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  1. I think adding The big Easy and Yancey's will help the foot traffic at ight on the street by a large amount
  2. Carnegie deli is a one and only. No place like it no matter who tries. I actually think there are better deli's in NY but not with the fame and atmosphere of Carnegie.
  3. 22 and you go to REDs ? Like DMCALL said, I thought it was for much older people. It was near my house and I always said I was going to make it my last stop some night to .............. Anyway, never made it. As I am little older and lived in a era where beach music was popular (the 3rd time round as I am not that old), but I am nothing but a ex-punk with an MBA and shagging and beach music does not sit well ...although I met many women at the Original Zacks on Hillsbough street when I was too young to be in bars....but was !!
  4. That is good to have other jobs. I am in the "shooting gallery" of some of the invisable stuff behind the scenes of the ops of banks and with these data centers....... and banks around the world buy a lot of "Big Iron" to run the operations. It is big business.
  5. I don't see RTP becoming a HQ or sales or suits type of hub, I see this as a tech center or operations. But maybe more suits will make their way. I could be wrong. Banks are having to increase their server and storage capability. Every time I pick up the Financial times, I see where banks are growing and purchasing more capability. Plus, their needs for data storage is insatiable. And the need for quick, fast transactions trough local and international markets and data centers with storage of all that data keeps the market hopping. It is like everyone here filling up a hard file but the banks are doing it "at the speed of sound" so the need for more hard files grows. Multiply that times the numbers of banks and transactions in the world !! The European banks have been on a buying spree of IT to keep up with electronic transactions. RTP is the perfect place for data center and operations management. It also is a good place to grow other aspects due to the educated work force and cheaper than other locations.
  6. Dos Taquitos is not a taco shack. It is not even close to El Rodeo or any of the others. It is much different and better. I like Los Cuotes on Old Wake Forest Rd right next to the Kanki in North Raleigh Square near the Falls of Nuese/Wake Forest Rd curve. Now, it is a small mexican place but own by a couple and they serve Posale on the weekend and you can buy buy beef tougue tacos and goat meat along with anything chicken, shrimp and beef. You can also get good fish tacos. I bet Dos Qaquitos wants to get out of the strip center in middle/nowhere Raleigh and take a try downtown. It will be a good fit.
  7. Top Sports Cities Interesting Article on Top Sport Cities by The Sporting News. I saw this last year and The Triangle was 23. I think we take it for granted but the Triangle is right up there with the big boys. Charlotte and Winston-Salem are also on the list. I know people like to claim these lists as BS, especially if they are not on it, or not ahead of someone, but I would rather be on the list than not.
  8. Everytime I see Bob Orr's name I just think of Art Pope, JL Foundation and the whole crowd over there. They are all connected and I think they are just as interested as getting their names in the paper and collecting money. When I also think of Bob Orr, I think about lighting fireworks in front of his house and just being a vandal over there as a kid. He lived near some of the attractive 15 year old girls when I was that age so I spent a lot of time near the "judge's house."
  9. Could be. I also knew Net Apps was moving into some of the old Cisco space. They are there now.
  10. With 2 stops in RTP, it would have to be the Metro TTA site near Nortel that Craig Davis is pushing. The 2nd site was given to TTA by IBM (11K employees) and sits on road frontage on Miami Blvd that has IBM on both sides of the road including the main site. The site I think I saw earlier was not really in RTP, but on the edge. I could be wrong. I thought they were looking near the Lenovo site which would make a good shuttlebus full of workers from the TTA Metro center to those sites. I think this is good as 2K extra jobs adds about $116M per year into the salary market alone. Does not cover other expenses by Fidelity. (contruction/landscaping/services/taxes/services/etc.) 116M buys a lot of beer and wine to be spent in the DT pubs and restaurants !!!! This is a a lot of moola added into the local economy.
  11. The one thing about Denver and Colorado in general is it is a pretty cool place. I will give an example as I see it but this is just my opinion. Again, I talked with people in Denver every day. (In fact, I am on a phone call right now with them) An example is if Denver/Boulder/suburbs came up with an idea of bike paths or some water cleaning system, or something that resembles "green" (now this is just my opinion) the people of the area, both left and right and all sides, would look at it and weigh what the proposal and more open to items like that. I feel sometimes if it was the same subject here in Raleigh, the left would take one side and the right would take another and battle begins. I am sure Colorado has it own battles but the open-mindness of all sides appears to be a model the rest of the US could follow. Of course, you have the Boulder Community, health/organic food capital along with Pete Coors/family and "Focus on the Family network" (2 hours away) so there is a wide array of political positions there.
