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  1. Thanks! Anyone know when the orange line extension will open?
  2. Except most of the airport is in Spartanburg County....and none of the airport is in the City of Greenville. ...
  3. There was definitely half a dozen guys with hard hats on walking around the site this morning. Probably just some preliminary site work.
  4. Workers onsite this morning. Hopefully that means construction is coming soon.
  5. There’s an old rail bed that runs by there. That could definitely be used. I just don’t see how it’s going to connect to the trail…there’s not enough room on the rail bridge for a trail
  6. That doesn't seem big enough to put a "tower" on. Interested to see the proposed design.
  7. The hold up is entirely because the neighborhood did not like the original design and put up such a stink that the city council rejected the PD rezoning request.
  8. I’m glad it hasn’t died. This development will provide some much needed density to the area. This newest iteration is, IMHO, better than the original as it integrates the property on the corner of McCall and Academy and they’re working to get a grocer to fill the large retail space. This will create great walk ability for the surrounding neighborhoods.
  9. Here are the latest site plans.
  10. Why is it a joke?
  11. I like that idea. That stretch of Main Street is a poor pedestrian experience as it is. That would definitely make it safer for pedestrians. Anyone know what the process would be to request this from the city?
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