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  1. At 1021 pages, lots of espresso, too.
  2. Treadmill sidewalks. They've though of everything!
  3. And we have a winner! Don't ask me what you won... We used to stop there on the way to the lake, too. Anderson and Jefferson were the only locations I knew of. Don't know if there were any others elsewhere. Nostalgia.
  4. A quiz for you old-timers. I was driving back from visiting my daughter in GA, and I pulled off at the Jefferson, GA exit (US 129/GA 11) and noticed the building pictured below. I was surprised to see that this building still existed because it's almost 50 years old and it's twin in Anderson at 85 and 76--just on the left, kind of on a hill, as you head toward Anderson on 76--was torn down a long time ago. So the quiz is: what business establishment originally occupied both buildings?
  5. Yesterday afternoon, I drove up Falls St. for the first time since they started going upward with the buildings. That apartment building is massive. And the drive over the Church St. bridge is nice going both ways. Good and dense. And inviting.
  6. https://app.oxblue.com/open/cap/fallstower
  7. I'm all for 12 federal courthouse-style floors.
  8. Metaphorically, maybe. But it was bought out of bankruptcy and there's a plan to keep it going at a little over half its previous size. We'll see how that plan works out. Extreme skepticism is warranted. Lowe's has been selling Craftsman for months now.
  9. Re: the apt. projects: to be fair, Charlotte has the exact same kinds of buildings strewn all around Uptown. True, they also have some pretty impressive residential towers, but I'd say Camperdown and McClaren are our Greenville-scale versions of those.
  10. Not many developable parcels left on Rhett. That little street's on the cutting edge.
  11. 6 tall floors + the equivalent of a short 7th in the middle. Will this be as tall as Canvas (old BBT; older First Federal)?
  12. OK, just so I understand. Is this diagram right? The location of the new garage (circled) and the orientation of the rendering (arrow)? So all that forest in the background is just filler and not what will be the actual background from that vantage point?
  13. If that perspective is looking away from the terminal building, then it looks like there's no covered walkway access to it from the terminal?
  14. I'm surprised that the Bowater building didn't spur any subsequent development down there. I haven't been in it in over 20 years, but it was Class A when it was built. Better late than never, though.
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