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  1. Thanks! Anyone know when the orange line extension will open?
  2. Except most of the airport is in Spartanburg County....and none of the airport is in the City of Greenville. ...
  3. There was definitely half a dozen guys with hard hats on walking around the site this morning. Probably just some preliminary site work.
  4. Workers onsite this morning. Hopefully that means construction is coming soon.
  5. There’s an old rail bed that runs by there. That could definitely be used. I just don’t see how it’s going to connect to the trail…there’s not enough room on the rail bridge for a trail
  6. That doesn't seem big enough to put a "tower" on. Interested to see the proposed design.
  7. The hold up is entirely because the neighborhood did not like the original design and put up such a stink that the city council rejected the PD rezoning request.
  8. I’m glad it hasn’t died. This development will provide some much needed density to the area. This newest iteration is, IMHO, better than the original as it integrates the property on the corner of McCall and Academy and they’re working to get a grocer to fill the large retail space. This will create great walk ability for the surrounding neighborhoods.
  9. Here are the latest site plans.
  10. I like that idea. That stretch of Main Street is a poor pedestrian experience as it is. That would definitely make it safer for pedestrians. Anyone know what the process would be to request this from the city?
  11. Except this property wasn't RDV, it was RM-2. It was before the Planning Commission because the owner was subdividing lots. That said, I'd be curious to know the PC's stated reason for reject this application. Seems to be consistent with the present use of the property and surrounding areas.
  12. City council approved the closure of the Richland Way underpass yesterday.
  13. Good. Slowing down traffic will increase foot traffic and, consequently, business patronage on the street.
  14. That doesn’t look that bad tbh. But imagine if these folks could safely ride their bikes, not in competition with the cars, they would take up 2% of the space. That’s what the road diet will move towards.
  15. I didn’t read any of these comments as a personal attack. Myself and others just vehemently disagree with you on what will bring growth and prosperity to this street.
  16. The fact that you think it would “restrict” access shows a car-centric mindset. This has been shown time and time again not to be the case. Encouraging pedestrian and cycle access increases business. After all, you can get a lot more people in one place if they walk there than drive there. And I would argue that those locations on Pendleton haven’t been filled precisely because Pendleton is built like a 4 lane highway. Who would want to eat outside at a restaurant as cars whiz by? Who would want their office to look out onto an asphalt desert?
  17. Agreed. As a West End resident, I'd like to see less "free flow" of traffic to allow for greater pedestrian/cyclist safety. It would actually benefit a lot of the businesses in the area as it would increase the overall foot traffic. Business development is not dependent on "free flow of traffic". That kind of mindset might be true for the suburbs (even then, I'm skeptical), but definitely not for an in town business.
  18. Do you have any information to support that or is that just based on your general pessimism?
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