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  1. Any design or layout public yet?
  2. GMoxley

    The West End

    The long facade is exaggerated by the empty retail spaces. I think when those are filled it’ll feel less overwhelming.
  3. GMoxley

    The West End

    Great! It’d be a shame if the corner property wasn’t included in a major redevelopment
  4. GMoxley

    The West End

    Is that the April 1 DRB meeting?
  5. GMoxley

    The West End

    What areas does the plan exclude?
  6. GMoxley

    The West End

    The word is that a developer will be purchasing the parking lots and the community center to build a mixed use development, with retail fronting main street. It may go before BZA in April for an informal hearing...
  7. GMoxley

    The West End

    Did I completely miss that Pendleton built a sanctuary? I know that was the plan, but I didn't think it ever happened.
  8. This is still progressing... https://www.greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/7811?fileID=36414
  9. GMoxley

    The West End

    Looks like their plan is to create a parking lot. Probably the best short-term use of the property. Hopefully when this can eventually be combined with the transit authority land for some better usage.
  10. GMoxley

    The West End

    Any ideas on what's being developed?
  11. GMoxley

    The West End

    Initial comments from the DRB were favorable.
  12. GMoxley

    The West End

    Ware/Perry Development - Includes townhomes, parking garage, and apartments. https://www.greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/7665?fileID=35729
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