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  1. I drove through earlier today...awesome infrastructure. Cant wait to see more buildings and people there... I didnt get up close to the houses to confirm or deny what Id heard of the quality, but the designs looked nice--Im a big fan of alleys anyway.
  2. I need to go see for myself I suppose. I was disappointed to hear from a source I trust on such things that the quality wasn't what he expected---sloppy brickwork (uneven and unlevel mortar lines) Anyone have any more recent pics of some of the construction?
  3. Brandon

    The Rumor Mill

    To return to my earlier question about Poinsett Homes...I heard again this week that they were preparing to close up shop, and had let everyone but a few office staff go. Anyone else heard anything on them? A real shame if its true...
  4. Brandon

    The Rumor Mill

    yeah thats why I found it odd...it may very well be that what I heard was misunderstood.
  5. Brandon

    The Rumor Mill

    I just heard that Poinsett Homes had filed bankruptcy. Anyone else heard this?
  6. ahhh...yeah that makes sense. Its a shame they couldnt have worked MW and the anchor where Palmetto Home was into the new plan somehow--both of those buildings seemed very nice.
  7. forgive me if Ive overlooked the answer to this already...but are they NOT demolishing the old Montgomery Ward? It looks like they're shying away from that building.
  8. Has anyone tried the Brown Street Club? (or Brown street pub, or whatever its called) How is it?
  9. You Riverplace dwellers need to give us some pictures of your new homes!
  10. I've mostly gone there for Happy Hour...so perhaps the "happy" has colored my opinion. They do have a wonderful happy hour there. Went once for dinner...its a bit too noisy for an enjoyable dinner. The food was good...but I cant get excited about BBQ. It could have been hotter....and the portions slightly larger.
  11. If you ever need a job, you should go there and be a waiter! My mouth is watering now...thanks!
  12. I've been to both of those, and I agree they are quite good, but Tsunami has them beat. Try the white tuna tataki and their Greenville roll....
  13. I love sushi...so I will have to try Thaicoon. My favorite Greenville restaurant is Tsunami on East North (right near Tiki Bobs) They have the best sushi I've ever had anywhere. Other good ones...Soby's, "O" has the most tender filet mignon I've ever eaten. Cazbah has an incredible selection of tapa's...nothing better than going with a small group and sharing! Im sure Im forgetting some.
  14. Save room for dessert from, I believe its called, "Old Europe" a downtown shabby cafe across the street from a new condo project...I wish I were better at remembering street names, but "downtown" is small and you can't miss it. They have mile-high cakes that you could almost make a meal of.
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