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  1. Ron Mathieu talked to Fox 16 about all that's on tap for the airport.
  2. The airport website has an excellent pdf overview of the complete terminal renovation project. You'll find it here. There are some very intriguing images of what will essentially be a completely new terminal.
  3. That's just awesome. Can't wait to see how this develops.
  4. American Eagle will begin offering First Class service on their CRJ-700's to O'Hare and DFW beginning July 2nd. Full story here.
  5. LIT is working to establish non stop service to LAX this year. Airport leaders will be meeting with at least one airline later this month. The full story is on Fox 16's website.
  6. LIT has a brand new website! Looks sweet! www.fly-lit.com
  7. This article lays out US Airways realignment plans--most of which includes cuts--but does add service from LIT to DCA in 2010.
  8. Seems that the AA mainline service to DFW will begin in April '10. The change will mean a reduction in the number of daily departures from 12 to 7 (4 will be on MD-80's and 3 on 50-seat ERJ's). The total number of seats per day lost will be 22 from the current 740/day. The USA Today article is here.
  9. By the way... did anyone comment on SAL resuming service from LIT to PHX? Happened in August I believe.
  10. Great news! Thanks for the update. Did you hear that LIT received a $5 million grant to upgrade the closed circuit surveillance system? Apparently they are still using VCR's. Yikes! Full story here.
  11. Has anyone seen this conceptual drawing of a new terminal at LIT? It was at the top of this MSNBC column by Rob Lovitt. It can also be seen in a paper from Gensler titled "The New Airport" (from May '09) on page 11. However, I don't know that it's anything more than a dream at this point. Anyone else have any insight?
  12. Is there any word on what this "office space" will be? Any plans, website, news story, etc.?
  13. Wouldn't a 27% pre-sale number be good for a condo development at this stage of the game... Since folks can't even move in until May (8 months away)? I'm not an expert, but this seemed like good news to me... especially in light of the housing situation nationwide.
  14. Could the River Rail be carrying passengers to and from LIT within the next 2 to 3 years? The director of CATA seems to think so. Here's an interesting article on the plans to expand the River Rail to the airport. Highlights of the article include: -Designs from Jacobs Consultancy have RR stop just outside the terminal. -Metroplan has contracted with Fort Worth's URS Corporation to conduct a study. -First streetcar rolls to airport within 2 years of study's completion. -Shared cost between LR, NLR and Pulaski Co.
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