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  1. You know I thought the same thing. But thats NCDOT. Not sure who is running the place but whoever it is they need a lesson in interstate naming, intersections construction and the need for for certain highway types. I will say this the Triad region, Winston-Greensboro-Burligton is large to have a robust interstate system but it lloks haphazard to me. Better planning, and the state could have saved the state bout a billion bucks. My idea, one large loop or 2 expressways linking Winson and G-boro with 29, 421, being the major feeder expressways to both cities. NCDOT smh....
  2. NcSc74

    Charlotte area population statistics

    Yes I understand your point and realize impressive growth south of te border however, Raleigh-Cary-Durham-Chapel Hill and Winston-Kernersville Greensboro-High Point are separated but there is no denying that the Triangle and Triad are one conuberation. One could say that from Archadale to Garner is a conuberaion. If there was more growth that would link from China Grove to Salisbury/Lexington and Thomasville we would be talking about a true mega-region from Charlotte to south of Garner in Wake county even further south as sprawl has began to creep in to Johnston County. So I recognize your point but in all honoesty the Census burea has made this more of a point of contention in the particular metro regions stated.
  3. NcSc74

    Asheville Photo of the Day

    It looks down to Earth and inviting. How are the home prices?
  4. I wish the development would be like Titletown in Green Bay around the stadium. More and more stadiums are going that route to bring more life and revenue to the stadium. Hell if it were feasible I would conncet a branded hotel to the stadium with shops around the perimeter. Or, the NC music factory right next door to the stadium.
  5. NcSc74

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    When I'm Governor I'll build the Tryon Turnpike;. Start in New Bern under Fort Bragg thru Uwharries to Charlotte then northwest to Ashville. I may even elevate it like the Selmon in Tampa right over LevinLand; maybe the reduced land values will encourage a building boom.
  6. NcSc74

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Love the aviation museum idea. There has to be a UPer with some access to city council or someone eho does that can pass along these ideas. Hell email the new Panthers owner to donate some funds for it. The city ahs the land I am just waiting for someone the vision and cojones to pull it off. And you are correct about the NC zoo. I am sure it looked like a good idea at the time but Charlotte does need a city zoo. Hell, Tulsa and OKC both have zoos and they are 2 hours apart.
  7. NcSc74

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    I wish there a 700 footer beside Hearst. Not wanting anything to taller than BoA. Not now anyways.
  8. NcSc74

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    I still say replicate an old german town square complete with a huge carousel. Why not, plenty of space for beer gardens and the like and there is an obvious link to Germany itself.
  9. NcSc74

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Great freakin photos. Little ol Charlotte has wide hips lol....Look out Denver the QC can hang with the glamour shots now.
  10. NcSc74

    First Ward Urban Village / North Tryon Vision Plan

    For FWP I would install a couple of solar trees like they have in various locations like Singapore. But figure out a way to provide a little shade so they are more functional than ornamental. charlotte has so much space around center city to be put to good use. I don't understand why more out of the box designs, creative use spaces, and futuristics themes are not implemented. Honestly, the city does not have to tear anything down to find land. There is no super powerful historical society to fight when trying to implement a future leaning theme. Get frakin creative Charlotte.
  11. NcSc74

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Why not encorage race teams to move their shops near uptown. Create a real gasoline alley. Also incorporate or develop a bbq corridor. I mean the region is known for its style of bbq; so why not use that to consolidate bbq talent to te area. Where is a good place for a gasoline alley? I mean to me its a no brainer. NASCAR whether folks like it or not, is Charlotte's homegrown entertainment. Cars suped up for bootleggin. Use it, dress it up some and stop being complacent. I grow sick of seing travel adverts for other cities and states get more airtime than the QC.
  12. Anyone gonna have a time lapse of this going up. And, will this be the tallest tower to go up for the forseeable future?
  13. NcSc74

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Love I feel every day at work.
  14. Or an elevated roadway that can give clear line of sight views. Long story but relevant to your post. A few years ago when I lived in Florida I was tasked, by the wife, to pick my nephew up from Richmond for Christmas break. Since it had been a while from a road trip I decided to take an extended vacation and visit folks in ATL and Raleigh and Fayetteville on the way back down. I was so excited to see all the cities along the way and show my son that NC had cities and big buildings too.. I made sure to take routes through downtowns if possible. I still do that by the. My route was from Panama City north to 185 in Columbus GA. ATL never disappoints but I could get only a glimpse of Charlotte skyline on 85; after the airport ,I think, there is a slight clearing where you can see BoAcc and Hearst but thats it. I wish there were an eleated section on 85. The skyline would kill from that distance.
  15. NcSc74

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    I had a long reply typed up but nah. I'll just say, racism no matter if its apparent or hidden exist and is alive and well in this great country. No stats neededfor that. And the AA community does needs to take some responsibility, play catch up and build wealth within its own community instead of always searching for a cause and leader. Secondly, affordable housing is necessary for healthy city. My old man told me a while ago never live your life always in the extremes moderate and find natures balance. I think Charlotte should do the same.