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  1. What do you think could be presented to MDOT to enhance the quality of the end product? The more ideas the better.
  2. Sadly, too often departments such as the MDOT become "captives" of the auto industry (in the same way that the department of defense is often too easily influenced by military contractors). Now I'm not accusing any one of anything in this instance, but that has often been the case in other states and MI is probably no exception. I really wonder if there is some way that us UPers could collective work to steer this MDOT proposal in a better direction. The proposal is really shocking, as others have already mentioned, it reads like a document that is 20 years old - it has absolutely no vision for the future of Grand Rapids
  3. Anyone here been to the "Silver Cactus" in Eastown? Its a fairly new mexican place, the food's not bad at all.
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