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  1. smeagolsfree

    Nashville food and beverage scene

    Dont like Martins either. Both times I have been I was disappointed. Too much hype .
  2. smeagolsfree

    The Gulch Projects

    My best [email protected] is Metro will not do anythiing with the Ped bridge this year, because of the budget shortfall. Even if the money has been approved Briley will not let it happen because of the way it loks in a shortfall year.
  3. smeagolsfree

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    But the property sat empty for a few years while Metro decided what to build there.
  4. Delaware and 28th? And also the one right above this? E 3 is doing so many of these projects its not even funny and I happen to know there are more coming. Mark, Which corner is this on ?
  5. Thanks for the updates Mark. It helps when I try to update the development map. There are a lot of projects that have started and or finished, I just cant keep up.
  6. I think he may have the option on the Exxon as well which would be a nice little package.
  7. smeagolsfree

    Ideas for Nashville

    It stinks just like the French Quarter does, but that does not stop the party that is Lower Broad. I do know a lot of the bottle are being recycled now and a lot of the stink comes from sour beer pouring out of those bottles. Better regulation of waste disposal for these bars and restaurants needs to be put in place. As much money as they rake in, they need people cleaning the alleyways behind them almost all the time.
  8. smeagolsfree

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I sort of agree, however money does play a big part of it. All the need is a good development team which they can afford to make something happen, however putting huge sums of money into one project may be a little risky when you are starting out as they seem to be.
  9. smeagolsfree

    Green Hills/Belle Meade Projects

    They have done that at all the AMC Theaters or going to.
  10. smeagolsfree

    More Accolades for Nashville

    I know of similar situations, where a parent lives in one county and another one in Davidson. They will switch around so they can go to the better school. This has been going on for years and would require full time employees to check each student address out. Same goes for the emissions test. I know a lot of folks that register their cars in Cheatham at friends and relative homes to keep from replacing a oxygen sensor that may cost a 1000 bucks. If there is a way to beat a requirement of any kind, Americans will figure it out.
  11. Agree. This turned out a lot worse than I had thought it would. The use of the dark colored glass with the dark brick should be a sign that an architect needs to be hung out to dry.
  12. smeagolsfree

    The Gulch Projects

    It is still moving forward but the problems are on the Gulch side of the track from what I am hearing.
  13. smeagolsfree

    Green Hills/Belle Meade Projects

    I rarely go to GH's as I do not want to be caught in the stupidity there. If I go at all, it is on a Sunday afternoon or early on a Saturday morning. The theaters are closer for me than Hollywood 27, but those are my theaters of choice as it is a fairly easy in and out. I don't go to malls anymore either if I can help it. Besides I cant afford anything at GH Mall anyway.
  14. smeagolsfree

    Soccer in Nashville

    She wants to run for mayor again, but the folks here will not have her. She is a turncoat, a panderer for votes, and is doing anything she can to stay relevant. This can backfire on her too, if this cause MLS to go elsewhere, she will be the poster child for stupid and arrogant. She is turning her back on a huge voter base. The face of Nashville politics is changing and she is in the old school.