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  1. I do not se this one on the agenda Brett. Was it added at the last minute or under another address? METRO HISTORIC ZONING COMMISSION (MHZC) (nashville.gov) Ah it is the 0 11th... nevermind!
  2. There was a time not too long ago when nothing could be taller than the 548' City hall.
  3. Well if you look at the Wiki page before "1980" there were only about 12 buildings or so that were over 400 feet in Atlanta, with one seemingly under construction. Just making sure we are looking at the same page. List of tallest buildings in Atlanta - Wikipedia
  4. They are both on Church St at 801 Church and 900 Church, a half block away. You can find them on the development map.
  5. Hey KJH, They are both under construction and fully financed and a new one announced this week. You are 100% right about infrastructure in Nashville as far as sidewalks, mass transit and the interstate system. It lacks woefully behind where it should be and the state I really think ignores Nashville for political reasons as well as far as roads and mass transit goes. Metro finances need to be fixed and hopefully we will get a mayor that gets there act together at some point. As far as the street grid goes, it was laid out in the early 1800’s and the RR got in the way as well as the river. It is very quirky to say the least, but in some respects that can be a good thing.
  6. You can’t determine the sites based on what he owns as 900 and 801 Church show as he bought those after the fact.
  7. Unsure, but that is sort of a mute point since he has spent a ton of money for this project. He is also working on another project at another site. You have to remember a lot of these project like the original 505 CST were designed with the specific site in mind. So we do not know what the other project is or where it will be, however I have a strong idea of where, we will have to wait and see what it will look like. I will lay some good money down that it will be taller than 612’. That’s just my opinion though.
  8. I look for this one to start this year as well as their water/sewer fees are paid through December 15th I think is the date. So my guess is they will start sometime before that date to keep from paying another hefty fee. Those fees add up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions depending on the size of the project if they want to pay for another year.
  9. Reach out to your Councilperson. If anyone has access to the plan it would be them. Not sure where you live but I assume you live in the Nations / West Park area and that would be Mary Carolyn Roberts for District 20.
  10. Magic 8 ball had to look her up and said the last movie the 8 ball saw her in was the Wild Wild West, & the 8 ball said No way Jose.
  11. Magic 8 ball says others are looking in the immediate are for land too.
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