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  1. I am thinking those may be several years old. That was the original plan I think before the entity out of NY bought it. They may have rsurected those plans .
  2. Nof 100% sure but I think the sale included the small gravel lot on the other side of Grand too.
  3. Honda would be a huge catch as they have around 25,000 employees. I dont see us getting them to move here without huge incentives and direct flights to Tokoyo. We have to extend the runway first and as Bob updated us at the meet that will not happen till around 2024 I think was his response. On a side note Toyota's NA hQ is in Plano TX.
  4. To be accurate, this is not a move but an expansion of the company. The main HQ remains in SF CA. San Francisco-based Pilot.com Inc. will create 450 jobs in Nashville as part of the company’s new account-management headquarters.
  5. I know it takes time for the parcel viewer to show the new ownership and I may have misread too.
  6. I was eating at 404 Kitchen Friday night when the storm hit and I thought thee were going to be some Mary Poppins servers as they were grabbing umbrellas on the patio. I had to zig zag through the streets on the way home tododge all the downed construction fences and such in the streets.
  7. I think there will be a medical office building there. Sorry guys my map will not be updated until my PC is back in service as it looks as if my hard drive sort of crashed.
  8. Seems as if I have been seeing some land purchases being made by BNA over the last few months but have not had time to pursue the locations.
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