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  1. Yes, both are similar, both are beautiful. Winston's is dramatically larger though which is a bit scary since its all new construction. 580 flats, 250 hotel rooms and 600,000 sf of commercial. Who are they in talks with to take up 300,000 sf of office and 300,000 sf of retail? Primo? BB&T? WFBMC? Or is it someone new to Winston? The mayor said that 2 or more projects would make 2015 a banner year for downtown. I guess this is one of them and I'm assuming the Bailey Power Plant, mixed-use tower at 4th and Broad and GMAC are the others?? Bigger images including the two office buildings:
  2. I like that he kept the original name. Very nice project and wow @ him admitting to planning a high-rise a couple years ago.
  3. The sky is the limit for both cities. I see Greensboro being cozy, friendly...a very neighborly city that still caters to the college crowd at night. Entertainment will be Greensboro's strength by offering top notch venues all over downtown. Public spaces will be outstanding here. The greenway loop will be a tremendous development generator. Corporate growth will not be as robust as residential and retail/restaurant. However, that will add to downtown's appeal. Judging from what's happening today and downtown master plans, I'd give the most potential nod to Winston-Salem. I see the Twin City being your overall dynamic, healthy, American downtown...but with it's own lane. Growth will be fluid and not forced. As redevelopment options dwindle, new construction becomes the norm. Like the now 'official' nickname states, arts and innovation will be the drivers.
  4. RichardC's comparison of the two is pretty much factual, though. I dont think it was a dig on the Hill Building or any other NC city. "...no match in height, interior and exterior detail, or national notoriety." Bold statement, but all true. "The Reynolds Building was named “Building of the Year” by the National Association of Architects, won the 1984 Art Deco Society of New York award for best restoration and was the tallest building in the South for 35 years." VisitNC.com
  5. Why though? He made it clear that it's his opinion. Everyone has 'em Euphorius, are there any interior shots of the Hill Building?
  6. I think its Greensboro more so than the Triad.
  7. Phase II news. The Park Circle demolition made way for a 4-6 story, 205 unit residential building. Samet Corp is asking the city to rezone the site @ Park and 1st St for high density residential. The building will have structured parking underneath and take up the 75% of the block. Lets hope Samet's designs this building to blend with the stadium. Renderings and news coverage should be coming soon. The request will go before the city council in March.
  8. Ken Reiter of Durham and Jerry Deakle of Raleigh is requesting rezoning of the historic Chatham Mills on the northwestern edge of downtown Winston-Salem. The vacant buildings sit opposite the Hanes Geo plant. The mill was built in 1907 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. http://www2.journalnow.com/news/2012/jan/13/wsmet01-chatham-plant-could-be-turned-into-apartme-ar-1809517/ -154-158 residential units in PHASE ONE. -40 residential units or commercial/office in PHASE TWO -recreation space -retail space -pedestrian bridge over Peters Creek from cityofws.org
  9. This is rumored to be the next phase involving WFU. We dont know yet if Building 90-1 will be office, lab, residential, or all three!
  10. I think this is the best use for this buidling, Downtown and the city needs a true luxury hotel. I know QW will do a great job preserving the RJR legacy in downtown Winston-Salem and hopefully attract interest in neighboring historic properties. Hopefully this works out so the general public can enjoy the interior. Ive heard hat its just as impressive as the Empire State Building.
  11. Fox8 reports on the recent success of downtown commercial space. The downtown vacancy rate has dropped below 10% for the first time in many years. The city has 5 million square feet of commercial real estate downtown, which is second in size only to Charlotte. Currently, only about 400,000 square feet of that space is available for rent or purchase. That's really unheard of in this economy. In downtown there is virtually NO class A office space available, Gayle Anderson, President and CEO of the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce, said. watch: http://www.myfox8.com/news/wghp-downtown-winstonsalem-fills-more-than-90-percent-of-commercial-space-20111229,0,5438407.story
  12. 4th Street park coming together. Bailey Power Plant exterior demolition looks to be complete? Biotech Place update coming soon. 11-26-11
  13. The really exciting news is that its already under construction. I have no doubt that this will be just as popular as CityView. I do like the linear brick details. Im still not a fan of adding so much surface parking, but still I consider this a good project for downtown. Hopefully that rooftop bar is facing the ballpark.
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