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  1. ^^You're welcome. A new park at ICAR is scheduled to start construction in July of 2008 and be finished in June of 2011. It will include two softball fields, four tennis courts, a basketball court, a large picnic shelter, restrooms, and a small maintenance shop. Exact location inside ICAR is TBD.
  2. I'm not sure to your first question. I heard that Hughes will probably do some design and height changes to the rest of phase II and all of III. Yes to your second question. Hopefully, a movie theater and other cool additions to your third question.
  3. Yes to the question about if the city has the money now to expand the parking deck. Construction will probably start on the rest of phase II and/or III later this year.
  4. The sign for Costco is now up on the building. This is the only pic I was able to get at the time:
  5. Walgreen's (very nice): Holiday Inn Express expansion: Greenville Zoo's future giraffe exhibit. Pics taken with cell phone:
  6. Homewood Suites. This pic is two weeks old. The hotel is now up to three stories tall:
  7. Am I the only one that goes out and takes update pictures anymore or what: Ramp for cars- Glass starting to go in-
  8. GTA needs more funding. Jim, James, or whatever you want to call him Bourey along with the rest of the city and county council is to retarted to figure that out. Where has Knox White been during all of this? Hiding under a rock, I suppose.
  9. Name: Jacob Age: Turned 19 today. June 4th is my birthday. City of Residence: Easley, SC Occupation: I work for the Greenville Drive. College: Tri-County Technical College. Clemson University in 1-2 years. High School: Eastside High School Born: Greenville, SC. I'm not a transplant. Yay. Hobbies: Sports, this forum, hanging out with friends, development, urban issues, Clemson, photography-need a new camera, etc. Other Cities I've lived in: None. Only lived in Greenville County and now Powdersville, which isn't even a city.
  10. I found Waldo. Read the Greenville Journal Contents thread to see what i'm talking about:
  11. Actually, that 1M in incentives is a very large amount compared to what other airports are offering to land Frontier. Most other airports trying to land this airline are offering between $200,000-$500,000.
  12. GSP International is currently trying to land Frontier Airlines and have a direct destination to Denver from here. Information involving this proposal can be found here: http://www.regionalaviationpartners.org/Ho..._greenville.pdf I think it's great GSP is finally starting to try to land these low-cost carriers, but it will only be great if they actually come here. -It's been a while since i've flown into or out of GSP over Greenville. What does it look like at day and night when you guys have done this over the last several years? Is it dense during the day and all litted up at night or is there just forests and fields everywhere? I guess it depends what part of Greenville County you fly over.
  13. A website involving this project will go up within the next few months that will include renderings and site plans for everybody to see. The renderings were on WYFF's website a couple days ago, but they're not on there anymore. Also, I guarantee you one of the head people with McChesney reads this topic on here.
  14. Excellent pics everybody. Keep up the great work.
  15. Great story on Michelin on Main: http://greenvilleonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/...349/1004/NEWS01
  16. I'm in a frenzoid over the Peacock. It's like having a spider crawling all over me. Oh god, it's staring at me. Get it off. Hurry, hurry, hurry.
  17. ^^^That's the problem with forums right there. You can't tell if somebody is being serious or funny about something a lot of times. Glad you were being funny about it though.
  18. ^^^I should of been more clear. Most of it isn't a joke. The blind date part was.
  19. Correct, but what I said wasn't a joke.
  20. ^^^Forget that. Put a Cabela's at Rosewood, a BPS at this site, and a REI right between the two.
  21. In the near future I see, the Greenville News announcing a new tower to be. It will be tall; hopefully it won't run into a wall. You'll able to see it from afar and drive to it in a car. It's time for Greenville to step up to the plate like a person going on a blind date. One thing is for certain, it will bring sexy back.
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