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  1. It is interesting to note that since the bars were shut down and the mask mandate was imposed the number of cases in Nashville has dropped dramatically. So there has to be a correlation with the idiots on Broadway and not doing what they were supposed to be doing and the number of cases dropping. The other issue is that contact tracing was not working. There were just not enough people to do the contact tracing. Who knows how many out of towners got the virus and spread it back to where ever they came from. Yes there are high numbers in the SE Davidson County area but there were also high numbers in the downtown area. Those were the two hotspots. Nashville numbers will continue to go down I think while much of the rest of the state will climb, especially when the school get back in session. "Its a mistake" Hope I am wrong!
  2. Well, I am sort of with the minority here. I don't give a rats behind for myself if another sports team comes here or not. It would be good for the city, but as long as it is not on the back of the taxpayers. I think that is what most people are tired of. When you support big money bringing in a sports team these days, then I am now of the opinion they should take all the risk. They need to find a sight and a business plan that works, pay for the infrastructure like any other business that would go there, and if there are TIF funds available then they can apply like any other business. The days of treating these deep pocketed big boys with kid gloves I think is over. Cities are tired and many are now in bad financial shape thanks to COVID. Some of these major league sports may be in big financial trouble after this year if COVID continues to cause havoc with their games and players. They need to pay the going rate for the land and not take a park that people use on a daily basis or at least did before the pandemic. Time for big league sports to pay their way or die on the vine. I could live my life for a 1000 years and never see a sports game and I would be just fine, but I know a lot of you cant seem to survive without a daily sports fix. That is your drug.
  3. Again, what you do to one you have todo to all. Pick your poison. You cant pick and choose who or what you like.
  4. This is not just a state & local issue this is a federal issue. They are protected, so if you dont like that churches, synagogues, mosques and non profits do not pay taxes, then call your congressperson and senator, BUT you will not get anywhere. Non profits are not only religious institutions, there are some hospitals, community organizations that do great work for many communities around the nation, food banks, etc., so you have to remember what you do to one you have to do to all. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR!
  5. "- DeLoach believes the Greater Nashville economy will return to pre-coronavirus levels in the third quarter of next year for most industries if reopening isn't delayed any more. But the leisure and hospitality sectors won't recover until the second half of 2022, she said." That is the key statement, but it will be delayed further and I think the recovery will be a lot longer coming than this brighter look out. Even when there is a vaccine available, the consensus is that at best it may only be 50% effective and there may be booster shots that need to be given, plus the fact there will be a lot of people that simply will not get the shot perpetuating this outbreak even longer. I do not look for international travelers to come back to this country until we have this under control, thus hurting tourism more, but US travelers will be stuck here. You have to remember a vaccine will not fix the economy and that there are 30 million out of work and millions are in danger of losing their homes and being forced out onto the streets. The effects of this are going to be long lasting and to think that everything is going to get back to normal in such of time is just WISHFUL thinking!
  6. Churches and non profits do not pay taxes, and I do not have a problem with that. They contribute to the community in many other ways.
  7. According to the pdf, it looks as the building will have a white brick exterior except for the first floor and that looks to be a decorative white block. I think the modernist windows are the one thing that sort of detract, but overall I think this works. The red brick of the fire station stands out in contrast to the white of the new building, a point that was made today during the meet.
  8. I am good with banning all transpotainment including the rolling drunk bicycle taverns and the golf carts. The only thing I am good with are the large touring buses that you see in NYC and other cities. The horse drawn carriages need to go to Centennial Park. There are no good areas on the streets for those now. I saw one get away in Chattanooga one time and it didnt stop until the horse hit a chain link fence and destoyed the carriage. The owners of the bars and businesses downtown seem not to want to ban traffic on Broadway and that would be the only way they would allowed but limited to a small area downtown and NO where else. But unfortunately I am afraid this crap on wheels is here to stay.
  9. I think he will eventually have another garage across the street when his other building is finished. Besides, I think there will eventually be a lot of parking at Nashville Yards.
  10. No you are right, but Cooper sort of screwed that one up.
  11. Now maybe there will be a miraculous cure for COVID since miracles are happening.
  12. Terms of the sale will not be disclosed till sometime this fall and every asset is being considered in the sale. This is hot off another press release.
  13. Well they are not sure if the land is included in the deal or not, but either way I think this will spell the end of the downtown dealerships. If Beaman retains ownership of the land he will probably sell the land to a developer and has stated per the article that the land is worth more than the dealership. "Beaman Automotive Group has agreed to sell its Nashville, Murfreesboro and Dickson car dealerships, as well as Beaman’s Parts Warehouse and Beaman Automotive Collision Center ,to Charleston-based Hudson Automotive Group, according to a statement provided first to the NBJ." "It was not immediately clear if that10-acre chunk of land is part of the deal, or if Beaman Automotive founder and CEO Lee Beaman, who will step down as CEO when the deal closes, will retain ownership of the land." "With the sale of Beaman Automotive, the attention of Nashville's real estate community will undoubtedly turn to the fate of the property its Nashville dealerships have occupied since 1958. In 2016, Beaman told the NBJ that he estimated the Broadway land was worth more than the dealership itself — and he had no intention of selling the property." Overall I think this is a great sign and this land will get redeveloped in the next 10 to 15 years. "If the Beaman Automotive property is included in Hudson’s purchase, the switch in ownership could result in a flood of new offers for the site."
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