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  1. I love the picture of the Space Needle. It does indeed make you think the Space Needle itself is situated in some kind of field! The last picture of Shreveport's casino in the fog is great too. I love the way cities look in the fog.
  2. interesting pictures, mcheiss! looks like a modern and wealthy place.
  3. some fall colors, both pictures are taken from our second story window and here's a quiet (old) street in a residential area in the city of Utrecht
  4. Another pic from the Pacific Northwest! This one's taken from the Hurricane Ridge trail in the Olympic National Park in Washington:
  5. This is a sidestreet of Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver.
  6. Downtown Seattle, Washington seen from an airplane
  7. That picture of Seattle at dusk is wonderfull. These were taken from Queen Anne Hill aswell, and again I took them earlier on the day.
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