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  1. It’s a matter that myself, and several others took it as a slam of Charlotte and that has been a sore spot on here and the Charlotte board for some time. To say the skyline has not changed in 35 years is again another slam. That would the same thing if someone came on here and said the same thing slamming Nashville. He would be called out in a heartbeat. The wording of KJHBurgs comments and Nate the Great meant that some would have taken it as a slam. I have had to take a step back and take a chill pill and I suggest you do the same.
  2. Looking at the plan now is almost a joke. It was adopted but planning and here is one sentence that is a joke. By 2040, projections say Nashville will welcome 200,000 more people and over 300,000 more jobs. I think that is understated. Here is the plan which I think is already outdated. https://filetransfer.nashville.gov/portals/0/sitecontent/Planning/docs/NashvilleNext/DraftPlan/next-guidebook-Update2.pdf If you guys want to discuss the NN plan we can start a new thread and take it there, otherwise we will get back on the project. I think it is a slippery slope with
  3. IMO, Nashville Next never was. It was a mis-thought brainchild of Carl Dean, the instigator of the Amp that really got Nashville and the State off on the wrong foot. Nashville Next was probably a good idea, but would be completely different now if they did it again as you have a whole new set of people involved. Does anyone know if NN is binding? I don’t think Council ever voted on it as far a Metro guideline.
  4. It past with these stipulations Conditions: 8 stories if no grocery store or urban retailer is not found Bldgs A & B 9 stories if grocery stores lease is found bldgs A & B 18,000 sq ft or better at 12th & Hawkins (bldg E) retailer must go in this building. All parking under ground Vote 1 no vote
  5. We are not worthy of your presence! All hail the Queen and welcome back. My apologies for anything said and will try my best to keep my trap shut.
  6. A lot of it is past precedent and a lot of it is current zoning now. The rest of it is who the current council person is in the district. There were a lot of things that were done in the 70s that would not be allowed today under current zoning. Nashville’s zoning laws have been hap-hazard IMO over the years.
  7. None that I know of. I am not even sure of who the ownership goes back now as it was once owned by Tommy Frist and sold to the current owners. The address is a PO Box.
  8. If it is sort of in between Brook Hollow and the Church, there is a development with 10 townhomes.
  9. The hotel market is hurting right now even with the influx of tourist. We have virtually zero convention business, business travel, international travel, and concert travel business right now. The occupancy would be a lot higher if that comes back. Right now the hotels are hurting for workers as well, not to mention many of the bars and restaurants.
  10. Again this is not a city to city comparison. KHJBurg is always kind enough to share photos of what he has seen around town and he post one pic of Charlotte and gets criticized. Show some respect! Licec You continue to poke the bear! Nashville has a lot more of a tourism draw I would think would be the reason.
  11. That was my point as far as location of the MLS stadium as it is just more convenient. Access to the TSU site is not very good. Ed Temple Blvd is really the only good way in and out. You can access through the Nations from Walter E Davis but again a traffic nightmare. I have seen it when the interstate has backed up for one reason or another and folks use that as a short cut to Briley…not pretty or fun. You need clean access to hotels, restaurants and parking and I am waiting to see what happens with the MLS stadium to see if that even works or not. I’m not convinced.
  12. I can plot 6 real easy, maybe seven. I am going to have to think really hard about 8 as two of the sites are office. The hotel is definitely nixed! They may be in the middle of a reconfiguration of the site closest to the RR tracks but I doubt it as that looks set in stone. The last rendering of the pit looked pretty set too, with 5 buildings in there but there could have been one hiding. There is another possibility and that is they have another site under contract. Can you say Southern Baptist HQ. Just a guess on my part, but they did take if off market and for what reason we don’t know
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