminds me of a couple of buildings here in uptown CLT occupied by Johnson & Wales, with a canopy covering the open space in between--only this is much nicer.
  5. Exile

    Hartness mixed use TND development

    Latest Hartness announcement shouldn't be totally overshadowed by County Square: it will include an inn adjacent to the original home capable of handling "up to 300 guests."
  6. Yes. Suppose Dillards second store had been 10 or 15 miles away from Haywood Mall instead of a little over a mile away. A lot less likely they would have closed it, and IMO that was the biggest of several death blows to Greenville Mall. Here in Concord there's modest little Carolina Mall that keeps chugging along because there's nothing like it anywhere nearby (Concord Mills is a different animal, and is over 8 miles away). By every measure, GM was ridiculously superior to this mall, except for its proximity to HM. To bring it back to this thread, distance from DT and location in fast-growing Mauldin in my amateur opinion gives Bridgeway Station a much higher probability of success. I wonder, too, if a successful development might spur other means of relieving Woodruff Road of that dreadful traffic problem. One can only hope.
  7. I think you're right about supply and demand, and you might be right about the potential busts. But I don't think Greenville's mall history is a good example of that. Greenville's unusual because all 4 malls were so close to each other. If one had been built, e.g., somewhere in Powdersville and another in Simpsonville, we might still have as many as three operating malls. But malls seem to be out of style, at least in the South, and that's another thread....
  8. I'm with distortedlogic on having nodes of development--mini-downtowns and "Mayberrys" around the urban area, all more or less interlocking. I think it makes an urban splotch much more interesting. I know very little about the technicalities of urban planning, but the whole notion of "planning" seems to me to have the potential to run roughshod over the good sense of the people who actually have a tangible stake in development, i.e., the landowners and developers. Not dissing planning; just noting a need for balance. There are always going to be developments that don't appeal to one or more of us individually. For example, it never made sense to me to try to convert that Celanese plant into office or flex or whatever it was they were trying to do with it. The market eventually ruled, the plant building is gone, and it's developing slowly but nicely, and gives Greenville a nice presence along I-85. Other developments I thought were ill-conceived were big successes. Et cetera. But I've got no skin in that game. Phil Hughes does. He'll develop that property according to his best judgment and the market will render its verdict. But when I said he's owned it for a long time, I mean somewhere in excess of 20 years ( I made inquiries about it back in the '90's). Possibly much longer, especially if perhaps his father owned it before him. I don't know. Clearly he thinks its prime time to do something with it. But I will say that it seems we're overdue for a downturn, and there are those who say that we're already on the edge of a bear market. So while I'm sure Hughes has done his homework, there's still a lot of risk involved, especially if there's a relatively quick buildout of the whole concept. We'll see.
  9. Hughes Investments has owned that land for a long time. I gotta think this is a well-thought-out development with a high probability of success. And they've obviously made major contributions to downtown development, so from that perspective there's balance in this development. Some people (a lot of them) just don't want to work downtown; even if the transit and parking options were plentiful and cheap.
  10. Exile

    The Food Thread

    Grill Marks was listed as one of the "31 best burger joints in America," by Thrillist. Good to see a great restaurant getting some recognition.
  11. Exile

    The Gateway Site

    I was counting rooms added since the Hyatt, and just in the DT area, i.e., rooms that could conceivably be attached to or a short walk from a convention facility. The Comfort Inn building's too far, and significantly predates the Hyatt. And as for buildings with some proximity to DT, the Brio used to be....something, I can't remember, but it was a hotel, and a pretty good one, at least for a while. It was a respectable venue for wedding receptions, that sort of thing. And incidentally, undoubtedly some in this forum are old enough to remember "The Wicked Witch," a basement bar that you entered through a now-blocked-off stairway at the Waterstone end of the Comfort Inn building (which I think was originally a HoJo). The SH/Res is larger than initially advertised; but I overestimated Home2. All the others look about the same as what I found. But I defer to y'all on room counts. I haven't lived in Greenville for a long time now.
  12. Exile

    The Gateway Site

    No, not entirely sure. I included Home2, Aloft, Residence/Spring Hill, Hyatt Place, Poinsett, Courtyard, AC, Hampton, Embassy, Main & Markley, and Bohemian. But, as I said, I couldn't get definite room counts on two of them, so I just used an average # of 150 for each. I suspect Main & Markley at least will be bigger.
  13. Exile

    Interstate quality spur to I-73/74

    Somebody needs to come up with a designation other than "Interstate" for a road that won't get within 30 miles of a neighboring state. "Freeway" seems to have gone out of usage, but if there aren't any tolls, it's near-perfectly descriptive.
  14. Exile

    The Gateway Site

    Wow. Accounting losses with positive cash flow maybe? Strength of friendship has its limits, especially when you're talking business losses. And there was a UDAG involved. Is that the federal money you're talking about? All this is hazy memory for me.
  15. Exile

    Agfa redevelopment

    UP needs some cricket emoticons. With sound?