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  1. That and actual seasons, along with proximity to the mountains, which so many Floridians like to escape to during the summer, anyway. But I take Spartan's point about Horry's probable upper limit.
  2. Can't wait to see the finished product. They're currently developing what, 60 acres or so? Is there a prospectus of what land a full 160-acre park would occupy? Or is the extra 100 acres likely not going to happen?
  3. San Diego has only one runway, so we’re in good company. But Greenville has four active runways, and one inactive. So there’s that…..
  4. Having lived for the last 6 years in a market that has HT and Publix and Lowes, I've been in grocery store nirvana. Getting ready to move to a market with, AFAICT, Publix and Wal-Mart. I'm already pining over the loss of HT and to a lesser extent Lowes. Hopefully, for Greenville's sake, this will be HT. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.
  5. When I lived in FL, in a similar spot on the local trail, they built a tunnel under a busy intersection and installed gates on either end. They closed the gates before the sun set and opened them up after sunrise, and it was policed pretty well. I imagine they had cameras, too, though I don't remember. It provided as much security as you could and eliminated the risk of getting run over. And I don't recall seeing any graffiti, even after a few years. Hopefully they'll do something similar here.
  6. Was driving down Academy yesterday: that building is about as imposing as Deca, only with a shorter pedestal.
  7. I could easily see a scenario where a city like Greenville becomes the target of an even greater effort push it toward some cultural bleeding edge, whether they've got local funding or not. (FTR I have no opinion on the actual art in question, since I haven't seen it with my own eyes)
  8. If you've disdained as "BJU" the opposition of some to this kind of art, having already lauded the actual BJU for its world-class art collection and its anticipated participation in the new museum/conference center, you might want to rethink your inconsistency. Not addressed to anybody in particular. Just noting a potential irony in this controversy.
  9. I haven't flown much in the last few years, but back in the day I remember a number of times pilots talking over the PA about our arrival in "Greer." Hopefully that's a custom that's passed into oblivion (no offense to any Greer residents).
  10. The trusty old Google Earth ruler measures city hall footprint as 130 x 50, a mere 6500 sf per floor. Bowater is ~100,000 sf, and the floor plates are much larger, in the 25,000 sf range. That's at least; it's possibly a bit larger. It may be "old", but when it was built, it was a very nice class A building. It's definitely a step up.
  11. It would be nice to get the control tower away from prime tarmac acreage; but boy that must be really expensive.
  12. My last comment for the sake of clarity: I was not referring to the internationals or other faraway folks when I said I'd never heard anyone invoke BJU. I was referring to people, overwhelmingly from the Carolinas and NE GA, none of whom have ever brought it up. As for what's happened related to BJU since downtown turned around, I wasn't addressing that at all. You made the claim that before the turnaround, Greenville was primarily known as the home of BJU. I was addressing that claim only. I haven't lived in Greenville since the turnaround, so I have no opinion on it.
  13. Well, it didn't seem to have any effect on investment. I wonder if there might have been intra-state rivalry thing, invoking BJU as a knock on Greenville or the "Upcountry," as we called it. All I know is that I honestly can't remember anyone ever bringing up BJU when they found out I was from Greenville.
  14. I grew up here in the 60's-80's, and lived in Greenville a total of 27 years. In my memory, there were only a couple of times, both in the 80's, I think, when BJU got big-time national press: the tax-exemption court case they were involved in, and an interracial dating piece that had a fairly short-lived currency. I can't speak to earlier periods, but, while we were all aware of BJU's presence, I have very little memory of actual interactions with them or of the assertion of a BJU mindset upon the community. There were council members who seemed to come from the BJU crowd, but that's not uniqu
  15. I don't know anything about the construction business, but could it be that these projects have contracts for materials at the old prices?
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