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  1. cool pic. man, i need to get out and get some new pics taken, also.
  2. heres the newest estimate for okc: 531, 324. tulsa: 382, 457 this is for 2005
  3. i have to smile a little at that. it really sucks. coming from a bigger city, not huge or anything, i dont think that we have traffic like that.
  4. wow, didnt know what shrevport looked like. nice. maybe i'll visit someday.
  5. here is a reflection of the skirvin hotel on the chase bank.
  6. Triangle Development Partners LLC has been selected by the Urban Renewal Authority as the developer for three prime property locations in Oklahoma City
  7. yeah it doesnt look like the best interior designs, but i am betting the real thing looks so much better.i searched but couldnt find who handles the interior, unless it is merriman associates. here is the pricing. they range from about $178,300 to penthouses that are $485,000. views from the classen. saweeet.
  8. i am pleased with it as well. thanks for posting; thats the first time i have seen this.
  9. Three historic downtown Oklahoma City buildings owned by Kerr McGee will be renovated into
  10. chase bank and devon energy co. in downtown oklahoma city.
  11. the construction of the indian culture center is under way. kerr mcgee is building a bell tower along the river, for what i dont know.
  12. the historic 13 story skirvin which was built in 1910 and stood vacant for 16 years will open in the fall of 06. marcus hotels and resorts of milwaukee have signed a 99 yr. lease on the property thursday. The first floor includes Art Deco tile work, inlaid wood ceilings and mahogany paneling topped by carved gargoyles. Ornamental plaster ceilings and ballrooms will be restored on the top floor. The other floors will be gutted and modernized. In addition to regular hotel rooms, there will be two-bedroom, two-bath suites and one-bedroom suites. there will also be a 3 room presidential suite on the 12th floor with a plasma tv in the sitting area and a flat screen instaled in the mirror of the bathroom. a grand and beautiful hotel is about to be reborn.
  13. warren theaters will build the worlds largest 20 plex theater in moore, a suburb of okc. this will be the first theater in the state that will have an adults only balcony, which will serve adult beverages. location of the theater will be on the left were the dirt is.
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