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  1. People in the Biotech community know. Scientific Properties is run by a doctor/developer who specialized in biotech wetlab space. He is also developing the old Venable warehouses. He and his wife started a non-profit group that links economically disadvantaged kids in Durham with internships and mentorships in the biosciences. It was so successful that it now serves kids state-wiode through programs in Winston-Salem and Greenville. These developments are a "creative class" case study, and are a great thing for Durham, and for NC generally.
  2. Fair point, but obviously I think when comparing it to the SV region, it still counts. I think it's a strength to have multiple hubs of tech activity in the Triangle area and Centennial Campus is a great location for that. I do worry a bit that the push for biotech centers in the Triad, Greenville, Wilmington, and now in Kannapolis and who knows where else, will mcause too much internal competition and not allow the concentration of activity needed to allow any one area to challenge SV for tech dominance.
  3. Careful, we've got our eye on you guys out there.... lol. You're right, though: I know we'd love to have a fraction of this development in Raleigh/Research Triangle. Just curious, though: what's the water situation out there? Vegas always seemed to me like a precarious metropolis for that reason. I could be off-base, tho'
  4. It's true. When I was at the school of design in the late 80's early 90's, almost every class did a Centennial Campus project. Most were dense, mixed-use campus plans. Sadly, the university didn't consult with its design school, and chose to develop on a suburban office park model, oriented to cars and commuters. It's nice as suburban office parks go, of course, but on balance I see it (like the RBC Center) as a major lost opportunity.
  5. ^^ The old Wachovia Building is now housing the NC Court of Appeals. I seem to recall hearing that it was not suitable for condos because of building code issues and lack of available parking (and don't tell me the residents could just use transit-- we all know that's not a possibility for most people. Yet.)
  6. This is great news. Am. Tob'o is rapidly becoming the creative class hot spot.
  7. Agreed as to Sir Walter: it should be restored to its hey-dey charm & beauty. I think with the convention center opening, there would be increased demand for something above and beyond the Sheraton or Marriott; if they made it a 5-star showplace with a great il Palio type restaurant in the lobby, it would really add something to the street, and to downtown in general. Not that the downtown market can support it just yet, but I would love to see more art galleries, upscale national retailers and a diverse collection of local eateries. Nothing that gets so generic that it could be Anywhere USA, but just enough chic to really set the street apart from the other areas of town. My 10-year-old daughter says we need the American Girl Place to open a franchise here.
  8. It's true that Am. Tob'o is young yet. Last time we were there it was mobbed with people on the lawn listening to music. I agree that when the other phases are developed it should be more linked to downtown, and hopefully the redevelopment of the car lot with brownstones and shops will speed this along. It ain't perfect, but it's a damn site better than it used to be, when barbed wire rung empty warehouses.
  9. Article from today's N&O seems like the combination of high profile projects like Am. Tobacco and Liggett, in combination with these small, steady developments, are really turning downtown Durham around.
  10. Agreed. The terminals are surprisingly close together. I do think it's funny that connecting Term's A & B meant that we had to drop the "B". So now we have "A" and "C" with no "B" in the middle. Very odd. I read someplace that RDU actually has more originating flights than does CLT, which has more total flights because of the hub. I was surprised at first, but it makes sense when you think about RTP.
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