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  1. I'm relying on ya'll to keep me informed! I've recently moved down to Savannah, GA (temporarily) so I'm checking in to see what's up. Sorry, no news from me, obviously. But I still have my condo in Minneapolis so I'm curious to see what's happening with the development.
  2. Wow, thanks for the insight on the building. I imagine anything above the treeline would be incredible, no matter what side. I gave a call to Dicky Mopper yesterday. He's selling off each floor separately, it seems, and then whatever the purchaser does with the floor is what will be. He also mentioned a $300-400 per square foot price range. However I did see about 4 listings at Drayton already, similar units, $189,000 for about 1000 square feet. So that is much less per sq. ft. than what he said. Maybe its just the raw space for those? Another phone call may be in order. Oh, Designerbee, if I end up going rental, what source for listings do you think is best? Like everybody and their brother, I'd like to be up in the Historical District as much as possible. I'd give up square footage and take on a higher rent to do so. I see lots of listings for those 'motel' looking apartment buidlings on the outskirts of town, but I'm not sure of those.
  3. I was just in Savannah a week ago to tour SCAD and saw lots of construction activity. Very nice. Does anybody have any info or comments about Drayton Tower? Sounds like its being converted to condos, which I'm interested in. If I go to school there, I'd probably rent an apartment, but ideally I wouldn't mind investing in a condo. And something about Drayton Tower piques my interest. Love mid-century modern stuff.
  4. 50s and 60s into Nov and Dec? Am I living in a different Minneapolis? Those temps can happen, but its the exception. More like 20s and 30s, with dips down to zero, or worse. Granted, the Twin Cities is alot better than Northern Minnesota (where I grew up) when summer really does end on Labor Day. And total agreement on moving up a few stations to get a seat. I was stupid enough to ride LRT on its opening day. I got on at the Nicollet Station. I still had to stand because the whole thing filled up at the first stop! By the time we got to the Dome, people trying to get on were basically saying "Screw this!" and gave up.
  5. I like the Powers Block concepts. I walk past that location to and from work everyday and I feel its a prime location. Currently, it's a dodgy block of Nicollet, but I think its in transition, depending on what retail goes into the Wallgreens and Indian bazaar stores, which are gone/going. And then there's the ultra cool public library a block up from that, with the proposed Eclipse complex neighboring it. Looks like the Nicollet/Hennepin area leading into the Gateway riverfront will finally start looking swanky, like it should!
  6. I've been here for 10 years, so I'll say "yes". I grew up on the Iron Range, which is so NOT a hot spot to live. Talk about depressing.
  7. I lived on Oak Grove Street for 4 years, and I do tend to feel that Loring Hill works best with a more "preservationist" approach. However, I do feel the rest of the condo projects really are "Fantastic!". I think its actually a plus for the environment in that you'll have a higher concentration of people in one place, presumably not driving as much, if you consider that many people already work downtown and can walk. And, once grocery stores and other amenities spring up to support the new population, cars will be needed even less. I'm not convinced about your safety claim either. These are homes being built, not dance clubs drawing rowdy drunkards into town. And at $400k a pop for a condo, I'm guessing the new people moving into downtown aren't going to be unemployed hooligans causing trouble. And finally, more residents means more taxes coming into the city coffers. Many Minneapolitans seem weird to me, moreso than residents of other large cities. People here want the image of being cosmopolitan and forward thinking, but yet totally reject any change.
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