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  1. Why would TW if they sign a deal, move the Bobcats game to another channel like FSN-S ? Maybe so with some sort of deal to get out of a contract.. Not sure when it would be happening but the Canes are on FSN-S and their contract runs out after next year. I can see the Canes changing networks to MASN but they may stay on FSN-S. Depends on money and many other items. I know they can have multiple locations with FSN-S but not sure how that plays with current contracts on coverage.
  2. Not sure what FIS station is? I flew through JFK and then RDU so I came in on a puddle jumper. So I came through customs/entry at JFK which if I may say, means you have walk a lot of long hallways to get to customs/entry.
  3. Just flew in from Europe and was amazed they have glass up.
  4. Yes, last couple of times I have driven by it was empty right during prime meal time. Think about it, when was the last time anyone on this board ate there?
  5. Thai - Hand Down, the best place is Thai House behind the new Aldi at Eastgate shopping center at the corner of Wake Forest and Hardimont. Great lunch specials, great owner, great food. I also like Taste of Thai as I like the owers but I like the food at Thai House better. Middle Eastern - grocery store on Hillsbourgh St right past Waffle house. The best roasted nuts and almonds around. Does not really serve food but the nuts are great. Vietnam - Starmount Shopping Center is the Little Vietnam area. There is a place Pho Cali...I think. Pho means noodle bowl with beef base. Good noodle bowl and mostly asians there. Good local asian greocery store and great little cafe there. Reminds me of when I was in Hanoi. Decent Vietnam place in RTP at the little shopping center with the brand new SHEETZ on the corner of Alexander and Miami. (i think). You see alot of those RTPers in there who travel to Asia in there getting their Asian fix. Also, the old Harris Teeter off Capital to the right as you are leaving town and about 2-3 stoplights past the beltline. Vietnam grocery and a little food court. Small shops. Reminds of something you would see in Asia but not sure how they make a living here. Mexican - Los Cuates - At North market square next to Kanki and a drive-thru on Capital. near Carolina Baby (I think) Real Mexican and the owners are really nice. More Mexican Just drive down Capital and stop at any place and try it out. Many of the older strip centers have been taken over by the local start ups. There is a gas station (I think a BP) on Capital and there is a restaurant in the back. You buy your drink at the front check out and then go to the back and order. Noone speaks english and no menu in English but you can point to the food. They have tables to eat at. Good Salvadorian place on Capital near the IHOP/U-Haul place Indian - On Hillsbourgh St toward Cary. More of a grocery store and very large. Would never know from street. Someone near Aeroglide. There is a little restaurant there but can't say it is good but can get a samosa to go. Also a decent Indian place in North Ridge Shopping Center next to the new North Raleigh Amedios. Other etnic places along that Hillsbough St as you enter Cary. Japan - I like a place on Alexander about a half mile off of Hwy 70. In a brand new shopping center with a CVS on the corner. Tokyo Express is the name. Sure it feeds the Briar Creekers. No that it is authenic but fast, simple, clean and pretty good food for the money. Chinese Have not been there in a while but I think it is China Express. What sounds like the average strip center fast food place is nothing like that. Nothing fancy but great noodle bowls and good americanize plates. When my Chinese speaking clients and co-workers come to town, that is where they want to eat lunch. It is the closest thing they say to real Chinese food here. They have some special dishes that they order but no matter where you are from, you wil find something you like. On Hwy 54 right after the railroad track about a mile past the old EPA building going west. IN Durham but considered RTP. African-Thai I forget the name but a little restaurant in the buildings beside the Bahama Breeze off of Wake Forest just outside the beltline. A misture of both and is really good but rich. Very exotic taste and very different. Look for the green canopy right behind the Denny's.
  6. SFO would be nice but I would think San Jose would be a better option. I know numerous people who make that flight with stops in either ORD or DFW.
  7. Southwest also has one flight a day direct (I think) I have taken it LAS--> RDU in the last 8 months
  8. Agree. If you look at some of the newer airports around the world you see the floor to ceiling glass. That is one thing I like about the new terminal and you are correct, that would be the way to go with Terminal A. The HK airport along with Shanghai
  9. I am in the wrong business I am sitting in a meeting right now with talks about cutting costs, cutting people and elimanation....not growth.
  10. I wonder since Mckinney and Silver in Durham got the ad account for VA, that might help RDU get service. Not sure but at least company people will be flying here.
