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  1. yeah well in the strong Republican Okaloosa County...Jeb and Co. cut our school funding in half (AGAIN) which made it hard for the 5 highschools to grow and expand. Two HS that are across town from each other, share the same football field. He gave a little more headway for developers in "protected" forests and he cut some MAJOR road and infrastructure improvement funding too (after the HWY 98 water fencing is done with). The six military bases in this area, however, got a big boost..go figure. Its not just South Florida thats gets short changed. The whole state is being lead by a one party system and there is no checks and balances ANYWHERE.

    That can all change in November of 2006...SO GET OUT AND VOTE.

  2. okay first and foremost...DONT EVER LINK ME AS BEING A HILLBILLY, REDNECK etc. This part of the state is in fact VERY DIVERSE, we too have a large number of ethnic cultures here other than the typical Western European and Central American descents.

    Also, north Floridians talking crap about our southern counterparts...ITS REALLY NON EXISTANT with the general population...most of us love SF for the fact that it is different.

    I was born in Pensacola and raised in Ft. Walton Beach yet me and my family, as well as, several of my friends are very Democratic and liberal in their thinking and are not happy with how this state is being run. The 2nd and 3rd congressional districts in Northern Florida are all Democratic and I can't remember the last time a Republican has been in control of them.

    As for the slot machine hearings...last i checked it was a STATE AMENDMENT - which means it has to be heard in the STATE CAPITOL, also IT IS A PUBLIC HEARING so if your so worried about it then drive your happy butt up here and be apart of the hearing.

    Ulitmately, Jeb is the Governor, so if anything was to be vetoed or taken off anything will have to run through him and his cabinets office, as well as, the elected officials who we put in. Don't blame what goes on in Tallahassee solely on northern Florida.....republican congressmen hail from all over south florida too..

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