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  1. I dont wanna argie with someone who lives in manch, but i gotta say hampshire plaza (the blackish glass building, right?) looks way taller in the skyline photos. do i have my building names right? emporis is wrong a lotta times.
  2. why cant I fiond any building heights for franklin towers or back bay? they dont list them on emporis...
  3. one addition - i re-did my math, and I forgot that it is a yard that is 3 feet and meters are 3 feet four inches, so really hampshire plaza comes out to be over 260 feet tall...you were right corey.
  4. whatever the blackish glass building is...the one that was built in the 1970s...that is the tallest building in manchester. I believe it is 79 meters, which is 237 feet, according to emporis.com/////I wonder why we have different numbers from the same website? anyways, at 237 feet, that makes the building 24 stroies tall.....259 would make it 26 stories (not floors, but stories, based on feet, not individual levels)...
  5. haha yep i was stuck in traffic by coincidence at just the right moment...and I just read an online archived version of the article you were talking about (the reservation of that house sounds pretty extensive).
  6. havent heard much stir about this one, so in case anyone missed it over the winter: "...The City Council voted 7-1 to grant a zoning change that would allow Saco developer Diane Doyle to construct 98 condos in two buildings at 802-828 Ocean Ave. If approved, each nine-story building in the development, known as Graves Hill, would have 49 units..." Graves Hill Condo Project
  7. Counting everything major, all in all, that was proposed for portland this year, I come up with the following number for my list of total new floors/stories in development: 77 Lincoln Center Office Complex: 17 floors (shot down). Waterview Condominiums: 12 floors (its a go). The Westin Portland: 10 floors (its a go). Graves Hill: originally two 14 stories, but then scaled back to two 9 sotries -- 18 all in all (they're a go). Some condo project planned for one of the peninsula churches: 8 floors (still in the planning process). pearl Place: 8 floors ( its a go). Maine Medical center Infant Care Unit addition: 4 floors (its a go). and then all of the new parking garages, whatever is going on the village cafe site, the new condos on congress street (6-8 stories I believee, and they're a go too), and all of the minor development in bayside (3-5 story planned office buildings) have to be counted too, but this is a waste of time. Am I forgetting anything? What a good year it has been for portland (though Lincoln center would have made it perfect).
  8. Well, corey, it looks like they will break ground in august as you said. please forgive the links, I didnt have it in me to resize any more pics for the day, so the links are easier to view the larger pics. picture one picture two ("the site") picture three picture four picture five (house partially demolished in the roof the motion picture event of the summer ( a roof top being moved by truck off of the waterview site and coincidentally holding up someone interested in that sorta thing (me) in traffic while I happened to have my video cam) video of the contruction team
  9. ahh, okay, well i am sorry for the tone of my response then...i guess i took it the wrong way....when i am at school i stay up for 2-3 nights in a row studying for finals and exams and writing papers, so i know exactly what you mean about resenting others for being asleep when you would kill for a little shut-eye. staying up all night starts to mess with your head after a while if you dont make up for it later in the day...oh man, school starts again soon, what am i gonna do
  10. uhh, why whill i get crap? and by the way thanks for calling me a sucker for sleeping at 2:30 am. uh...i dont even know how to respond to this. haha, whatever i guess. can you be more clear next time you post to me thanks.
  11. this seems to be apopular answer. thanks everyone for your input.
  12. hey thanks, i thouht i was going to get crap from everyone for writing so much about that...but dont worry, no one really knows anything more than anyone else about this stuff...it is all a matter of opinion and experience. i love diversity too. i am from a small city, but certain areas are extremely diverse. statistically speaking, portland is not very diverse, but they must be inaccurate because i can take a stroll and see people from all over the world in 2 blocks and i love it. they have so many experiences to share and stories to tell. my gf is filipino, my nephew is cuban/black, and i may be living with a sudanese student at school. life couldnt be any more bland than growing up without diversity. but dont resent the place you grew up, just appreciate the fact that it didnt mold your perception about other people in a negative way...theres nothing wrong with undiverse communities as long as you learn to appreciate diversity when you happen to bump into it along the way, in my opinion. what am i odign up so late, i gotta go to sleep.
  13. i forgot you lived in portland at one time. so your latest feedback has been very helpful. if you can say that you felt safer in boston than portland, than im sure i have nothing to worry about. the peninsula does get pretty creepy at night...especially if you see someone walkng toward you or hear them behind you...its cause all of the street lights are covered by trees...but anyway, it usually ends up being an old lady walking her dog...but anyway, thanks for the comparison. very helpful.
