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  1. I would think that an RDU-San Jose would be a good match. I would think a "Nerd-Bird" flight would be first by someone .....as Midway had tried it before. Just think of the power the airline could save on internal lighting as everyone's open laptop could light the insides of the plane. For me personally, I would use the RDU-SJose more than a RDU-SFO. But a RDU-SFO could open up more Asian routes to RDUers, as now they mostly travel through east coast hubs (Chicago, DFW, Detroit, Atlanta, Dulles or NYC.) No need to stop twice in the US.
  2. One reason might be that monarail is so expensive. Much more than light rail and that since the parking garage is in the middle, the transfer from one terminal is quite easy and nice. But maybe I did not understand what you were saying. My guess is RDU would need the same amount of people to run security in one place or in two and then add expensive monarailI for such a short walk. I have never been to Tampa so not sure
  3. I have always said Raleigh would be a good place for a Southwest mini-hub. (or whatever SW has). I would also like to see "Frontier" come in. THe industry looks somewhat bleak but RDU looks good for a North/South east coast hub but that could be "20 years to never" before that happens.
  4. These are the best pictures I have seen so far. When I see these, I see some resemblance of the larger new airports in Asia with the full glass fronts, sides and backs. My guess is the support structures will be visible inside. I like that look. The Pudong Shanghai airport is like this as well as some of the newer parts of Hong Kong International. Even some of the new airports in SE Asia have this look. The same guy who designed the new RDU terminal also designed Denver International and you can see many familiarities, except Denver does not have the floor to roof glass. I think this terminal just screams
  5. This is just my opinion but I think the new terminal will flow better and improve RDU image, especially as the business airlines move there (American, Delta, United, US Air, etc) providing an easier entrance/exit and better image of the area. This will help improve the image of the triangle as the first view a business traveler sees is the airport and this makes a lasting impression, especially for a high tech area. Fly into other cities like Wichita, Old Tucson, very old part of San Jose, etc and see the old airport that screams "backwards, slower" even though they have some industry leading technology companies there. Much of the up and down is the layout of modern airports. I keep mentioning the Denver airport and there is some up and down, but it flows pretty well, although some better signage for first time travelers could improve. Of course, it could have been me. With terminal A, it is all about costs. I am sure Southwest would like to any upgrades as long as it does not raise their gate costs. That "blue, brown, pink, yellow, silver, and beige color scheme " (so so true) fits well with Southwest cost structure (as the Wall-Mart of the airline industry) but not sit well with business travelers, especially if it is high tech like software, hardware and Bio/Pharma. Think of the business person flying in from a larger city and wants to purchase or award business to a triangle company and the first thing they see if posters from 1988 (Terminal A) or the original brick and old linoleum floors in Terminal A (TerB section for USAir/Southwest) I am sure Southwest will welcome the change (at least down to 3 colors) but not if it raises it costs.
  6. I am a little foggy on this but I remember the Ambassador. If one were to stand on the Capital grounds and look down Fay St. toward Memorial, the Ambassador was on the left hand side in the first block. And the "State" theater was next to the Wake County Jail or near that block. (I think that is Salisbury)
  7. Still another Biotech company moves jobs and site here. This is really the future of The Triangle. The number of jobs created does not mention the supporting jobs as mfg suppliers, supporting companies, lawyers, etc..... http://www.wral.com/news/8295002/detail.html
  8. I think this is very good and looks like a good company and will allow the park to stand. It is shame to tear down old parks, epecially ones with history. Good there could be a local team playing there. I played in the DAP years ago and it has a certain feel. A little off subject but not sure if people here know about the Highbury Stadium redevelopment in London. Highbury, the famous old "Football" stadium of Aresenal, the premiership football/soccer team. They have left much of the stadium and turn the stands into Lofts with the "pitch"/field as the courtyard. See the website below. "We all follow Arsenal, on to Victory....Go Gunners" ok sorry I digressed http://www.thestadium-highbury.com/
  9. Now, I am no fan of Martha Stewart but she was on a live interview from Cary this morning with Matt Lauer and the Today Show. She showed one of her homes (built with KB homes) and to be honest, it was quite nice and looked urban for Cary since the lots were small and compacted She kept pointing to the little things the house has that make it nice. (big closets, high ceilings, big bedrooms, nice baths, connecting bungalow ) You could tell she had talking points on the Triangle. Matt Lauer asked her about costs which started in the low $200K's and he asked about the housing bubble and was she worried. She said no, especially with Cary "where here in the triangle, 65 people move her a day". She mentioned the triangle many times but not Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill. My guess her talking points from a Cary-ite said talk about Cary and the Triangle. Cary's push to become it own city. Again, no fan of Martha here but good for Cary and the Triangle. I could picture many people in more expensive places Goggling
  10. I have never been to austin but go a few steps up in stature to place like San Jose and the offices and companies are part of the fabric of the city. You drive down a street like Wake Forest/Falls of th Nuese and there sits Nortel, Palm, Net Apps, Brocade. Go down the interstate and you see Intel or Oracle or 3Com. The companies are not sitting outside but built into the city. In DT, there are 2 buildings for Adobe and just off DT, Ebay and others are there.
