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  1. I never put faith in anything YouTube says or does any longer. They continue to make bad calls all the time and censor people off of their platform and demonetized them in favor of anyone making a claim against a site. If it were really up to me, I would actually love to see YOUTUBE put out of business for the real sham company that they are. I also have reservations about mother jones as well. It is always a matter of opinion. These are MDs. I will say they called it before anyone else so I trust them a lot more than I do other sources. They called out the WHO and the CDC in the early days for major fumbles that did not make the news for months. Again, their reporting has been fact based and backed up with mostly peer review studies from which they recieved a lot of their information such as JAMA, and AMA. I have had other issues with mother jones that make me think they are not all they are cracked up to be what they think they are.
  2. I have been watching this source since day one and they have been spot on every time.
  3. Office space is going to be a little harder to fill for a while, thus the reduction of a floor.
  4. I am a little concerned about the first ones myself. They need to be tested on seniors, children, folks with compromised immune systems, etc. They are rushing this one through testing mainly on healthy adults with no medical issues. I am also concerned about the overall effectiveness of the first vaccines as well. Will they be 90%, 50% effective ? Also if the anti-bodies being temporary then how often will a person have to get a booster shot. The key thing is if there is a 100% vaccination rate world wide, then the virus can be knocked out, but with the majority of new viruses popping up in China it may be short lived. That country is going to have to do some major work to clean up the mess they started. I also heard last week there was an outbreak of the bubonic plague there as well.
  5. Bad news on the COVID front. News is starting to come out about a number of people getting COVID for the second time months apart from the first infection meaning that immunity is only temporary. This also means herd immunity is going to be impossible and a vaccine will more than likely have to be given on a yearly or twice yearly basis. It will probably mean that after a vaccine is found and you do not get the vaccine, you will not be able to go to work, school, and may have to show a vaccine card when going to public events. Just me thinking outside the box, but that is what I see coming. The non vaccine people will have a tough go of it when they want to do anything anywhere. The fact is the longer they hold out the better chance the virus has a chance of eliminating that group. Survival of the smartest. Freedom of Choice, Yes, but survival of the dumbest, No.
  6. There is most likely a landscaping requirement by Metro. Landscaping and trees are the last thing to go in. I do know with most homes there is a 2" caliper tree requirement, but with these being so close to the sidewalks I am unsure what the requirement is. You can see in the rendering, (in the foreground) there are trees that are about ten feet tall along the front.
  7. It probably has not been reported to Metro health. Here is your chance to make a difference. SHUT THEM DOWN! SHUT THEM DOWN!
  8. The permit says Legacy Church. The owner is listed as IRIS NASHVILLE MINISTRY . So, it looks as if this is going to be another church. The permit also say the owner is 901 DALEBROOK PARTNERS, LLC, but that LLC is no longer active according to the secretary of state.
  9. Everytime you write TDOT, they always write back in a defensive manner. I have seen and experianced it before.
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