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  1. WOW...just ridiculous!
  2. I heard, Gainesville = anti-growth. Seems like it.
  3. When will the Gainesville Greens project start construction? It looks really nice. Is there three buildings in the model pic? What is the estimated completion date?
  4. What happened to the Gville projects that were being discussed? Did they all FLOP.... again?
  5. Seems like every proposed project goes belly up in Gainesville. Has any work begun on University Corners? Probably not.
  6. This Gainesville Green project looks nice. When does constrcution begin?
  7. dgreen


    That would be good for Ocala, if true!
  8. Sounds like Gville is coming alive. How far away are the last two projects you mentioned (13th St)? thanks.
  9. Have they started building these developments yet?
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