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  1. Well Pit Bulls is a breed that is being banned in a number of cities. I know there are a lot of folks that love their dogs but those breeds are bred to fight and should not be arounf other dogs or kids. Unfortunately I am all for banning that breed. But I have to say that is also the risk you take by letting your dog run free at these dog parks. Most dog trainers dont like them. My question is why are their more dog parks than playgrounds? Also, a lot of the dog owners are irresponsible people by not picking up their dogs poop and just letting them pee anywhere and kill all the grass.
  2. I think the lot across the street is uunder contractas well. So we could be seeing another building of this type and height go there as well. The Duelbrand hotel should be starting soon on 9th too.
  3. I echo Mark in welcoming you to the forum. Please feel free to join us at the forum meets or the mini mets anytime! As far as this property goes, I will take a wait and see approach. Larry Papel and Mark Bloom own the site as well as one or two more on that block. They have the experience and the financial resources to develop what the want to develop or seek out a buyer or development partner such as Michael Hayes who is also a partner on certain endeavours. I think they could probably go 18 there since the lot fronting first was approved for that. I think they would have to build according to the historiv overlay that I am pretty sure that is in place there but not 100% certain.
  4. The Post story. Brentwood-based GBT Realty has applied for a stormwater grading permit related to its future ONE22ONE mixed-use tower in The Gulch. The Class A office tower (pictured) primarily will sit on the former Firestone site. It will rise 24 floors above grade and also offer ground-level retail space and structured parking. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21101504/broadway-tower-project-effort-progresses
  5. Just thought I would break it to you all easy before you read it in the Post story and that is the tower is down from 29 to 24. This is from Hall Strategies the PR firm that handles the project. So that is not a misprint in the article when is says 24 stories. We had heard that they were looking to cut cost and cutting floors is how you do it.
  6. It worth money, yes, but only after the soil remediation is done. Who will pay for that? Another large high profile development on the East Bank. Is that what we really need right now. I would love for it to disappear the same as everyone here, but another project on the East bank just hurts all of the other proposed projects around town. The more large scale projects you have the harder it is to get al of the other projects done. Now with that being said, it would probably take a minimum of 5 years for them to move and clean that property up and have it ready for the 1st footer to be dug. IDK, Just saying.
  7. Those jokers do not need tax incentives to relocate and redevelop. Icahn has plenty o f money and what ever they decide to do there would bring in a lot more in development dollars than 25 million in tax breaks.
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