  12. yep sounds good. It was 20 years ago when I lived in Charleston and I use to follow the rail line on my bike while redesigning the entire right side of the island. That was back when the area around the aquarium was public housing, the Harris Teeter was just built, the park on the Cooper River was not there and where the Charleston Place Hotel is was only a empty lot with a chain link fence around it. That side of King Street was kind of risky at night. I always thought if I got rich I would knock down the "Polymer Plant" and build a bunch of bars and restaurants and run the train down the Peninsula that emptied into the market and then develop the entire right side of the lower Peninsula The good ole days. Anyway, thanks for the info.
  13. It's funny that many people like Denver but some people are not impressed and do not like it. I can give an example. I met this woman in London a few years back (1999 ?-2000-?) at a show (Chicago). She was from Australia and just graduated Law School but had been travelling Europe for about 6 months working jobs and then moving to another location (get a waitress job). Basically just pushing out real life. She had plans on going to the US (never had been here) and she started in NY and travelled by trains mostly across the US to SF. I just remember how she loved the US and the trains but said she went to Denver for 2 days and it was 2 days too long. So, it just depends on what you like. I personally think what is outside of Denver is what makes Denver (RM National Park, Garden of the Gods, the ski slopes, Area around Red Rocks, Touring the Coors plant in Goldern, DT Boulder, Touring the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company, etc.... Again, just my opinion. Just like I hear people who would not go to Paris, yet it is my favorite city in the world.
  14. I go to Denver area quite often. Parts of Denver are OK, but like a lot of areas, has a tired look, but so does every city. I am sure the weather does not help. But DT looks nice as you are driving up to it. The overall view of Denver is very nice with the mountains in the back ground. Nice DT but I would hope that more people would be on the street. Still, the number of people on the street are much more than Raleigh could ever hope for. I think Denver is mile high over a city like Phoenix,....especially the DT, but that is just me. What I do like about the Denver area are the little things they do. Like when driving to Boulder and passing through Westminister and Broomfield, I really like the overpass bridges. They put on a little ornate barriers and it just looks nice. Plue put a little design in the area around the base of the bridge with faux rock or concrete design....it just looks nice. I have said I could move to Boulder if I could afford it. Nice little DT.
  15. I am near blind. By rail bed, do you mean there once was rail? Or there is rail there now ? maybe hidden? This is where I am talking about. You will see the plant at right at the end of the market and rail behind it. If you follow it up the island it runs right down the right side of the penisula. now, no doubt there is some dock works (sorry don't know how to link) http://maps.yahoo.com/beta/index.php#mvt=h...82368&mag=1 Again, I have not been keeping up with Charleston light rail but this rail corridor takes one right DT to the market, not the middle of the Penisula. I am sure this has been discussed so sorry if I am bringing up again
  16. What I like about it is when I saw the Money magazine lady (ooh la la) on the Today Show and they went through the Top 5 and Cary came up, they not only mentioned how pretty it was (nothing like mowed down trees with a Staples and a parking lot !!), they mention opportunity and the Research Triangle Park. The others, all they mention was "it is a nice place to live."
  17. Are you/we talking about the tourist center across from the museum? Or is there one that runs on the cooper river side down East Bay? I could have sworn that the rail line ran down the right side of the Penisula (when looking at a map) through the ship docks near Chapel Street, past the aquairium, behind the HT and down to the Polymer Plant beside the Custom's house? Maybe there is more there than I remember? I know that right of ways are expensive but more expensive than laying track down the center of the Penisula to the tourist center? Again, my apologies if I am way out of line. I need to get back and visit and look at this?
  18. I just started to read the Charleston thread and I have a question about light rail or transit in Charleston. I use to live DT Charleston several years ago so I understand the city quite well. These may be on another post so sorry if it is duplicated. 1- Why would transit end at the tourst center? Why not come down the side along East Bay and end at what I use to call the "Polymer Plant" which I am not sure is still there but one of the best places to redelop in the world. Therefore, DT workers could get off there along with more tourist? 2--This would help develpment the area along the Cooper River (again, have not see it in years) If there was ever a place to have mass transit, it is Charleston (outside of the concervative nature of the city and DT) Anyway, I miss living there and love to go back to visit.
