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  1. NcSc74

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

  2. NcSc74


    True words.
  3. NcSc74

    Durham City Center Tower

    It needs a little brother for skyline balance. Maybe a 100 foot glass mid rise.
  4. 277 is so 1970's. The bridges the ramps. Unbecoming of a Queen. Can't wait to see this block fill out.
  5. NcSc74

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    City.......just wish there was a "grand entrance" view from 85 so people can see this royal beauty.
  6. NcSc74

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    I must admit these South End shot make me wish I were 15 years younger and 100K richer lol. Seriously, the meandering scale of the buildings and how close they are to thorofares gives the impression of urban energy. How is South End from street level?
  7. NcSc74

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Awesome photos folks. Cant wait for the 2028 view from that angle.
  8. NcSc74

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Note to Tepper, get on the train and get us a team...I'm ready. NC can support 2 teams by the way.
  9. NcSc74

    Charlotte area population statistics

    Question, do the Triad and CLT metros touch? If so what county? I've been gone from NC a while and my geography is failing me.
  10. NcSc74

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Waiting and wishing for a BoA twin or something near there and a few 200 footers in south end to fill the horizon. Who thinks the skyline would be more imposing if Duke was positioned "across the street form BoA corporate?
  11. NcSc74

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    That top pops.
  12. NcSc74

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    So SouthEnd is becoming a profitable office sub market. Maybe some height will follow. If a corporate relocation could come to SouthEnd that would set things off.
  13. You know whats crazy is if you take interstate tower and put in any other NC city it would be the most interesting building in the skyline but in Charlotte is gets overlooked...Love the infill this otel will give. It will help the urban feel surrounding it.
  14. Hell yeah fill in the gaps.
  15. NcSc74

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Just from what I see from around the country is public/private is the best option. Hell seems most new spur or bypass roads in Texas are tolled. I think NC should go this route. Like a "middle" spur from Charlotte to Fayetteville and northwest to mountains. Not sure what state roads that is but certain they can be a tolled road that can be built with minimum tax dollars.