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  1. NcSc74

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I almost asked what city is this. Little ol Charlotte. Keep climbing and brush off the haters.
  2. NcSc74

    Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte

    I have said this many times. Put a huge carousel in First Ward park and surround it with either a "scottish village" or old mecklenburg village. Don't tell me it can't be done cause you can. OKC ripped off San Antonio and built a riverwalk and it works great for their bricktown entertainment district. Or develop an old Charlotte area. Build replica Charlotte tavern a few other colonial area buildings. Finish with some fountains and statues. Charlotte wants character well resurrect the past if you have too but do something to inject some energy in to the city.
  3. NcSc74

    The Bad News Report

    I am going to give the residents of CLT benefit of doubt about the percieved "annoyance" about the CIAA tournament. I am certain there were those who didnt want the participants coming to town, Thats reality; some folk let there biases manifest themselves in to tangible reactions. However, the majority of people I know are not that way and I assume that its that way in CLT. Now, my opinion is that this was a economic decision. Attending a tournament can be expensive and I know that attendance was down. I have friends who are allumi of CIAA universities. I can tell you the location change to Baltimore will not help nor motivate better attendance. I am surprised Raleigh was not chosen though so is there some bias against NC. Maybe, but realistically could be simply dollars and cents decision. CIAA got the best deal and Baltimore got a tournament. As for the Hornets, not sure whats up witht that. Why Jordan did not play nice for this event I am curious. Anyone have any smart speculation?
  4. NcSc74

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Yes I love Interstate tower. IMO it would rule Raleigh's skyline.
  5. NcSc74

    History of Charlotte

    If that /\ stayed would Charlotte have the skyline it does now? I see that and think of KC.
  6. NcSc74

    Sports in Charlotte

    As many as owners are willing to pay up.
  7. NcSc74

    The Good News Report

    /\This. I have said it before we (NC) are our own worst enemy. Instead of working to advance the economic engines of the state we (NC) fight for scraps and the endless rurual vs city fight sucks the life out of any good ideas, When will there be genuine leadership from any party gonna standup and act like its 2019 and not 1979.
  8. NcSc74

    The Good News Report

    Meh, Charlotte was getting those articles not too long ago. Heck it still is. Not gonna hate on others success; just learn from the formula and keep pressing forward. I think the QC is a rung above as far as economic power but should not get complacent. Its time to stop asling why not us but who can the city catch next.
  9. NcSc74

    Design Center Expansion in South End

    25 stories will pop in south end. Especially if around other mid rise. Just what the skyline profile needs.
  10. Agreed on the covention center. Or how about a whole block with a new Panthers stadium connected to a new convention center and hotel/retail/entertainment district. Is there that knid of space near a light rail stop?
  11. NcSc74

    Panthers New Team HQ and Facility

    /\ That would require an ego check....don't see it happening. Put a toll on 77 and 85 at the state line perhaps.
  12. NcSc74

    The Bad News Report

    I think economics and location did it. Amazon and Apple proves that cities (metros) drive innovation and jobs. The bigger the better. Texas has advantageous economics as compared to cities back east. Also, you have to admit Austin's location is a plus. Near Houston and Dallas two very respected, mature and large metros that can fuel the workforce. Combine that with a high profile universities nearby i would question why not. Secondly, Texas is Texas. There is no identity crisis down there. So I don't think HB2 played a huge role. That is what drives me crazy about this subject. The same time Charlotte was losing the All Star game due to HB2 Houston was hosting or gearing up to host the super bowl. Didn't hear a peep about Texas politics but for some reason the media jumped all on NC. I have my own thougts on that though. NC was on the verge of being in true swing state status. For some reason some folks thought the soul of the state would be lost forever and decided to let the farmers decide on NC's future. A future in whcih people are moving to cities at an accelerated rate. I truly hope NC finds its "equilibrium" and wake up from the 8 year slumber. You were on your way to great things. Anyway I digress. Truth is Charlotte needs about 3 million more people and Raleigh needs about 30 years of maturing before they start using their gravity to catch big fish like tech and bio giants attention. Honeslty though, imagine if you lived in a state without RTP, SAS, Duke, BB&T and BoA. Kind of puts things in to perspective. NC did good to grow what it has but now ya gotta take it up a notch. I don't see it as a huge loss. I didnt really think NC had a shot. Continue to diversify, learn from the setbacks but the biggest thing to do is know your auduence and cater to them. Not how to do things 20 or 30 years ago. Consolidate farmland, conserve land and return unused portions to nature. Centralize services towards focus regions, stop spending money on rural projects tht serve very little citizens and grow your cities the smart way. If people dont want to move for jobs maybe they are satisifed with where they are in life. Don't build a boondoggle in the middle of nowhere where nonone will live or use the service. Rant over. You are geting 2 more towers to add to that sexy skyline. Others are still jealous and use your city as a benchmark; Charlotte is fine move on.
  13. NcSc74

    History of Charlotte

    /\ I remember those days...gosh am I that old; mid 40's. I remember going to the Capitol store in downtown Fayetteville. Don't remember the Belks store but sure we went there also for Christmas shopping. If anyone watches the movie A Christmas Story that is how my early childhood was around this time of year. Although it wasnt the 50's more like late 70's right around the time downtowns began to die. As DMann said there werent malls around then , or just beginning to open so you had to go "uptown"; my grandmother has said that for over 90 years. Then mom tried Cross Creek mall once and we never went back downtown. Although the mall was cool it never quite matched the sound, smell and atmosphere of shopping downtown.
  14. NcSc74

    The Good News Report

    That video was awesome. I am very jealous of you that can live in such a photogenic city. I just can't help but think why any company would not want to have ties to the area. Keep aspiring Charlotte; dream BIG.