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  1. Here are all of the stories from yesterday on WKRN in no particular order.
  2. There will still be a large segment that will not own an AV or cant afford one.
  3. - East bank / River North - use some of the 50 acres the developer is giving the city as "green space." (only restaurants / bars in the area yet) (Top Golf site would have been a nice site for a soccer stadium) Doubt that they would be interested because of the price involved. They have spent 80 million on land acquisitions. Besides, it is in a flood plain. - East bank between Jefferson St bridge and the "Main Street" bridge (not sure how much of that land would be readily available...but it's possible) Too many land owners involved and Metro does not want to get into a eminent domain issue again. - East bank land where PSC Metals is located (same issue as always...would PSC sell? the land too valuable for Nashville's future to put a soccer stadium on it?) Carl Icahn will never sell. - Tobacco Mfg. site that Volsfanwill is talking about (would the Tobacco company actually sell?) They would not sell and it would be too expensive to demolish. - Greer Stadium site - probably the easiest site to reconstruct - still no restaurants / bars...but could change as WeHo begins to turn into a hip neighborhood. RR tracks and interstates make the site feel "closed off" from downtown. Maybe - Fairgrounds site - no restaurants / bars and an area that's not yet "up-and-coming"...though that could change I hope not as this is really a bad location. - Beaman site (yeah...we know the answer from Beaman...NO) Answered your question there. - Vandy campus - parking lots across the street from football practice fields - share with Vandy Possible - Rose Park? (public outcry by neighborhood would probably be too much to handle) Would not happen there One option would be on the East bank in between the Shelby St. bridge and KVB bridge.
  4. Notice the proposed building behind the JW Marriot. This is only a partial according to the man that was interviewed on News 2.
  5. Thanks. Very glad you are enjoying the map.
  6. Its so funny that Eagleville has Urban growth boundaries. Raise your hand if you have been to Eagleville. Then you would know what I am talking about.
  7. UGLY, UGLY, UGLY. Did I mention that building is UGLY.
  8. Olmsted is on the SW corner of 5th and Peabody. The new Hilton Tru and Homewood Suites will be on the SE corner.
  9. Margaritaville hotel is going on the NW corner of 5th and Peabody.
  10. Right now option 3 is the most comprehensive plan out there. There has been a lot of input into the plan. We don't have much option as far as supporting the plan because there is no alternative. Go Big or Go Broke. Yes, they have to figure out the funding issue to the plan, but that will come. Taxes are going to rise and that is a fact. You can spend your time and gas money stuck in traffic or you can spend extra as far as tax dollars and use mass transit and not have to worry about the drive and use the time on the transit system on yourself. Therefore, the increase in taxes actually benefits your life and can actually ad time to your life instead of stressing over the drive everyday. Mass transit is not a money maker and neither are roads. It cost money because it is a necessity and its part of the infrastructure that the government really has the constitutional obligation to support thru taxes. Nashville Davidson is becoming more progressive and the outer counties are more conservative. If the folks in the outer ring do not approve any new taxes or funding they are the losers and will be stuck in traffic. I think Nashville will move forward regardless of what happens in the burbs. If nothing is done we are all losers. Taxes will rise anyway because we will not be able to recruit new business to the area and other business will suffer therefore making taxes rise. The only things that are certain in life are Death & Taxes. Don't know who said it, be he was dead on.
  11. This is a rendering of the South Waterfront district in Portland mentioned in the Q & A above.
  12. You are correct sir. Actually I think it's is the owner, as his brother has moved back to Korea.
  13. Great to hear they are doing well. I was a little concerned they would do well because of the location and the project not being completed.
  14. There were workers in the building to be demolished for that project o site the other day.
  15. Article From The Scene....