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  1. ^^You're welcome. A new park at ICAR is scheduled to start construction in July of 2008 and be finished in June of 2011. It will include two softball fields, four tennis courts, a basketball court, a large picnic shelter, restrooms, and a small maintenance shop. Exact location inside ICAR is TBD.
  2. I'm not sure to your first question. I heard that Hughes will probably do some design and height changes to the rest of phase II and all of III. Yes to your second question. Hopefully, a movie theater and other cool additions to your third question.
  3. Yes to the question about if the city has the money now to expand the parking deck. Construction will probably start on the rest of phase II and/or III later this year.
  4. The sign for Costco is now up on the building. This is the only pic I was able to get at the time:
  5. Walgreen's (very nice): Holiday Inn Express expansion: Greenville Zoo's future giraffe exhibit. Pics taken with cell phone:
  6. Homewood Suites. This pic is two weeks old. The hotel is now up to three stories tall:
  7. Am I the only one that goes out and takes update pictures anymore or what: Ramp for cars- Glass starting to go in-
  8. GTA needs more funding. Jim, James, or whatever you want to call him Bourey along with the rest of the city and county council is to retarted to figure that out. Where has Knox White been during all of this? Hiding under a rock, I suppose.
  9. Name: Jacob Age: Turned 19 today. June 4th is my birthday. City of Residence: Easley, SC Occupation: I work for the Greenville Drive. College: Tri-County Technical College. Clemson University in 1-2 years. High School: Eastside High School Born: Greenville, SC. I'm not a transplant. Yay. Hobbies: Sports, this forum, hanging out with friends, development, urban issues, Clemson, photography-need a new camera, etc. Other Cities I've lived in: None. Only lived in Greenville County and now Powdersville, which isn't even a city.
  10. I found Waldo. Read the Greenville Journal Contents thread to see what i'm talking about:
  11. No, I took an anger management class.
  12. Here are the ones that some of us might not know about already: -Furman's Timmons Arena will undergo renovations later this summer to give the site a more basketball-conducive feel. (What exactly is a basketball-conducive feel? It's not in the shape of a baseball field, is it?) -A development group sent in $10,000 to the City of Greenville to try and seal the deal on a development project for the gateway site. (I'll believe it when I see it) -Public restrooms will be heading to Main Street somewhere on the Courtyard by Marriott site. (Woohoo, free potty breaks for everybody) -Talk of more annexations coming soon for the City of Greenville. (What are they going to annex this time? A Waffle House, Starbuck's, maybe Wal-Mart?) -Expect to hear more about bike rentals in downtown Greenville. (JB forgot to post when we would hear this.) -An apartment complex (there aren't enough of them along with Starbuck's and Walmart's) may be going on the site of a former trailer park on Brookside Circle (where?). Expect nearby residents to object to the plan (another case of anywhere, but my backyard. What else is new?) -The Super Bi-Lo sign is up at their new store at Verdae Marketfair. (You're supposed to keep that a secret. You could of made a game out of it like where's Waldo) -A lot of grading and some road work has been completed on the first phase of Verdae's Hollingsworth Park. (I don't know what to say regarding this)
  13. If I post them, you will probably say something along the lines of "That is stuff we already know. Give us some real news." How many of us don't know there is a Super Bi-Lo being built at Verdae right now?
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