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  1. GMoxley

    The West End

    I'm pretty sure it was a fire Marshall limit issue. They definitely had a great opening week. There were a few vendors that were unprepared for the demand. A lot of stuff was sold out by mid-afternoon. But, I'm sure they'll figure out the supply/demand as they get a little experience under their belt.
  2. GMoxley

    The West End

    They couldn't handle the crowds on Saturday afternoon. They were at capacity and had a line waiting to get in.
  3. GMoxley

    The West End

    Good bit of potential residential infill land is now on the market in the West End
  4. Yea...the city is just asking for a lawsuit over this.
  5. Isn't that where Walmart was rumored to be coming a few years ago?
  6. I don't think anything is planned yet. That's just the broker marketing the property. The renderings are conceptual.
  7. Looks like another tower crane to me.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. That pool is only going to get 30 minutes of good sun a day.
  9. GMoxley

    The West End

    I saw activity there yesterday. Not much work done, but there were people onsite.
  10. Wasn't that parcel removed from the RDV rezoning?
  11. Wasn't the station part of a land-swap? The owner of the property where the new station is being built probably wouldn't have agreed to the deal if they had to maintain the old station in perpetuity.
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