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  1. Nothing new of note.
  2. My guess is the 2nd and Demonbreun project, if it happens, or the Mainland Office building on the roundabout.
  3. This is probably the first day of demo. The building may already be down as Demo Plus has had a lot of experience tearing things down lately.
  4. Mark, It seems that we keep hitting the same areas around the same time. Must be the Jedi Moderator mind trick thing. I was at Double Dogs Sunday and took a walk in the area. BTW, Double Dogs is pretty good and I will be back, however I stood in line at the Grilled Cheeserie and saw the size of the sandwiches and portions and decided to move on. Biscuit Love looks to be about a month from opening in the same building. Is it me, or do you guys think these Urban Juicers are a fad. There is one in the same building as the above. Never been in one, and don’t plan on going in one.
  5. I did talk to someone that explained why this took so long. This is a small company that Steve Smith uses and they do everything except for Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical. It is also a very small crew, so I guess we will see an extended construction period for the Sullivan's Steakhouse building. Thanks for the Pics Mark, I am going to check it out today, but from the looks of things, it looks as if it is just as nice inside as outside.
  6. I hope you are right. Metro, as always, has a hard time of doing the right thing to start with.
  7. At least a lot of the surround parks are getting public art now. If only we would get some meaningful better public art in the core other than Sticks or Ghost Ballet. I know a "few" of you like those, but the majority do not.
  8. Amazing that so many of these 5 to 7 story buildings that have gone in, that I have to look at the location to see which project it is.
  9. Please list the location of all of these shots so we can check them out. A few of these don't have locations.
  10. Great story here about Nashville's hidden history. The exhibition is at the Main Library.
  11. Wow, you must have been on 9th around the same time as me. I took almost the exact shot.
  12. Thanks for all of the updates and photos you post, Mark. So thankful for the things that you, Kevin, and Daniel do. My life is a lot more simple now.
  13. Oh the Humanity!
  14. We got a long way to go, maybe a couple of hundred year to be able to compete with DC. As a matter of fact I am going to visit The first weekend in May to blister the pavement in areas other than the normal highlights as I have done that 4 or 5 times in the past. I am looking at going on one of the architectural tours of either Georgetown or the DuPont Circle area. Would love to hear recommendations for that. I am going to spend a half day driving in Baltimore as well. At least that is the plan right now. I will stay in Arlington and take the rail most of the time while there. Most of the folks that know me on the board here, know I take one or two trips a year and check out the competition so to speak. Other travels include Dallas, Austin, Charlotte, Indy, Chicago, Louisville, Denver, and many others all in the last 4 to 5 years. Welcome to Nashville .
  15. Thanks for your fast response to questions Brett! Always great to have you on the board. BTW, here is the link to Development Tracker.