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  1. Could it be a function of city population and not total population? That seems to be a common thread here. GSP has none even close to 100,000. Fayetteville has over 200k city. Huntsville is now "bigger" than Birmingham at 217k. Tuscaloosa is just under 100k. Who assigns area codes, anyway?
  2. My son, who just graduated with a degree in physics, just got an engineering job (in another city) that enables him to pay such rents. Even possibly to the top of that range. As a 22-year-old. And he doesn't actually have an engineering degree. If Greenville is still the engineering hub that it was a quarter century ago, might that be a contributing factor? There seems to be a lot of demand. I'm not an engineer, and he didn't apply to any Greenville firms , so I have no idea. But it makes me wonder.
  3. One additional note: the comments on that roughly 15-year old thread were MUCH less critical of Landmark. Even in some cases positive. That includes some current severe critics. What happened in the last 15 years?
  4. I was looking for an existing thread on the Landmark building (because there's sporadic discussion about it on other threads--seemed good to me to bump an existing thread to make additional comments), but I could only find an archived thread on p.23! Did I miss something? Or has all the chatter about that building over the years been in other threads?
  5. Then the question would be can you do that kind of work on a building that's almost full? The only recladdings I've ever seen were of empty buildings.
  6. ~$70/sf. Is that a song? I dunno.
  7. It's 97%+ occupied, according to my quick search. If that #'s correct, there'll be no recladding of that building. Those of you who want that to happen will have to hope for it to empty out and sell for a song.
  8. Way back in the day--say, roughly pre-1973-ish, when their campus near the sewage plant off Mauldin Rd. was completed--the Y hosted CCES's upper school. I'm not sure how long that relationship lasted, but that's the only thing I can think of to account for that 4-lane stretch of Cleveland, which has puzzled me, too. It may be a relic of a 50-years-defunct state of affairs.
  9. Where are all the parking lots?
  10. The brief discussion about the Towers 4 in the County Square thread got me in a nostalgic mood (not difficult the older I get), and I got to thinking back to the days when movies were only showing at one theater in town, I guess basically the pre-Bijou days. I was trying to remember what big movies showed at the Tower/Towers 4, but I'm coming up empty. I can remember, e.g., that Jaws and Star Wars showed at the Astro, Blazing Saddles at the Plaza, Rocky at the Camelot and, if I'm not mistaken, Disney films showed at the Mall Cinema, at least in the 70's. But though I went there numerous times, I just can't remember the big movies that played at Bell Tower. All I can find on the internet is a bill for Airport (1970), but I have no memory of that. Any others, you old-timers? Oh, and my brother once took me to a Godzilla triple-feature at the Fox before it went....
  11. Even though the mall was never much, we frequently took in a movie at the Towers 4 + a visit to Baskin Robbins.
  12. Per an architectural link that distortedlogic shared last year (https://sah-archipedia.org/buildings/SC-01-045-0058), it's simulataneously "new formalist" and brutalist, though new formalism seems to be primary. FWIW. I think the Georgia marble gives the Daniel Bldg some cachet that, e.g., Denny's (which looks to me like a high-rise prison) entirely lacks.
  13. Exile

    The Gateway Site

    Acknowledging the presumed difficulty of this, there is a certain sense to it: almost certainly a big reason that that parcel has been so difficult is it's having been orphaned by the construction of Beattie Pl. back in the very early 70's, compounded by Beattie going significantly below grade on that side. Building over the road would, in a way, reverse the curse. It's been a long time since I've been in Boston, but I'm pretty sure there's a high rise more or less directly over one of their freeways. So it's not unprecedented.
  14. Never really thought about that idea before, but they could, say, sell #6, which is an expansive par-5, and maybe half of #7. There is a fair amount of acreage elsewhere on their property where they could shoehorn in a new hole or maybe 2. And there's a pretty big buffer below #6. They could do such a thing without having to give up their course or a suitable buffer. Some of those office buildings fronting 291 are getting pretty old. However, the property slopes back toward the course & the river, so runoff problems would be a likelihood. Esp. since ##2-5 are partially or entirely in the Reedy's flood plain. When hell freezes over, of course. But it's fun to think about.
