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  1. Well i dont live in Arkansas, i actually live in Covington,LA (pop. around 10,000) in the New Orleans metro area, but i own 84 acres of land in foreman,AR and have family there. I am up in Arkansas every chance i get, i love it up there. I think many cities in arkansas and the state itself is overlooked to often, it really is beautiful up there. I really think Little Rock is an under-rated city, the first time i was there i was suprised to see such a nice skyline on a city with 180,000+ people and that the area was so nice, it puts parts of Baton Rouge to shame. I'll probably be posting alot on this forum(that is if you guys dont mind..) because I would like to know what is hapening in the different areas of AR, and there isnt (and i dont expect their ever will be) a Louisiana forum..it seems im the only one on this whole site from Louisiana. LOL Well best of luck to a great forum..
  2. 1.Mobile...Miami, the gulf coast of Mississippi, and now New Orleans are home to many cruise ships...IMO Mobile is next on the list..and tourism can bring alot of growth to a city 2. Birmingham... great city with plenty of things to do, almost 1.1 million in metro and it continues to grow..and if the buildings that blazer85 is describing are built, it will only add to the beauty. ^^Alabama has a VERY bright future ahead of them... Baton Rouge.... it has city population is about 225,000(growing slowly) and the metro is around 750,000(growth has gone up) and the port is growing in tonnage of goods every year and unlike New Orleans, Baton Rouge is not below see level or surrounded by water, allowing for easier development of land.There are now plans to build a 35-45 story condo tower and a 30-40 story office tower in downtown. and a 32 story mixed use tower has already been approved. BR is often overshadowed by New Orleans, but it really is a beautiful city(in most areas) and the history of the entire area is great. i would also say Knoxville...very beautiful city and seems to be growing rapidly. Little Rock...not much about Little Rock on this forum..but it is a very nice city and seems to be growing at a steady pace
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