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  1. According to Emporis, Encore is 267'. We need a math genius to figure this out. Well, maybe just an engineer.
  2. Absolutely, thanks for your service.
  3. Thanks for visiting Nashville!
  4. You can add the Habitat store location next to Yazoo to the list of Division ST. sites. They should be moving very soon if not already according to a person that was in there last month.
  5. They have had plenty of time for a settlement and I doubt it will happen.
  6. This article puts Nashville very much in contention for one of the spots.
  7. I am shocked and stunned that you of all people posted obscenity on this board.
  8. There is a lot of logistics that go into the construction sites by the construction companies and Metro. This is not to mention Water, NES, Gas AT & T, Metro police traffic, public works. The list goes on because everyone of these department's get involved.
  9. What is even more revealing is the fact that the condo building next door will be loosing their views out the windows on that side. People have a responsibility to do their due diligence when buying a house or condo, by knowing what can and cant be built next door. I spoke to one person that was looking at Summer street lofts before the Bristol was built but it had been mentioned. The lady was commenting on the view of downtown and I told her a 6 story apartment building would be built across the street and she changed her tune. These people get caught up in the excitement of the moment and do not ask the right questions when buying.
  10. Its like the fire Department, you never use it until you need it. If your cars break down or the roads are too icy to drive on and the rail is running, a person could be inclined. Never say Never. To add a little more here, is the fact that some companies may look at transit being a must to locate here, or another company may leave here to go to another city that has a good transit program. Who knows, could be your employer that leaves. If a company gave you an incentive to ride transit and penalized you if you drove your car, would it then behoove you to use it. Penalize as in charge you to park like 30 dollars a day. That time may be coming if companies want to stop paying for parking for their employees by having huge parking lots. It will save them money. There are some places even in downtown employees have to pay high fees to park on a daily basis. There are many scenarios that play out.
  11. From what I can gather the Endeavor project should be next. The Hyatt is not due to start until January, but demo work may start sooner. The KVB tower has hoops to jump before they even get to the starting line, such as financing, The Downtown Design review board, MDHA, etc. No details have been presented.
  12. That area where the K Mart is , is the terminus of the light rail and would probably be where the park and ride station would be. That could be incorporated with a mixed use TOD for sure.
  13. It's a lease, and not a sale.
  14. Always great or see you your post, Mel. Don't be a stranger.
  15. Whys is everybody always picking on me.......