  15. There are those of us who sympathize with you on this. We're not few, but very few of us are developers or investors. Or architects. There are places to go to see surviving collections of beautiful architecture: Memphis & St. Louis come to mind because they've got density. Birmingham has a nice surviving collection of older, really beautiful stuff, but less dense. Richmond & Baltimore too. Charlotte would be on the opposite extreme, of course, a fact not infrequently lamented in that forum here on UP. Practically nothing left but glass downtown. I wouldn't call it ugly overall, just nondescript. Are there any architects left who can design buildings in that manner? Or who would be willing? Would you ruin your reputation as an architect if you did? Do architects get cancelled? The volume of nondescript-to-downright-ugly stuff that gets built these days is pretty overwhelming. Makes one wonder. But I don't think Greenville needs to limit itself to one style, unless that style is a baseline or a touchstone and not an absolute limitation. Even in those cities I mentioned, it's not all just one style, but everything does work together--until you get to the glass expanses. But just limit the glass and the weird angles, and generally refuse to let Greenville be a laboratory for architectural experimentation.
  16. I wish they'd take the long view on this tower. Obviously the park is intended to last for generations to come, so why not build it the way that some cathedrals are still built? Come up with a design that transcends trendiness, that's built to last, but that can be built in stages that are "complete" in themselves. If it takes 50+ years to get it done, so be it. This is all rhetorical, of course. I know full well why we have to have it and have it now.
  17. I'd be willing to donate money toward that effort.
  18. Perusing its website, Grace Church seems to be a fairly typical multi-campus "contemporary" evangelical church. I guess the downtown location is the original, but they are "distributed" all over the metroplex. With that in mind, the apparent design of that building makes perfect sense: it's the high-rise version of what many similar churches build out in the 'burbs, minus the worship space.
  19. Greensboro Coliseum (which was built after Memorial Auditorium) has been renovated and/or enlarged a number of times. When I was in HS (40+ years ago), it already sat ~17,500 and was hosting regionals and was for a time the permanent site of the ACC Tourney. Of course it helps to be ACC HQ. Some time in the 90's, it was enlarged to its present seating capacity of 23,500. I'm also reminded of how Littlejohn was "enlarged" (actual seating capacity reduced) in pretty much the same way. Not saying Greenville needs to match Greensboro's seating capacity, but there's plenty of precedent for not adopting a "scrap it and start from scratch" mentality. Hopefully the initial design anticipated eventual enlargement. Like St. Francis, whose tower used to be 6 stories, but the foundation was built to support the current 10. They added those floors in the late 80's, I think.
  20. I don't disagree in principle (what you're saying is eventually true of any stadium or arena), but with all the political difficulty that was involved with getting any arena built, Greenville would be wiser to follow Greensboro's example than Atlanta's.
  21. On ESPN's bracket page, if you hover over "USC" to get the full name of the school you get....."USC".
  22. Are those rafter-seats blocked off, or is that something else? Sadly, I've never been in the Well. I worked in sight of the construction, but I moved away before it was finished.
  23. Surprisingly lacking in population density compared to Greenville, even in the early days, and esp. considering it was apparently mostly made up of former mill villages (?).
  24. My point is the airport's county jurisdiction. The airport is at least 75% contained within Spartanburg County. Maybe a bit of runway and taxiway in Greenville county. It doesn't matter what it's closest to when it comes to potential issues of oversight/governance. SP will always be a major player in GSP's oversight. Not that I was taking Gman's "wish" seriously, in the first place. But I'll bring the popcorn if they ever try.
  25. I'd love to see how the City of Greenville would take over management of an airport that is almost entirely in Spartanburg County. That would be fun to watch.
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