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  1. I can't help but read this thread in combination with the discussion of the impending demolition of the Garland-Jones and Lawyers buildings to make room for the Wake County Judicial Center, and wonder if people won't say the same thing 20 years from now about the loss of those buildings. The price of progress, I suppose...
  2. wow. that seems like a tall order...
  3. This is great news for the region's economy. Too bad the facility is way out in the middle of nowhere (although, I know, it's tough to put mfg downtown...)
  4. That's hilarious Isn't the point, though, to have uniformity of design with the new terminal? If they are re-designing/re-doing the northern concourse, won't it look strange to have the old red-roof inn attached to this elegant modern structure? And, aesthetics aside, I expect it's easier and more cost effective to tear down the old and re-build from scratch. Like "Extreme Makeover, Airport Edition" maybe?
  5. ^^ I agree. I really like the design, and think it'll be a first rate facility when they're done. I like the fact that it's a post-9/11 facility, so can take into account the new security requirements rather than retro-fit them in like so many places have had to do.
  6. I like that RDU is comparatively uncrowded-- it rarely takes me more than 15 minutes to get through security no matter when I fly. I think the redo of C will do tons for our image as a region, but the real thing that matters is whether one can get to where one is going quickly and cheaply. I generally can, so I like the airport!
  7. Went by again a couple of days ago. Is it just me, or is this place a study in how NOT to make an urban grocery store succeed?
  8. I dunno-- to me there's a really big difference between habitat/ecosystem planning and parks & rec uses of land. Since it's tough to play soccer in the woods, the two are usually incompatible. I think it's inappropriate to have a vast unused area so close to downtown and expect to see anything other than sprawl in the rest of the community. I like the campus/land swap idea, though. Very creative; very outside the box.
  9. ^^ I agree the location and signage are both serious issues. I went to 18 Seaboard to meet some folks for lunch the other day, and had no idea that we were right beside the grocery store. Who could possibly know? I usually stop at Whole Foods on my way home, but will make an effort to support the downtown shop when I can. Do they have organic stuff, or just regular groceries? Agree too that it would be good to have them within walking distance of the office towers. I'd for sure go there for lunch more often, but I have to drive from Two Hannover to get there.
  10. ^^^ I have to agree. What's wrong with setting aside a portion of the site for open space and recreation, and a portion aside for other uses? It seems to me that if supporting downtown Raleigh is a goal, having additional neighborhoods and commercial development close to the urban core is a good thing, especially if it's done in such a way that it provides links from downtown to other existing neighborhoods. And what's wrong with selling some of it off to help defray the cost of creating a truly urban park-- something beautiful and useful and accessible, and something of which we can all be proud? Sounds ilke a win-win to me.
  11. I remember hearing the Nobel stat. I think that's a huge selling point for the region that ought to be touted more often. I dunno-- you may be right, but as sophiticated as corporate recruiters are, it seems like there's just got to be some way to index the Triangle's biotech muscle.
  12. Just curious: does anyone know if there's an index of the Biotech companies with HQ's (or major facilities) in the Triangle? Maybe the Biotech Center keeps something like that? I'm sure the recruiters for the economic development agencies in the region have some numbers to go on?
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