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  1. smeagolsfree

    W Hotel, 16 stories, 350 rooms

    Hmmmm, no telling what is on the first few pages of this thread. I am going to be walking out the door but I will bet another Mod by the name of Mark may have info somewhere. There are a number of renderings that are on the thread that give you some different perspectives. Welcome to the forum PaulR. So glad we hkeep adding folks to the board. Make it a point to take the time to check out the first few pages of threads although that may take a month or two now. JK. We do have a monthly meet up the first Saturday of the month and there is a thread named the Dave Luna forum thread.
  2. smeagolsfree

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Yes they do and stay tuned......
  3. smeagolsfree

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I remember that buffoon. He was the one that was going to do one of the three or four announced amusement parks that never happened.
  4. Works for me.. UP meetings all day and we can walk around looking at the construction , bum money and have a few beers. We can bring our guitars and sing bad songs on Lower Broad and bum some extra cash too.
  5. Everyone wants their own vision of utopia, when in fact Utopia is figment of everyone's imagination. A quote from one of my favorite songs "Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more"? Then the problem will be you will still have a lot of poor people trying to get rich, to keep it from the rest of the poor.
  6. They are closing the park after dark and have two cops posted there the rest of the time and people still don't feel safe or comfortable going to the park. The homeless are pretty much kicked out of the mission during the day and have to fend for themselves like go look for a job, or housing, or a can of beer. Churches come to the park and feed the homeless during the day, wash everyone's feet and make the ones doing it feel really good inside, while washing someone's feet is a kind act, it does nothing to help them get off the street. With the churches feeding the homeless and doing acts of kindness there, they are actually encouraging the problem. Word travels quickly around the homeless community about where the free lunches are. You may think I am a heartless bastard, but I do get out and talk to these people, help when I can, and I have had my share of nasty encounters too. Interesting while I was in Boston I did not see a daylight homeless encampment in Boston Commons.... Why? Is there an ordinance? I did see a few panhandlers there, I just didnt see a lot. I saw a lot more in Cleveland than in Boston.
  7. smeagolsfree

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Kid Rock is building a trailer on stilts next to John Rich's House on Love Circle.
  8. The People’s Alliance for Transit, Housing and Employment (better known as PATHE) will hold an "Amazon, The Grinch that Stole our Homes" rally Tuesday afternoon, where supporters will march from the $1 billion development site slated to house Amazon's Nashville operations to the Metro Courthouse, according to a media advisory. The advisory states "featured speakers will include residents who recently relocated to Nashville after being pushed out of Seattle because of increasing costs of living, Nashville residents struggling to find affordable housing in the city and individuals negatively impacted by the 'status quo' budget." As with the transit debate, PATHE has laid out a list of demands for Metro to meet as part of its opposition. According to a news release, those demands include: Funding the construction and retention of 31,000 units of affordable housing. (The mayor's office has previously said Nashville will face an affordable housing shortage of 31,000 units by 2025 if no action is taken.) Funding the construction of 5,000 additional units of affordable housing to "address the 'Amazon Effect' on Davidson County’s housing market. (This figure matches the number of jobs Amazon promises to bring to Nashville.) Refusal to grant any incentives to Amazon. (Metro has promised to pay Amazon roughly $15 million, or $500 per job created over a seven-year period — Metro's standard incentive. Separately, the company stands to benefit from the $15 million in infrastructure spending Metro has tapped for the Nashville Yards development.) Drafting a funding referendum to expand the city's mass-transit system to focus on "the needs of working people first." (Mayor David Briley has said if he is re-elected in next year's mayoral election, he will not pursue another funding referendum. Voters overwhelmingly rejected Metro's original referendum this May.) PATHE includes representatives from Homes For All Nashville, a housing advocacy group; the Music City Riders United, which includes riders of the city's current transit system; Democracy Nashville, which is most known for backing the city's Ban the Box campaign to support hiring efforts for people with felony convictions; and Amalgamated Transit Union & Local 1235, which is the city's transit union.
  9. No, not really because it will be federal property and the Feds are very touchy about who gets to camp on their front lawn. The guards at the new Federal courthouse will shew them" away rapidly and "they" will quickly find out that its not a place that loitering will be tolerated.
  10. More trees to hide behind and more benches to sleep on. Water features, give me a break. They had one and had to take it out because the homeless were bathing and peeing in it. I don't think people will be bring their kids here no matter how many renderings you have with happy little families in the depictions. Pavilions to sleep under too. This will be paradise. I think I will become homeless and go there. Plenty of books to read across the street, churches bringing me food and coffee all the time, why should I have to help my self. Its one stop shopping. I can bring my stolen shopping cart with all my belongings and just hang out with all my buds. Don't get me wrong folks I try to help when and where I can but this is the wrong place. Homeless folks need a helping hand not to be enabled. This park helps to enable them to stay right where they are happy and comfortable.
  11. As long as it is a city owned and managed park there will be the same issue. You cant restrict who comes and goes. The only way is to privatize it and the NCDC is clueless. They should be embracing this this. Sometimes I think they have outlived their usefulness as not much they suggest or push happens. Seems to be a lot of talk and no action. Sort of like the Hysterical Commission. No viable solutions, just screaming alarms of doom and gloom.
  12. smeagolsfree

    The Gulch Projects

    The fries will probably be 5 bucks and a coke 3 dollars, plus tip 20 bucks. Plus they will charge you for the extras on the burger I will bet.
  13. smeagolsfree

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Its just me, but I never found much to be grand about that Sheraton. Pretty much the same old ugly lobby and a paint job on the outside. Not sure what the rooms look like , but I was never impressed with that hofel no matter what name it had on it.
  14. smeagolsfree

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    We don't need the distractions here.