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  1. I have walked up there and seen this. It was several years ago. Amazing how much space there is up there and as it works it way down to the ad company's space and the very old strip center on Capital. Someone could really come in there make something of the place, but would have limted parking. That is why it would be great with a TTA stop across the street.
  2. It is also the hub into Eastern Canada. Today they fly a small plane. I took it a few years ago and it appeared to be Nortel guys, software guys from smaller companies, vacationers like myself, and people trying to get to other places in Eastern Canada. Plane was pretty packed but small. Good service.
  3. I just flew a United leg from RDU to Chicago on my way to the west coast and I had never been on a plane that bad. Dirty, falling apart, tray table was all busted up. It was a mesa air flight. Shows what kind of cost crunch the big boys (DELTA, US Air, united) have put on their smaller carriers. A guy from Italty was beside me and we were laughing as we hoped the plane would get there without falling apart.
  4. I guess I understand why but I was with a business associate the other night and looking for a place to go eat downtown and worked my way over to Yancey's. I thought it would be a nice place as this person was not from the US. It was a Friday night. It was around 9:10pm and we tried to walk in and were stopped at the door and told we had to pay $5 cover "because there was a band." I said all we wanted to do was eat but that did not matter. I understand this but it was the way I was told. There were several big bouncers there and I would say at best, not very customer friendly....like if I took a step further, you will be thrown to the ground. Again, i guess I understand but I will not be taking a work client there again and most likey will skip the place from now on. We ended up going across the street to The Big Easy, got N'orelans type food and did not have to pay a cover. Worked good enough without getting the "stare-down" like how dare I step on hallow ground called Yancey's.
  5. Maybe I am not good at hiding this. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6474249.stm
  6. Nothing like rolling into Schiphol airport in Amsterdam around 7:00 am local time after an all night flight, get a Cappuccino at the DeliFrance while some drunk Russian next to you gets a Heineken going the opposite way, and getting on a Czech airlines flight to Prague and they serve beer with breakfast and you don
  7. VA just made a big step. Raleigh is on their radar although more likely 2nd tier. Virgin Atlantic I am still waiting for Frontier to make it to Raleigh. And then maybe Spirit
  8. San Jose, San Jose, San Jose !!!! I would like to know how many people fly between the 2 cities today. I do it quite often and I know others that do it.
  9. I agree but there are a 1M people that live right next to Central Park. That will never happen in Raleigh. Even in 50 years, it will not happen and who is to say the city and builders will build the right development around the park? People in North Raleigh can use Umstead as it is closer. People don't drive 20 miles to go to the park now....what will change that. What will change that is to have people that live in the park. It has to have a community/people in the park at great numbers. I hate to say this but I think Dix306 and these other groups are "close inside the beltliners" who want a park to call their own when they already have Pullen, parts of NCSU, Red Diamond/theater in the park, etc. Yea, lets give the Boylan Heighters a park that big. Just does not make sense. I think the Dix park with no one living in the park will create a black hole where criminals will run wild and it will not be safe during the day, let along at night. It is too big. I am all for a park but put people in it or no one will go due to nothing but police cars and drug dealers. Or have 500K people move around the edges within 4 years.
  10. Could it be another case of people getting involved to create political careers? The Oberlin Project (otherwise known as Coker Towers) created City councilpersons, State Senators, WC Comishers,etc). I just question why some of these people get involved and create groups? I think a lot has to do with their own political careers....maybe that is why there are so many groups adn no central movement...................."why join with another group when I will be drown out and not as important and will not be quoted in the N&O"
  11. I saw this. The one thing they don't mention (or I dont think they mention) is United had a non-stop to Denver not so long ago that was a small jet and was once a day. It stopped when United had some trouble. (I think) I do like the idea of San Fran direct flight but a better choice might be San Jose. (although they are so close) I wonder and could be wrong if they are trying to establish this flight to pre-empt Frontier from coming in here with their hub in Denver. I think Frontier would add a new twist to flying to the west. As adding flights with Spirit Airlines to South Florida and all the islands.
  12. I fly into a lot of airports around the world and from a business sense, it does matter. Maybe not to the "average joe" who is flying to see his parents or to get to Chicago for a weekend, but I have flown into airports that just screams "PO-DUNK". (Try Wichita). And then go to a sales meeting in that town where someone is telling you they have life changing technology (same as the last guy in that other city) and that you should do business and throw that $300M contract their way with them instead of other guys. It is all perception. It is not going to close the deal, but I have seen deals given the upper hand on location and perception. I hate to see so much money spent but they looked long and hard at refitted the terminal C or rebuilding it and they chose to rebuild it and that is good enough for me. RDU is a tired airport and needs something. And if it were just people going away for a weekend shopping trip or to get out of that dreg of a city---Raleigh, that might be OK. But Raleigh is one of the leading technology centers of the world and one way we can act like it and get that first perception is to upgrade the airport, knock it down or whatever. The right people made the decision and again, I am OK with that. The airport is the gateway to a city. Kind of like driving down Capital BLVD to a new comer
  13. Not to mention that some lawyer took great hold of the bottom of the website. They are going to have to sell alot of $10 Desserts to pay the lawyer for writing all that at the bottom of the page.
  14. Terminal A will be the cheap airlines terminal like AirTran and Southwest. They pay less so the seats are cheaps, the bathrooms are old so they can act like they charge less. But TermA will still be nicer when they finish.
  15. I believe that bus in the N&O is at the current wolfline bus stop in front of Mitch's. It has to be one of Wolfline's busiest. Sometimes 2 WL buses are there at a time. I would think that TTA and CAT had to go down Hillsbourgh St.