  11. Not unless it has changed in the last 2 weeks, the left half of terminal C is operational, while the right half is no longer there as the new Terminal is taking it place. I have noticed on the early late night flights, terminal C looks almost shut down as the late night flights in Terminal C are the flights that leave early the next day and many of the morning flights are flights that flew to RDU that morning. I could be wrong as I am just some guy looking out the window hoping I can find my car when I finally deboard.
  12. I flew out/in 2 weeks ago and it is taking shape. I am out again on Monday and I bet it will have made improvement. Will be good to watch and see.
  13. yes I have seen the clearing and wondered what is going in this place. It is front and center in that cluster of buildings/roads.
  14. XNA is in Bentonville, Ark which is the WW HQ for Wal-Mart. It not only allows Wal-mart guys a way to get out, it allows suppliers and business people a way to get into Bentonville to work with them.
  15. All I can say about this route is..............."Wal-mart" !!!!!!!!!!! The only reason the airport exists.
  16. I like the Gatwick flight because of the ease and less commotion. I do think the Heathrow flights could allow American to drive more European bound travelors through Raleigh which means they might open up more flights to RDU. Not sure. Just more options. Also, opens up more room for cargo on the flights which makes it more viable since Heathrow is major cargo point. I think . (my company once lost 16 palets of verty expensive "units" in Heathrow and it was believed to be taken by mafia, probably russian in a very organized theft. It was never found.)
  17. But with the city owning this and selling, that is the issue. Do you sell your soul out now (prime spots) to get growth now or do you do other things and such and hold on to let people build a little taller on the Fay St corridor in the future. I am not all that big on just building big and I undersand Hong Kong and Manhatten, but if we are putting 19 and 12 stories in our most prime locations when other medium size cities are building much taller buildings in prime locations, what happens to our future ? Now I will admit, other cities don't have a RTP and 4 towns/cities where the work force is, but I just wonder if we are not selling our prime locations just to get something built when in 10 to 15 years, we may have someone who would like to build a 50 story building if they could only get a spot on Fay St ? Thinking back, I wish the city had just knocked down the Hudson Belk building. JMHO
  18. With maybe one more site to build on Fay St. left (Porgress Executive parking area), I am not sure how I feel about putting a 19, let alone a 12 story building in prime location. Now I know the market controls the size but these buildings don't exactly turn my soul upside down. Remember, Progress Energy One building was a sight for sore eyes in Raleigh when it was built and 15-20 years later, it was nothing special. Same can be said about the archdale building. Look at any DT and see buildings that look their decade. I belive these will by what I see. JMHO With condos part of the building, means it will be next century before it is knocked down. I will wait and see but I would hope for more. Maybe the city shoould hold on to the other sites until real demand is pented up and released.
  19. I work with several people from Japan and other Asian countries and Waraji is thier restaurant. Even many or our Japanese travelers coming to Raleigh eat there and stay in hotels near there when they visit Raleigh. Noting like the Fishneck. I have a friend/co-worker and his wife from Taiwan/Hong Kong and they go "ga-ga" over the fishneck. Agree and I am not sure F-Street would have passed without the Convention Center (although I could be wrong)
  20. Also, that new restuarant in the Southend location has sushi and sushi bar.
  21. Wow...........asking for the world here !!!! Myself, I want all the fire hydrants on my street painted like Stormy, the Hurricanes' Hog Mascot, but not sure how I can get that thrown in with the new North Hills East. which is just up the street. I guess I should have asked when they brought the neighbors together.
  22. I think this makes Soleil even more viable. Short walk although I think big crosswalk would be needed.
  23. I don't see this. Could be. I have some contacts over there and they have mentioned nothing. I don't see the push to make SAS public like in the late 90s when they hired an ex-IBMer and he was run out of there.
  24. I don't see this. Could be. I have some contacts over there and they have mentioned nothing. I don't see the push to make SAS public like in the late 90s when they hired an ex-IBMer and he was run out of there.
  25. That is the case when you have just a few people employed. This is not an HQ where high level execs sit. It is an engineering base with labs and feet on the ground.......other wise ...brainpower and innovation Spread out over the proposed number of employees and it is not as bad as your statement. Actually, not bad at all. Having NetApp in your backyard is having the future technology innovators there. It is like having Cisco in the 1980s coming into your area and saying, we want to do engineering here. Cisco only chose certain areas to do development and there is no way to understand the benefits from what has spun off of those original sites.
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