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  1. I am thinking the footprint of the residential tower wouuld be larger that Lea when you look at the map. Lincoln bought 6 parcels which is almost twice the size of the Lea site. Now they still have not got the Insurance building on Lafayette. I think there is a plan with and without that site, but it is a small parcel. We have also heard Oracle was rumored to be going at Neuhoff. We have also heard rumors that Oracle was dead. But dreams may come true. We can only hope.
  2. I pay very close attention to those applications. You have to check and recheck to look for new information. There are so many Metro sites to check I forget about a few from time to time, but its a daily ritual with me because of the work I do for the Post.
  3. Its live on the Post but there is nothing new. Everything got pushed forward once it was posted here and all of the parties involved stopped talking after that. We may have been able to have more if we could have waited but alas it was not to be. I do know there is a rendering that will probably be released next week.
  4. They don't own all of the land. J David Byerly still owns several parcels down to Drexel and I think he may still be involved in the project. When this goes live, someone please post it here. NBJ will likely have too. There may be a rendering floating around as well.
  5. Ok, Mark closed the other thread and I will let you guys know here. There will be more information coming hopefully later today. I think 1 Million sq. ft. would be the largest office building in Nashville behind the AT&T building which is 765 K gross leasable space., however the 40 story planned at Nashville Yards is also 1 million. Remember they have to fill this and right now I doubt they have a tenant. My guess is that Lincoln will build a residential building on the Round about with the office portion going south on 8th. So I think there will be two buildings connected by a pedestal parking structure. Remember this is a guess and we may know a lot more this afternoon.
  6. I'm too much of a dummy to figure that out. Me and tech usually get into a fight and tech seems to always win and I am left bleeding on the concrete.
  7. I dont think the Hermitage Hotel will let them use that lot as I think they are the owners of all of those properties in there.
  8. Developers always have regrets in this city. They always seem to wish they had gone bigger with a project after scaling it back from the original plan. It has happened time and time again.
  9. And Metro wants to know why they are in the hole. They buy high and sell low. Whenever something is out for bid it always goes for way under the value of the land. Something is wrong with the way Metro does things. But it seems it is that way way with the state and the feds. Everyone looks and says hey there are some suckers, lets take em to the cleaners..
  10. Hey guys! December 15th at Hunters Station / 5PM till when ever. They close at 9 PM. One and half hours free parking in their lot. Free on street parking. DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Looking forward to seeing everyone. Todd. (Nashvillebound) will be there as well as John (doorman poet) By my count there should be at least 10 or so.
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