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  1. Not even going to comment on this here as we would get off on a big tangent and if someone wants to start a thread then feel free, but this is some worrisome stuff.....
  2. This sort of clears up how the alley encroachment will work from this rendering. This is up for approval for Planning in April.
  3. Yes and a big thanks to downtownresident for keeping me updated on this and some others. Too many parcels to keep track of. At this point we have no idea who the developer is but we think it is someone already doing work here now. We will recognize the name once it is made public from what we understand.
  4. From the horses mouth....34 stories...416 feet... 160 million dollar project.. Brasfield & Gorrie... breaking ground in July.... Baring a collapse of the economy from the Coronavirus.
  5. There will have to be some infrastructure work done there because of the group out of DC that is doing the development on the E Bank. That is supposed to start later this year.
  6. Thus the need for high speed rail in this country, but we all know that will never happen ina wide spread mannor. We probably will have flying cars by the time that is a reality.
  7. I think the TN lot will be used for the Flank hotel construction staging according to someone in the know at Highwoods. I think construction will start soon or at least demo so construction can start. Again codes and permits are woefully behind.
  8. The article noted all of the new schools being built in Rutherford and Williamson Counties as proof as to where the population is moving to. The STRs were my own opinion, sorry.
  9. Nashville population Growth SLOWS! Again a lot of the downtown apartment growth is STR, IMO as are a lot of the tall and SH**ys being built everywhere! These are not real residents. Next economic turn down and these will be selling or renting for real residents. Most people according to the article are locating to the eastern potion of the county or the outlying counties. Everyone keeps telling me I am an alarmist when I talk about a recession, but it will come and when it does the STR's will be hit hard. Some say the slowdown has already begun and the stock market is artificially inflated. I guess we will have to wait and see what the coronavirus does to the economy as the supply chain has already been hit hard, but Wall Street has ignored it. Yes, the downtown population growth is on the rise but not near where you would think it would be based on the amount of apartments that have been built. As long as the NIMBYS in Joelton and points north and west continue to fight growth, Nashville will run out of viable land for compact subdivisions that many moving here may want. Sorry sort of all over the place here, but the article states permits are down but gives no numbers to back that up. I do feel that this year we will NOT set a new record. This is based on what I have been seeing as far as permits issued so far this year. But, we have another four months left in this fiscal year. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/2020/02/20/nashville-population-growth-slows-nearby-counties/4787943002/
  10. You would still have to drive once you get there because MARTA will never get you where you need to go.
  11. I hardly want to drive to Atlanta much less take the train, but if it takes 6 1/2 hours, give me the traffic and I will drive. Not to mention a train ticket will be a lot more exspensive than driving.
  12. That would be the Tapestry by Hilton. Here is the thread. Feel free to post it there.
  13. "When completed in 2021, Broadwest will offer approximately 42,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, with some shops and eateries facing a green space that will address Hayes Street on the north side of the development, according to a release." The green space will address Hayes on the north side of the development. The development is all south of Hayes. I know it is confusing.
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