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  1. Ok, maybe I was mistaken about the early plans for gateway not having immediate light rail access. Good to know though.
  2. Seems to me, I'm no expert, but Charlotte Metro has a golden opportunity to show some leadership and get this mass transit stuff right the first time. Gateway station looks to be cluster since it does not integrate light rail; if I read things correct. Why does it seem so hard to get folks to agree that an integrated mass transit system can do wonders for growth. Heavy rail from Rock Hill to station/hub that integrates to the blue/silver line light rail system. Which in turn integrates and intersects with SEHSR and red line to points north at gateway station. Am I crazy for thinking this makes sense?
  3. I love the night shots...I often play a game in my head where I take 3 Charlotte midrise buildings and plop them down in a city around NC where the population just doesnt match the city size versus the downtown. My city of choice is Fayetteville and all its suburban-rural sprawl. I was just there visiting family and the traffic is horrendous around the mall. Anyway, I'll take Railyard, One of Lincoln towers Southpark and to add a little flair Odell Plaza. I wonder if Odell may be to OP though?
  4. Im going to open up an old wound but I gotta be me. Instead of of funding and building 795, 840, 74, 73 or 84 I think that the interstate designation for that convluted interstate from RAL to Norfolk; the state should have addresssed the high growth areas first. I summize the finding of these projects was a way to stick it to CLT for building light rail. Which light rail has been a catalyst for growth and actually a reason CLT is a legit GDP, pop growth, job creation juggernaught. If I'm wrong someone correct me. I actually could understand 74 if there was a numberesd spur to CLT, I-174, that ended in WILM or even dog-legged to the SC border. But we all know that is not the reality nor how this is going to end.
  5. This should be on a pedestal right smack in the middle of trade and tryon....roundabout....trafalger square style...
  6. Cool. About 30 years late but cool. Draw bridge obviously but I'm curious how high will it be. before the draw portion.
  7. Wish there was a huge plaza in front with maybe a fountain or statue.
  8. That looked awesome. SouthEnd is growing up....literally.
  9. I'm sooooo jealous of you guys. The city must feel alive with all of this activity.
  10. Did Kansas City last weekend and I can honestly say Charlotte feels bigger because of the presence of the buildings. But KC has that grit, jazz, food and so many early 20th century buildings that I wish Charlotte had. Yes I know KC was one of the largest cities in the country for a while. Of course I wore my all star game shirt and Panthers hat. Nothing but good remarks about your city.
  11. Wife and I did Kansas City MO last weekend and used the free streetcar(trolly) all weekend. It was nice to park the car for a couple days and roam around the city; mostly downtown districts.. This will be a great addition to an intergrated transit system.
  12. Resembles OKC skyline now minus a few building.
  13. I slightly agree with you but NC has to do what it can to ease the poaching SC is doing. i mean I get it; jobs for the people is the goal but at some point it has to end. Out in the midwest Missouri and Kansas had to do a cease fire because of the amount incentive money being thrown around was starting to harm much needed money for civic obligations. It seems SC is benefiting from the huge economic engine Charlotte is. When are the folks up in Raleigh going to capitalize on the gem Charlotte is as well.
  14. So the Charlotte region is only 1.8 million per the article....
  15. No photo but a comment. Flew in to CLT around 5 this morning; saw the skyline and it was stunning. You folks are lucky to see that skyline every dawn and twilight. It's not hyperbole when I say the scene just does something to you.
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