  14. i agree the waterfront will not move, but i was talkign in terms of my own fantasy portland, for lack of a better word, fantasy sounds a little odd, not exactly the rigth word, but whatever... and that westin is nice looking, i just hope that it is noticable from the street and doesnt blend in too much...it doesnt quite look 10 stories, and going by the foot it is actually 9.5 stories....i hope it looks taller in real life...
  15. good input, thank you. i think it is unfortunate that people use the wrd ghetto to designate a place where minorities live, but the official definition is "A section of a city occupied by a minority group who live there especially because of social, economic, or legal pressure." and i dont think it is because minorities live in these places that people consider them ghetto. at least i hope it isnt. for instance, if there was a wealthy suburban gated community where all blacks lived i dont think anyone would consider it a ghetto. on the other hand, where im from there are way more white people than minorities so most of the ghettos are jammed with whites (except for portland, the city im from) but even here there are many whites in the housing projects. so my definition of ghetto is not determined by race....i am white, but my girlfriend is filipino, so i am not looking for a high-class snobby rich white place of residence either, just somewhere that is safe. i mean im not that scared, im a pretty big guy and as long as i keep to myself im sure i wouldnt bump into problems anyway, but taking my girlfriend along with me is what worries me as she will be working as an RN at a hospital somewhere in the area and then taking public transportation home. and sometimes nurses have to work night shifts etc...so basically i was wondering if there were any "stay away from" areas...more for her than for me, but im concerned a bit too...just dont want to make any poor decisions, ya know.
  16. two things: he works there and in the surrounding area (between sudbury and boston) every week selling cash registers. and does anyone else agree with what cotuit said about there being no ghettos in boston? i cant see how this is true, if the city im from in maine, which is 7-8 times smaller than boston has ghettos (a handful of them). even the city i go to school at in vermont has ghettos and it isnt even 40K people...so im wondering if we share similar definitions of "ghetto". essentially, should i not worry about this neighborhood over that one? not looking for personal opinions on how improved the place has gotten, just looking for the bottom line, after the smoke clears, so to speak...comments from people currently living in boston will be appreciated. thank you.
  17. yeah, uh, im pretty sure newton isnt in boston's municipal boundaries. but you can see boston from BC, so it is "in boston" to someone from maine (myself). also, i just read an article about the gang situation getting worse (not better, as you said) in boston because of increased organization...also, the violent attacks with machetes have been on the rise (so i have read in the globe)...if this is an improvement, i would hardly say that it is an example of having a handle on crime...but whatever.
  18. DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE WHEN WATERVIEW WILL BREAK GROUND?!?!?!? sorry for the caps, not meant to be shouting.
  19. thanks for the update on the westin. i read todays paper and i guess i must have missed it. i know i am going to be in the minority here, but i dont like portlands working waterfront. i mean it is great and all, but i just cant stand all of the restrictions they have because of it. i think portland would benefit tremendously from having an aquarium down on the water (a real one, and not some research lab like there is now). maines biggest industry is not fishing, but tourism, so i think we should move all of the shipping business and fishing etc to the south portland side, or at least the majority of it, and let portland develop into the ritzy upper class city it is trying to. besides the character that would be lost would not be the character of portland, only one section of portland, that which the tourists associate with maine. the rest of the city is not composed of sailors and lobstermen. it is important to keep that stuff in the area, but i think south portland would be a better place for it now that portland is moving up the ranks from a blue collar industrial town to a yuppie mecca....
  20. good suggestions for the parking garage ideas....but i dont know if what you said about making the trip from LF square to the east end i strue, or even possible. not in the middle of winter anyway. youd have to be a far more brave man than me to attempt a journey like that...ooo, burrr, im getting shivers in 80 degree weather just imagining it...aaahhhh
  21. I will hopefully be starting law school not this year but in the fall of 2006 in the boston area (either Boston college or Northeastern) and I was wondering if anyone could offer some suggestions on which of the two is a better situated school. i have visited both and northeastern is kinda in a run down part of town, but boston college is in the woods. i was wondering if BC has easy access to the city (T stations?) and if northeastern's location is really as ghetto as I perceived it to be. also, in terms of off campus housing, does anyone have any suggestions for decent neighborhoods for grad students? I am somewhat familiar with the area, but nowhere near as much as most people on here I would imagine. I am from a city about 1.5-2hrs outside boston. I appreciate any and all comments or suggestions. -Patrick
  22. shazbat73: any idea how many stories the new mercy will be? looks like 6 - 8 from the pics, but hard to tell.
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