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  1. So I get it now. Lets say you take South blvd and rearrange it too a grided square a BAM...urban cityscape.
  2. I know some of you don't like nascar but I just saw a commercial about the nascar all star race to be held in Texas. I thought the all star race was part of the coca cola weekend in Charlotte. It may be a little niche but Nascar is Charlotte culture. NC frustrates me. Embrace what you have; make ityour own. Nashville leaned in to country music; some folks look down on it. But they are laughing all the way to the bank. Can someone explain it to me. Last thing; why does Oklahoma City have a gasoline alley "district" and Charlotte doesn't. Frustrating.....
  3. I can attest that Tampa's cbd is not that tall but there are many "midrise" districts and yes bayside condo buildings scattered around the city. However, there are multiple projects going on downtown on or near parts of the old shipyard channels. They still are not or wont be more than 300 feet tall. Surprised Charlotte doesnt have more verticle residential construction going on. I guess southend's gravity is sucking up the momentum.
  4. I've dreamed of significant height outside of uptown for 20 years. Fingers crossed this happens. Then all that needs to happen is cap 277 and elvate 77 to get some visibility and BAM in your face; 3rd best skyline in the southeast and 5th best in the south. Just aesthetically speaking; From my perspective 1. Miami-95south hands down no comp; compact, fills the horizon compact and dense. 2. Dallas-35 south is impressive but like Houston its multi-nodal 3. ATL-very linear and spread out but impressive if taken in from the right angle; actually could be number 2; i havent been in 5 years though. 4. Houston-very similar to Charlotte cdb massing but very spread out; medical district and galleria would put up there with Miami 5. Charlotte-needs nore height outside uptown like Dallas medical district , southend can be that extension; needs the wards to fill out and add some density
  5. Wow, just wish there was more elevation changes around the city that could recreate or come close this angle. Definitely gives me Denver vibes skyline wise. What Charlotte needs now is infill and increase density.
  6. There is ana angle of the Wilmington skyline I havent seen anywhere. Driving east on 17/74, right before the approach to the bridge. Its a full view and it's really good now since there is no vegetation blocking the view. However, the sweet spot is in a tricky location. In a slight bend in only visable for a half second at speed.
  7. Just a matter of time. Once buildings start selling for gobs of cash more developments willcome looking for the same. No empty lots left, or they absolutley need to be on the Lynx platform?
  8. I think because of VA's concentrated population centers has allowed VDOT to focus on updating and improving highways as compared with NC's multi-nodal population density. I give NCDOT a hard time but I know they are limited by budgets. Having to build and plan for around 10 separate cities that need major roads has to be challenging. I just hate that Raleigh and Charlotte have to fight for scraps and deal with value engineered highway infrastrucure.
  9. Raleigh has momentum. If only PNC arena was downtown. Oh the possibilities that would come with national exposure. As a side note. I have family in Northern New Jersey and they all acknowledge Raleigh as an "it" city. Deveoplers should take note and build now. Isnt the Raleigh/Cary MSA close to Nashville MSA in residents. Also, no one in the know considers the Raleigh area as seperate from Durhan anyway. Somebody put in a good bribe to the folks in DC.
  10. I thought the golddistrict was gonna fill this need. If not then why not. Most attractions are rooted in some kind of history. It would be a shame for Charlotte not to capitalize on the gold rush/mint city theme. Maybe UPers need to make some noise about it. How bout opening up on of those mine shafts...Of course just for show and no tours or maybe. I dont know I've been in salt mines in Poland and they made it work.
  11. Just commented on this. I swear NCDOT and whoever in Raleigh are still sitting at a cafe in Mayberry. Charlotte's interstates are crap; 1960's finest. Nothing says world class like the 77/85 interchange and no interstate or spur to the east. No other major city has such an antiquated freeway system. I do alot traviling and trust me Charlotte's peer cities are building thier infrastructure like crazy. Sometimes I think the farmers up in the state legislature are taking bribes from SC business folks.You know, no competition for Myrtle or Charleston.
  12. I have travelled all over this country and recently the south looking for my retirement spot. I have decided to come home to NC but not sure where yet. My overall consensus is NC is a good deal and one reason is that the top cities are underdeveloped. However, its a drawback as well. Many folks my age, late 40's, are moving back from larger metro areas for a better QoL but still would like some of the entertainment, culture and leisure offerings of those cities. Those drawbacks are where NCcities are lagging behind; especially down east near the coast. If Wilimington could get the right minded developers I really think it would become more of a hot spot than it is. Now I am all for growing the smart way and conservation. The area around the battleship is ripe for entertainment/residential development. Honestly I wouldnt have parked her on that side of the river anyway. Competition is heating up for folks movig to smaller metro areas and I dont want NC to be late to the game once again. Spent some time in Savanna and I must say, GA has done a great job with growth in travel and tourism. Although I'm not really a fan of super touristy sections of the core though. But, the outcome is jobs and opportunity. Bottom line, I moved away because NC was just to slow to adapt/adopt trends in culture and growth; I want to come back, but where are the growth areas that can offer decent QoL with decent culture and entertainment?
  13. I'd say there is a fine line to straddle; road building vs transit. IMO, NC has many horrible interatate planning. I get it, when they were planned our cities were small. Now growth has caught up to the top 5 metro's and NCDOT is still stuck in the 1960's. Example, why does Goldsoro have a signed 795 spur and Charlotte doesnt have a a signed interstate spur east toward Wilmington. Anoher thing that drives me nuts is the 77/85 and 77/277 interchanges. Somebody please explian hwo they are still in operation in 2022. Is this punishment from the state for building light rail or did Charlotte choose the blue line over roads?
  14. Looks like a high density district I would build while playing cities skylines. Very modern mid rise district; I like it.
  15. I agree. Why not enhance CLT as the leisure and travel hub. Meaning, utilize commuter rail as a gateway travel to the mountains and beaches within reason. How far are the foothill towns in the Blue Ridge? I think it would be a win-win. Whatever town is the western terminus for the blue ridge express from CLT would gain economy from tourist connecting from there and Gateway station can capilize on the constant use. On the flip side, commuter rail to the southeast could be huge as well. In addition to north thru the metro all the way up the fringes of the Triad. I often think of thses things when taking short plane rides. Like from OKC to Dallas. How much easier it would be to jump on a regional train for 2 hours than to go thru all the crap of an airport for a 45 minute flight.
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