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  1. Went up to Baltimore a couple weeks ago and got a few generic tourist type shots. Unfortunately I was only there overnight so I wasn't able to do much more than the Inner Harbor. I love that city so I hope to get back up there soon and do some more off the beaten path type stuff. On to the photos. View from the hotel room. View from the hotel room. View from the hotel room. From Federal Hill Park From Federal Hill Park View from the hotel room. Four Seasons Hotel and Residences under construction
  2. A couple fairly new ones to bring this thread back to life.
  3. The Cambria Suites building under construction at Riverside Center is on hold. The contractors pulled off the job in early March and filed liens on the project. http://www.hotel-online.com/News/PR2009_1s...riaRoanoke.html That project seems to have been cursed from the beginning.
  4. Looks like the Jefferson Lodge site is the winner. Now let's just hope they put up something decent looking. I did a quick search on the developer but didn't see any examples of their past work. http://www.roanoke.com/news/breaking/wb/129177
  5. Especially with the fate of the Patrick Henry Hotel up in the air. I really hope the owners of the PH don't just give up on it like they seem to be doing. That's one of my favorite buildings in downtown, hate to see it being neglected.
  6. Now officially the worlds tallest building. 512 meters, 141 floors. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20070721/ts_af...ai_070721084150
  7. My Mom worked for 20+ years at the medical examiner's office here in Roanoke. She retired a few years ago but she does not miss that job one bit. She was their unofficial spokesperson so any time there was any sort of death that made the news she was the initial contact person for the press. She had opinions about all of the local media people and quite a few of the national ones that she had to deal with first hand. She said that with the exception of a couple people at CBS in Washington all the network people were very arrogant and rude.
  8. New County library in the works. http://www.roanoke.com/news/roanoke/wb/wb/xp-104510 The sketch they had in Sunday's paper looked pretty cool. I hope they go through with it for one reason it's pretty much within walking distance of where I work. As long as they put a foot bridge across Back Creek I could run up there on my lunch break. Now if only the city would get in gear and do something about there library too.
  9. Here's an external view from a month or 2 ago. It used to be one large theater but after some financial trouble in the late 80's it was saved by a non-profit and restored with community donations. Since they couldn't compete with the large multiplexes they closed the balcony off and converted that into 3 small theaters. The main room does have a stage and it used to house the Mill Mountain Theatre before Center in the Square was built. It also played host to a few punk rock shows back in the early 80's. Bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Frightwig, Guadalcanal Diary and others played there. I think I have some photos of some local bands playing there that shows the stage area but they aren't on this computer so it might take a day or 2 to dig them up.
  10. Showing my age but I remember back when the Roanoke Civic Center was a must stop for almost every touring band. We didn't get the mega stars for the most part, no Springsteens, Stones, Who, etc but AC/DC, Van Halen, ZZ Top, Doobie Brothers, Allman Brothers, Heart, and all the other staples of what's called classic rock now stopped here every tour. Slightly off topic but is anyone else totally disappointed in the design of the new exhibit hall?
  11. Man that laundromat used to be so sketchy. I first moved into this neighborhood in 1994 and had to use that laundromat for awhile. Every time I went there with my girlfriend I would nearly get into fights. The local crackheads would come in and first hit us up for change then they would start hitting on my girlfriend so of course things would go downhill after that. It was great when I finally got a car and we were able to drive over to the Grandin laundromat. Your post does bring up a good point though. There is tons of available space in the city for quality development. Both for new construction and rehabilitating older buildings. I get so annoyed when people tell me there's no land for development in Roanoke. There's tons of it. Ok so there isn't really space available for a major manufacturer that needs a couple thousand acres with rail access and all that but there is plenty of space for residential, retail and office. I'm of the opinion that within the city limits you could easily fit in another 50,000+ people without any major changes to the quality of life here with only a few changes to the existing infrastructure. Sure the traffic would be worse but it's not like it's bad now. For comparison San Francisco has 47 square mile and over 700,000 people. Roanoke has 43 square miles and 97,000 people.
  12. Thanks all for the comments.
  13. There's an article about downtown Roanoke in Showcase magazine and the head of Downtown Roanoke Inc. said in regards to downtown living that: "At present we have 400 people living downtown. Our goal is to have 1000. To reach that goal we are going to need new development, we can't get there with just rehabilitation of older buildings." "We're attempting to recruit developers from all over the East Coast. Most local developers have experience with suburban development, primarily. We're looking for people who know how to do urban development. It's a whole new ballgame." http://www.showcasemagazine.com/cms/#
  14. I kind of disappeared from here for awhile but I've taken a bunch of new photos in the last few months. Here's two from the Center in the Square parking garage at about 2am a couple weekends ago.
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