  11. I am a little older and have lived here for 35 years but I remember the old Terminal B and also remember the motel that sat right in front of Terminal A. There was a ground parking lot right in front and a older motel.
  12. I hope they get the airline up and running. I think they will but it looks like the other airline's lobbying may have held it up and continue to do so. There have been some good articles in The Financial Times on the airline and the quest to "get off the ground." It is always "pretty cool" to fly into an airport somewhere in the world (NY and worldwide) and see a Virgin plane. And it all started from a record company. (Although VAmerican will have mostly US ownership) An RDU flight could connect VAmerican with VAtlantic out of DC and NY. VAtlantic offers good prices on international flights and also offer 3 class services. Not to mention they have flights to Cape Town and Johannesburg via London at a certain service level. I wonder where the hubs would be? SFC and NYC if they hook a deal with the Virgin mothership or maybe they have a more central airport in the middle of the US? STL, DFW and ORD/CHI appear to be almost full? Probably more direct flights between cities while feeding international flights? Not sure. Also, I bet if VAmerican gets off the ground, their next step would be to start direct flights to Asia from the US instead of flying the opposite way through London? Opens up the huge US to Asia market for them? Too many questions???? . ......with the biggest....Will RDU be able to fill an Airbus a couple of times a day? Maybe to SFA? My guess is the US airlines will fight them all the way just to get a plane in the air. To much at stake for the US airlines.
  13. I work with a guy who is around 62 and his first job out of college/NCSU was with Norfolk Southern and his office was in the 518 building. It was used later, as an office for an interior design among other things. The guy who started Rockford started it all. He owned the Five-O on Hillsbough Street and bought the building which now has the Rockford. Back in the early to mid 1990's, a friend and I went to Duncan-Parnel printing there on Glenwood South with his girlfriend. While she was in DP, we started to walk the street and looked at places for an apartment and saw the space that is now Rockford. We talked to the barber shop below it and he said he had a key. We went up to the space and we designed what we thought would be the best apartment. The space was old and narley. The space had walls and such but the plumbing was basically the same as it is today. Only Sunflowers was there along with Industrial stuff. I thought it would make the best apartment in the city when there was nothing on GS. It makes a better bar. About 3 to 4 years later, the Five-O guy bought the building and did most of the work himself and opened The Rockford. I should have bought it then.
  14. I think people do see it as GS weekend location, but it is hard for people who live here to see the actual tourists. I know I have directed people there. One thing about the Clarion is that is has terrible reviews by travelors, much of it was posted to certain travel sites, before and while it was being remodeled. Since many people are going to use a car, I think people stay at the Sheraton and Brownstone. I attend a travel board and people are turned off by the remarks made by people on another travel site. Again, I think people on this site (UP) would be amazed at how many people actually stay DT for partying, travel, weddings, concerts, etc. I actually like the hotel as it is walking distance to 20 or so bars and that is the first thing I look for when I travel.
  15. When that number of 526K offered up, is that not Wake County?, which would already include Cary, WF, Apex, KD and Garner? Or was it only Raleigh?
  16. All they have to do is do what Seattle did with SafeCo field. They have a retractable roof that runs on giant rollers. Pretty cheap and easy to use. It is amazing to watch it work. If Seattle can do it, I am sure Portland can......
  17. Most likely mentioned, but I am sure it will be turned into something that is outside like Southpoint and what TTC has done. It drives more people to stay later, therefore, driving more traffic past 8:00 and even later than the mall is opened.