  19. Talking about a downtown tenant. If you read the N&O, you will see where the State is getting ready to fire the company they awarded the Medicaid management contract to. If you remember back a while, that company was awarded business over EDS who had the contract for 25 years. This project was a major revamp with new software and processes. But the kicker was that EDS was going to put 500 jobs downtown which was driving the Licthen building down near Progress Energy. When EDS lost, the building plans went south. Also, this building was to house the DT library, but when the building went south, so did the DT library. Just a thought and a watch item to see what the State does? Do they finish the project themselves or go back and get EDS to clean up the mess and would EDS still put jobs DT? Correct me if I am wrong on these items.
  20. I agree with your comments. On a Carolina Hurricanes subject in the Raleigh/Triangle board, someone mentioned that the Grrrrowl had folded. Maybe if new ownership can come in and work a good arena deal, it will help. (not sure what kind of arena deal they had) Good for the team, good for the arena, good for DT, good for the entire area.... I look at the attendance numbers for 1998-2001 and they are great for minor league hockey. Did the shine wear off? Or promotion just got bad? The NHL southern motherships of the Atlanta Thrashers and Carolina Hurricanes need teams like the Grrrowl to generate and maintain interest in satelite cities, especially in cities like Greenville with strong economics and growth,.... not to mention a fun place to go to see an exciting sport. Good luck !! As a CofC graduate, I always thought I would end up in Greenville and have numerous friends there and keep up with what happens there. Most Gville-ites I always knew were always look for a place to drink beer with friends. What better place than a hockey game !! (and great place to take a family)
  21. I agree..... My guess since this is "ops"based work that there will be a lot of server farms, mainframes, trunking, large storage directors/units and networks with a routing system that would blow the average IT geeks mind. So they want cheap, wide and flat space with raized floors with tons of AC to put this in which directly rules out DT. Banks like workers DT so they can talk and meet and work together. IT equipment does not need that and the expense of having to rent space for both machine and man makes DT improbable.
  22. I have to laugh at the lady who spoke as she is a resident of Boylan Heights. I am sure they will have something to say as this moves along. When TTA put out the plan for the WYE, they fought it. Nothing like living next to the most major train and rail junction and complaining about , of all things, "Trains" !!!!!!!!!!!!! Like people who get a cheaper house near a airport than create neighborhood groups to try to limit flights. If she is worried about unsavaory types in Boylan Heights, hey, they are already there. This may belp. I don't see the city making this a port authority terminal like in NYC. Just put in some police and transit cops. Nothing like the Prague train station. So many pickpocketers and so few people later at night that you get bumped and run into many times. It is like playing dodgeball.
  23. I am no expert but I think an airport needs to be a hub to have a large number of international flights. I would think that many of those International Flagships have codeshares with US carriers so they fly into their hubs and then let the codeshares distribute people from there. I think we are lucky to have to the RDU/GTW flight we have and we can thank GSK, IBM, Body Shoppe and the military for that one. Maybe if a large international business moved in that transferred a lot of people. (Say Heinken and Phillips moved NA HQ to Triangle so therefore a Amsterdam flight could be warranted with KLM ??) I would like to see maybe a RDU-Montreal or RDU-Ottawa flight ( 2 Tech cities) but with the AC flights to the hub in Toronto, not sure if that will happen soon. Maybe we could see a Mexico City or Guad flight, but still seeing most of those go through Dallas, Houston or Pheonix. But again, I am no expert but I don't expect we will see a Lufthansa or Air France plane in RDU unless there is smoke in the cabin while flying overhead. Nothing like flying into an international Airport and seeing the flagship tails from around the world. Bangkok is about the best and biggest I have seen due to all the 747's to Asia. Hong Kong and Paris are not bad either.
  24. Not sure if anyone noticed but during the first NHL playoff round, the web site raleigh4u.com was advertising on the boards. I thought is was a site to go see where to go party, but it is a site that helps people learn about Raleigh, especially people looking to relocate business. And it is not a Triangle website, it is Raleigh only Since this first round playoff series was broadcast nationally in Canada and our arena is named after RBC, I think it was a great move toward pusing for more Canadian business. It is nice website that helps with understanding Raleigh. Now, this article comes out to add to this.
  25. Maybe in government records they are now seperated but not media markets. RDU is still one media market and that is looked at quite often.
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