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  1. I was thinking the same thing. That pool is only going to get 30 minutes of good sun a day.
  2. GMoxley

    The West End

    I saw activity there yesterday. Not much work done, but there were people onsite.
  3. Wasn't that parcel removed from the RDV rezoning?
  4. GMoxley

    Augusta Road

    Wasn't the station part of a land-swap? The owner of the property where the new station is being built probably wouldn't have agreed to the deal if they had to maintain the old station in perpetuity.
  5. What's the significance of the RDV rezoning? Why are businesses opposed?
  6. GMoxley

    The West End

    There are planning commission signs around the block that is the SC Employment and Workforce office. Any one have insight into what's going on with this?
  7. GMoxley

    The glut of available office space downtown

    It sounds like y'all are saying the same things...
  8. GMoxley

    Augusta Road

    They aren't going to subdivide.
  9. GMoxley

    Augusta Road

    Ohhh. Excuse me you watched a video. You must be an expert on the house. Seriously though, most of the expensive issues renovating a structural issues, foundation issues... aren't noticeable from a visual inspection. Let me ask you this, would you rather the house remain vacant for a few more years and fall into further disrepair? What would you say would be the "best use" for this property?
  10. GMoxley

    Augusta Road

    Did you actually examine the house? Kinda arrogant to say that just from driving by... They bought it with the intention of fixing it up and maintaining the historical character, but after digging into it they figure out it would be much more expensive to try to repair everything. There's only so much investigation you can do before you buy a can't exactly tear into walls... The historical factor is a debatable point. I love historical homes, but I recognize that not every piece of history can be saved (nor should be)....gotta make room for the future. The house had been on and off the market for a while, so it was unlikely that another suitable buyer was going to come along in the near future to restore it. And even if they had, they might've made the same decision to demolish....
  11. GMoxley

    Augusta Road

    That doesn't make any sense. The choice to tear the home down was one of reasonableness....I.e. common sense. If money was no object, then they would've just refurbished the existing structure. But, from what I heard, it was in such poor condition, it was exceedingly costly to reno.
  12. Not sure. But based on the lot width, I would say they could fit upwards of 5 or 6 on that site, depending on how narrow they make them.
  13. The plan is to demolish duplexes and build luxury townhomes.
  14. GMoxley

    Buncombe St. Mixed Use Project

    Not a Catholic, but that property is being held for a new sanctuary. The word on the street is that the priest is hoping/waiting for the Diocese to split, creating a southern SC diocese and a northern SC Diocese. This would allow them to build a cathedral (there can be only one per diocese) there instead of just a regular parish (Not that I know what the difference is, but I would imagine the cathedral would be bigger).