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  1. Dont take the fact that its not Hartford personally because this project is just another string in the number of new towers (residential mostly) that Capelli and in some cases Trump have constructed in Westchester County and now the two are expanding into Stamford which is still metro New York. These two focused on places like New Rochelle and White Plains (north of Manhattan) so obviosuly the next major city in this market for them is Stamford and now there trying to take advantage of it.
  2. I personally am opposed to this project. And someone earlier mentioned that we need hospitals close to where ALL people live...having a hospital in Farmington is close to where most of the affluent people in Greater Hartford live...the Farmington Valley. If we need hospitals close to people live how come there arent major hospitals like this south of Hartford (Rocky Hill/Cromwell) and east of the river (Glastonbury/Marlborough/Portland)...even though there is an allright hospital in Manchester
  3. Only in CT...geese absolutly amazing. It amazes me that they build a replacement in Farmington...there are a lot of UCONN med students who do work with Hartford Hospital and CCMC doctors...pathetic.
  4. I cannot stress how much something needs to be done with this site. These two properties are located at Constitution Plaza which as we know today could be called a "mistake" but we cant take away our mistakes or go back in time but we can fix them and this is the chance. Some of the major problems with Constitution Plaza are that it is all office space with no retail space to encourage any real pedestrian traffic. If we bring street life to these to vacant properties by possibly as suggested earlier..a mixed use condo/office or even better a condo/hotel we can start fixing the problems created years earlier with Constitution Plaza.
  5. Young professionals and college grads are the ones we want living in downtown Hartford. These individuals have the opportunities to start businesses in Hartford, they need to be drawn to this city. These individuals are also the ones who if they moved downtown would walk around the streets, frequent city businesses, have a date at a downtown restaurant and enjoy a Friday night at a downtown club or bar.
  6. This area has so much potential. I think the city should go ahead and try to get the property by eminent domain. My only fear is that after the city may set out an RFP (Request for Proposals) and hand pick someone and take all this time...and create a similar situation to Front Street. Personally, yes condos would be perfect in this location because the rest of the new residential units in downtown are closer to the park and the Civic Center or by the Colt building...not by Adriaens Landing..yet that is (Front Street). But we need to occupy the residential units that are already coming on board in this city before we make huge new proposals. There is a hotel shortage and the Clarion site could be a perfect place for a botique hotel for the city. An idenpendantly owned and operated one similar to the Hotel Providence near the Providence Performing Arts Center in downtown Providence. This area has potential and we cannot just sit here...
  7. Yes i do remember reading a while back in article about SoDo that a restaurant would be opening up in the old Municipal Building. Although its a tiny building, it is historic and it has been preserved. This new restaurant will surely give SoDo residents another place to eat in addition to places like Peppercorns and the Emperor at the Linden
  8. Was downtown today and stopped by the Dunkin Donuts on Asylum...the one with the pizza. I have to say I was extremly impressed. They redid the interior of the whole store, the menu is completly revised to include flat bread sandwiches, pizzas and mini hot dogs. The staff was extremly friendly & informative as well. The day after Thanksgiving when the suburbs were mobbed with shoppers, there were a decent amount of folks downtown but many downtown places were closed...but the Dunkin Donuts on Asylum was open and hopping...I personally like the new menu & concept..
  9. I couldnt agree more...when you drive by in the summer time you will see people sitting outside at Vegas Blvd, Braza, Half Door, Tisane, Monte Alban and Wood N Tap. This area has lots of potential. The fact that Half Door, Braza, Monte Alban, Tisane, Ichiban, Vegas Blvd, Wood N Tap and now a new place at the Roo Bar are within steps of each other is awesome and gives lots of potential
  10. First at the J. Silvers spot near city steam...is this at the Residence Inn? if so I think it may be some sort of coffee, sandwich place...at least thats what I read somewhere on this site Also the American Airlines building is a tough spot for a quiznos RIGHT NOW because as someone mentioned earlier there is all the scafolding and Sage & Temple at the Sage Allen building hasnt open yet so the UHART students arent downtown yet...if only they couldve waited a bit longer
  11. Every project and new business...big and small counts in my eyes so this is all great news
  12. I was back home for the weekend and so had to make a visit downtown and have to say I was extremly impressed at the amount of new business activity downtown...within the last month (since the last time I was home) There is a coming soon sign for Edible Arrangments on Pratt There is a coming soon sign and visible progress inside Terra Mia on Pratt Tempations is now open on Asylum There is continuing work at the Emperor at the Linden There are signs that Sally's Fish Camp will be opening at the old Pasti's Coachs is in full swing once again And on other downtown things.. Wood'ys Fish Tank...I love Woody's and its great that they are continuing to invest in Hartford because they love Hartford. I was afraid that David Nyberg and College Street LLC wouldve pushed them out (like a Northland situation) but I guess I was wrong A restaurant at Trumbull on the Park will be great...great location right by the Park and near Vito's by the Park...add some foot traffic to that corner. And if Martin Kenny was able to attract a restaurant to that corner it is sad that David Nyberg cant attract one to 55 on the Park...across the street Feng Asian Bistro looks very nice and is a nice addition to improving Asylum between Main and Trumbull...Koji, Temptations, renovation of Dunkin Donuts, and now Feng Also Brooks Brothers...if this is true this is big news because this is a national retailer...investing in downtown and hopefully that will give some other retailers some confidence in downtown
  13. Every city does have an area where there are chain stores built into their urban setting except for Hartford which has some chains on the edges of the city in suburban type structres In New York City there is Times Square (for one example), in Baltimore the Inner Harbor, in Providence the Providence Place Mall, in Boston theres Downtown Crossing....etc. Hartford could benefit if its done right where these chain stores are brought into retail spaces that are already there / new constructed...at Hartford 21 for example, at the American Airlines Building, etc....so that they are not big stand alone structures with their own parking lots. For example CVS downtown does a great business...its always packed. And there are a ton of major corporations downtown which even without residents downtown makes it very feasable to have a Staples or Office Depot
  14. So a little help... Where will Temptations and Whims & Fancy gift shop be on Asylum?? Where will La Terra be on Pratt Street? (wherever it will be, it will be nice to see another place open on Pratt to make up for the recent loses of No Fish Today and Becker's) Sally's Fish Camp...is this the old Pasti's?...if so they did that conversion quickly Trumbull Place??? where is this??
  15. Glad my pictures could help... I havent read through this whole section but I can tell a little bit about those Baltimore pics I took... Urban Big Box Store: That building where the Best Buy is located is an office building located at the Inner Harbor. There is currently a Best Buy there and soon a Whole Foods will be opening up there. It was interesting to see a mid size city incorporate a big box store into an urban area (as opposed to NYC which has been doing it for quite some time...there are countless Staples for example in Midtown) The parking meters: Those systems where everything is on one machine were very helpful. They had them in Baltimore and in Ocean City, Maryland. All I had to do was pay and it printed out a ticket that I put on my car. It also helped the streets look much nicer because there werent hundreds of old falling over parking meters Overhead Street Sign: That pic is from N. Charles Street which is a major north south street in the city. It starts by the Inner Harbor and travels straight uptown through the CBD and into the Mt Vernon Cultural District. These signs signified the crossing streets...similar to a NYC situation.
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