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  1. Magic 8 ball says others are looking in the immediate are for land too.
  2. We are also looking at a 2026 completion too. So don’t hold your breath for this being finished on a fast timeline. Tony never could get first refusal on the property behind the lot, so that hideous structure will remain a halfway house.
  3. The only approval needed will be the DTC for bonus height. Pre-sales will be needed for the project but that is still a ways off. More details to come this morning.
  4. This is the hire I was hoping for. I think he will be a good fit for what Nashville is going to need over the next 20 years.
  5. Time line for 800 Lea may be longer than you may want.
  6. No plans for now from what I have heard but that could have changed.
  7. Well transit is sort of jumping the gun with one of the “T”s IMO. Wonder what they have planned to make that happen.
  8. I think it will all be mute when the proposed runway extension is completed.
  9. Three units per floor which leads me to believe that there will be views out to the east and west. These will be high end high prices units and folks will want views to match to both sides. Forget the bland look to the west idea.
  10. I thought Tony had the option on that land , but in the long run this design is much more dramatic without the land, but something else could be built there.
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