  16. As a long time urchin on Hillsbourgh Street who actually participated in its heyday ( I hung out at Free Advice, Ed Grocery, Barry's and Zacks when it was near Players Retreat before I could drive ), I have gone back and forth on the plan. First, I am happy they are doing something or at least thinking about it. I too, like its grit, but to be honest, it has a little too much grit. Some is OK, but too much is not. I run into many smack-heads and crackheads near the Bell tower along with average Joe citizen and at night, I am more scared there on the back streets than I have been lost in ghetto's of Prague at 2am in the morning. At first glance, the round-abouts look good. They work well in places like Hilton Head and people get use to them. I do think the Pullen Street R-A-B is too small and would like to see them bigger, but maybe that can not be done. For me, I would leave the one planned in front of Mitch's off the plan. I think the people, buses and parking there slows down traffic enough. I could live with one by the bell tower as Player's Retreat seems to be coming back and hopefully it would help clean up that area. I also think any work with the overhead lines would be a great improvement. I don't want it to become a Disneyworld, but keep some of the grit but make it so people are not always looking over their shoulder ever time they hear a leaf rustle. I had a friend who lived there by Sadlacks and he was as much a street person as there is and he told me be careful around here and don't walk alone. That said, today I went to Arby's and pulling out on Hillsbourgh St about 2pm, there was so much traffic, I could not turn left to get back on the beltline. I had to take a right turn and go through the neighborhood to get back toward the beltline. That is the exact thing that the neighbors and people don't want to see. And I think it will get worse when you take out 2 of the lanes.
  17. Now my statement here is not about the neighborhood or taking over the neighborhood or anything like that. This is from a POV for future development of the city purposes so.........What I like about the east side is the flow of grid streets. On the west side, you don't see this due to NCSU and what was then the break fo the grid with Glenwood, Hillsbourgh, the rail tracks and NCSU. Also with the way Capital and Mordicai streets flow and how Capital breaks the city in half like a Great Wall. The east side smooth flow of grid reminds me of what you see in western cities like San Jose and some of the other California/western larger mid size cities. By this I mean a smooth flow from city to housing and usually flat so the city just opens up when you get out of the neighborhood. You drive in the city and the seam of city/neighborhood is smooth. It is a great DT neighborhood as I am sure the residents feel it is today. And with the opening of Chavis park and Ligion School, it has a great grid all the way down to DMV and even Wake Memorial. In the future, I would like to see New Bern Ave open up as the 2nd entryway into the city/DT. Capital has a long way to go.
  18. I went by there on Saturday. For the first day open, they had some issues like people running into each other while trying to work behind the counter or the check out woman was not sure about the produce number, but that is to be expected and they had people there to solve any issue. I did see one woman (customer) throw her back up in a hunch at the deli counter because there was some confusion at the meat slicer but I bet she probably does that at HT everyday and anywhere else she shops. All those issues with productivity falls into place in a short time. The one thing that amazed me were the costs. Cetain things I buy at the Kroger were the same price there. Some things were cheaper. I do like the fact it is not like a high end grocery store that has $8 boxes of cereal. It also looks like it will have a nice wine selection when it starts
  19. I like the barn when someone is else is paying. I always walk out so full I can not drive home. I went to the barn a few years ago for a business meeting and had 6 people....1 American (me), 1 Scottish guy, 1 guy from Japan who lives in Raleigh, and 3 Korean guys. While we were eating, I look around and realized that all of us were eating seafood. Just thought that was funny as the barn is the cook cow flesh place of Raleigh. (Myself, I don't eat beef) The wine is good as well as the seafood.
  20. It is a Verizon commercial and having worked in the ad business for several years, a copywriter could not give a **** if a rest stop is here or not. They are looking for cadence. Just like other cities mentioned, does anyone remember them or go out and check if what was said with them exist? Probably not. It just sounds good but would sound a lot better if she did not say
  21. I am all for floodwater control but to be honest, it is a ugly piece of property as far as the hill goes. The house area is nice but the value is too much for residential. The only reason I have that they should not cut the hill out is back in the early/mid 1960s, they pulled a flatbed truck at the base of the hill and turned it into a stage and people sat on the hill and watched Tina Turner perform. Actually, I dont want more flooding but I am no expert on it and can not comment but I am not against it because they want to dig.
  22. I don't doubt that but can not be compared to Silicon Valley (if that was the case) which is not an office park, it is an entire area. See my previous post on this same subject line in Sept/05. I think what is driving RTP on these lists are that the BIO and Pharma business are coming to the Triangle in droves and the cost of living hurts SV in these listings. I agree totally with the poster from Chile. The feeling of entrepreneurship in SV/Bay area is incredible. Nothing like it. Plus past money invests in the new money. I do think you do see some of this in the BIO/Pharma new business here in the Triangle but that does not get play like a new life-changing internet site or a product that you buy with the company name on it. Give it time. RTP and surrounding areas benefit is that it offers good educated workforce and RTP is in the center of it. (Why locate in Raleigh when you could shut out Durham and CH workforce and vis-a-versa.) A company can get a lot of land and have spread out labs and test centers at a low cost. The airport is just exits away. And people are willing to move and relocate here. Nice for the area to get the PR
  23. Please explain your point further ? Backwards and why you feel this way ? And I think you are talking about Research Triangle Foundation ?
  24. Sbarros is a chain and we in the South/US think of it as mall food, but I have seen them around the world in very urban locations. Although GUM on Red Square in Moscow is a mall of sorts, there is one there. I have also seen them on the main street in urban St. Petersburg and other places. But is has to be a place where there is a lot of foot traffic and in the US and certain other locations, those are malls. I would like to see a I love NY Pizza with a small service window for take out and maybe a small window case.
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