  18. No doubt. Then add a lockout after a bad season and your season ticket and especially your corporate base tickets go south real quick. But it all will work out. Charlotte will have NBA and NFL while Raleigh/Triangle will have NHL. Not sure when and where MLB will end up but my guess it is 10-15 years away if ever. BTW, do people in Charlotte get canes games on Fox Sports South ?
  19. The Canes put up about $40M in the arena so they put a pretty penny in and don't think they will be leaving anytime soon. After the lock-out, they lost many of their corporate season ticket holders and many of those were 42 game packages and center ice seats. The ones that cost $120 to $140 a game, but my guess they will back next year. Most people who walk-up don
  20. I agree that the RFP/Q process should not be opened up again. Managing large RFP/RFQs is one of my job duties and sometimes, particularly on items with unique characteristics, the bid responses are low. In this case, one response. To go back and try to work the another deal now would not only stain any future process, it could be legal action which is not what the city wants or needs. I respect Meeker for standing up and saying no and a little surprise at "Little Ms. Mayor" Jessie Taliaferro would support this. Especially when the details on the current bid are being settled. What I would do is set dates for implementation and if those dates are not met, another RFQ or another deal could be struck. I would also start to work with Duke Reality and drive them to another site or private property. A good example of people not understanding the RFP/RFQ process is when the convention center hotel was being bid. Winston Hotels came in and I think they thought they were going to get special treatment since they were from Raleigh. Then they started to complain about how no hotel could be built and make money at the requirements the city wanted. Sounded like they pouted some and then said they would not bid. The other bidders changed their bids to put as many of the requirements as they could into the bids meeting some of the cities requirements. The city then worked with them to get as close as they could. That is the smart way to return a bid and shows a mature look at progressive bidding. I thought Winston Hotels came out looking amateurish. Just my humble opinion. For RFP/RFQs, a few rules to follow. 1)always offer up something or the best you can do to meet the requirements 2) always meet the dates, even if it is to the minute 3) always follow up and negotiate later 4) never complain publicly or privately about the requirements---just no bid and walk away 5) never offer something you have no intention of filling. And for the owners of RFP/RFQs 1) make as fair as possible 2) Establish a clear and consise source selection process 3) don
  21. Good article but I think there is a difference between higher income and expensive cities to live in. The article talks about high income cities and not much on cost to live in the city (outside of few comments on NYC and such). San Jose and Raleigh are a lot alike except Raleigh does not even come close as expensivea as San Jose. Raleigh is still a fairly cheap place to live when looking at other fast growing areas. Much of the west and north is a lot more expensive to live in. I know of a couple in San Jose, they both work at a fortune 10 company, have graduate degrees and make 6-figures plus a piece and they are living in a one-bedroom apartment because they can not afford a starter home. The average starter home is north of $450K and when you talk of decent it is higher. That is a starter home. I know people who sold their older condo in San Jose and came to the Triangle and bought acres of land with a big house and still had cash in the bank. A $175K condo here in the Triangle goes for $500K--$700K there.
  22. I have heard that the guys who started QShack are really disappointed in what that location has brought. Things may have changed but they sunk a lot of money and the road to profit could be long and hard. You now see them going after more lucrative locations like North Hills. Personal note: I like Q Shack but is a little to salty for my taste. When you are salting your Mac and Cheese, it may be time to put the shaker down. The BBQ place near Raleigh Office Supply (the old Cape Fear Seafood place) down the street from Glenwood South and Broughton, in my humble opinion, is better.
  23. Silicon Valley is not an office park. It is a huge area that runs North to South in between 2 parallel lines of mountains. It can be said that SV is the area of land or
  24. My humble opinion ??? We are very far off from beating "Silicon Valley". I work in the tech industry and travel to San Jose often, and I don't think we are not even close. Here are the differences as I see it. Outside of SAS and Red Hat, and if you want to count Tekelec, there are not many large WW HQs based in RTP/Triangle. We do have Sony-Ericcson NA HQ (maybe WW) and but few HQs or large sites. Nortel has shrunk to almost nothing and was not a regional site. We do have Lenovo which the area should be doing whatever it can to keep it here, but the HQs is in NY and Beijing. We do have IBM which has been stated as their largest site in the world, but it has been dwindling. Having IBM has been a tremendous boost to the triangle and drives many jobs to the Triangle like small offices of companies that have support offices. Other tech companies have started from people leaving IBM but not like areas like San Jose or Boulder. There are negative issues with the San Jose area, but what they do have is an
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