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  1. The residents of the condo buildings were fighting this and vow to keep fighting this as it works its way through Metro Council. I will say the the councilman in this district supports the project, so it will probably make it through the Council with no issues. These are self serving, narcissistic, hypocrites that thought it was OK to block other people's views, but theirs can't be blocked. If you don't like the city, then move out a top of a hill somewhere that no one can block your view.
  2. Developer picked for Greer Stadium site. From The Tennessean Group including T Bone Burnett picked to redevelop Greer Stadium site From The Tennessean Proposed development at Greer Stadium includes parks, affordable housing
  3. I saw the same snip-it. The building is no more.
  4. There was a 3 + million dollar demo permit pulled. I am sure this is interior only at this point, because tere is no evidence of exterior work being done yet. Three million is not a lot, so I expect another one to be pulled at some point. The Methodist publishing house was for 1 million and this is a lot larger.
  5. Just where I thought it would be.
  6. This is a real artist, not a play one.
  7. R.J. Young property in the Gulch hits the market.
  8. Here are the renderings for the 2525 project
  9. I really wish they would have paid homage to the American Indians that used the area .
  10. It has not been occupied for a number of years and was in a state of disrepair. Hate to see it come down, but alas somethings must come to pass.
  11. I wish I could go to that concert, but either group being a headliner detracts from the amount of songs the other does. Besides, I am too old to sit outside in the elements, because I will either blow away or melt. My days of outdoor amphitheaters passed a long time ago. I have seen Muse and really liked the concert. A big fan of 30 seconds as well. Wish I would have caught them at Rocketown when they were in town a few years back.
  12. Anyone know who the old fellow is?
  13. I thought they would overlap. This is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks in Nashville!
  14. There was also core drilling taking place in the northern portion of the project. This is where the hotel will go. I look for an announcement on that soon I hope.