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  1. According to Johm M that many of us know here, said that he spoke to a forman and said that the remainder of the office structure willl be steel frame and should be close to 400'.
  2. If they are banned you can blame all the idiots that do not know how to use them. I would suggest to go out and just buy one.
  3. It will be really hard to do anything on the east bank as it is all Metro owned. Can we say DOA, PLEASE!
  4. I dont really think it is an issue as all four candidates are against scooters.
  5. Broadway Boardwalk. IMO, another massive 120 million dollar pipe dream development for downtown, including a , helipad, hotel and a 400 foot guitar shaped ferris wheel. https://fox17.com/news/local/mans-honky-tonk-boardwalk-dreams-include-massive-guitar-ferris-wheel-helipad
  6. Seriously, the burgers are not that good and neither is any of the other food there. Might be an OK place to drink, but I have given them 3 shots at 3 different locations and I have to say overpriced blahhhhh. Not going back! There are so many restaurants in his city that are hit or miss and the sorry guys, many millennials have no idea what decent food and service is all about. I was in F & B for a long time and I have to say many of the restaurants in this city are pretty sorry excuses for restaurants, including most of the ones on LOBRO. I just stay way from that fresh hell. Frothy Monkey is one that does is right along with 5th & Taylor in Germantown, but as for a lot of the other restaurants in Germantown including Butchertown Hall, I will not be back. Not impressed with their underwhelming menu offering nor the way the food was prepared. Yes you can call me a critic, and I am very surprised Silo is still in business in Germantown, simply because the place has good overpriced drinks.
  7. You think we have a lot of scooters here.... Austin has 10 companies and 14k scooters. They jut put more rules in place. I will bet by this time next year they will be talking a ban. https://www.kut.org/post/austin-now-has-rules-dockless-scooter-riders
  8. This is probably part of the 20 million committed by Metro for infrastructure improvements, so I would not call this u/c yet until the first permits for buildings are released.
  9. I dont ride my bike downtown anymore either unless its on a greenway, but even then, I no longer have a bike rack that fits my car. They may be growing by annexing, not sure as that has been the way they have been growing in the past. They have been building some newer apartments downtown and rehabbing older buildings into residential, but when I was there last, I did not see a lot of new subdivisions u/c.
  10. Not going to get on one. I would rather walk because I want and need the exercise. If I want an alternative, I will bring my bike or rent one, but in downtown traffic you really have to be totally stupid to get on one.
  11. There are already a number of bike lanes that may or may not get used by the scooters, but our streets downtown are just too narrow to have parking, traffic, and dedicated bike/scooter lanes. Besides, convincing these scooter riders they are bicycles would be an uphill battle as many that ride these scooters are cluless idiot's that will decide to ride them where they want to. Many of our sidewalks are also narrow which also is the wrong place to put these things, much less ride them. For instance Walking across Demonbreun street bridge is one of those streets that the sidewalks are narrow that walkers have to step off the walk into the street somerimes just to pass and then I have seen some stupid scooter person saying excuse me, excuse me riding on the sidewalk. Folks this is not going to change! These people do not read the agreement and just plug the credit card in. This is beyond the control of the scooter companies because it will be cost prohibitive for them to do so.
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