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  1. Thanks for posting the updated news on Bertha, Richy. Hopefully Slidell can give us some information when he gets the chance. Bertha's projected path seems to have taken a significant northern turn over the last 24 hours. The first extended projections I saw 2-3 days ago had the storm heading towards the Carolinas, then in the direction of New Jersey, and now making a major turn towards Bermuda.
  2. Glad you enjoyed your time in New Orleans, woob! Please share some of your photos when you get them uploaded!
  3. The Hornets made some changes to their official logo recently: Old logo New logo Additionally, the Hornets will be using the "Fleur de Bee" logo more locally and it will appear on the new team merchandise It also looks like the Hornets will be sporting new uniforms next season. The rumor around town is that pinstripes will be making a comeback, the teal road uni's are out, and they will be replaced by a new "creole blue" color. I have no idea what "creole blue" looks like, but I think it may be the lighter shade of blue used in the new official logo. Apparently, the new uniforms will be revealed in August.
  4. The Coast Guard will be building a new $21 million facility in Algiers. Construction is expected to start this summer and will be completed in early 2010. New Orleans CityBusiness
  5. Here are a couple of shots from a portion of the River Garden construction site behind the Wal-Mart Supercenter on Tchoupitoulas: (These were taken before and after a quick summer thunderstorm)
  6. Thanks for the updates, guys! While I was digging for information on the project on the internet, I found some stuff relating to the marketing and promotion of Algiers Crossing. Apparently, the developers went all out when it came to promoting their project, hiring International Group Sales, a major firm in Miami which specializes in Latin American condo/resort-type developments. There's also some sort of a sales office/information center for Algiers Crossing in Miami. The project is also listed and highlighted on a couple of national and international real estate websites. With that type of exposure, I wouldn't be suprised if they found enough buyers to start construction without a serious local push. Richy, I really liked the skyline views as well. I love Algiers Point and I couldn't imagine waking up with that view of the Mississippi River and the skyline every morning. But with the average condo in this development running in the $350,000-400,000 range, it's a bit too pricey for me.
  7. Does anyone know the status of Algiers Crossing? I dug up a T-P article from January that mentioned the proejct was moving forward on schedule, but I'd completely forgotten about it since then. Here are a few pictures I managed to snag from a flash presentation:
  8. Here are some more photos from the construction site at 930 Poydras. I'll try to keep posting photo updates every few weeks for anyone who isn't in the CBD too often or for anyone outside of the city keeping track of New Orleans' newest apartment tower.
  9. A shot of the Mississippi State Capitol from President Street:
  10. NCB


    You should try getting down here for the Saints-Falcons game, IC. There's always a huge group of Falcons fans that head down to New Orleans for the game, and I know NOLA sends a huge group of Saints fans to see the game in Atlanta as well. Let me know if you end up heading down to the Crescent City! I may be headed to Atlanta sometime in July, but I'm not completely sure yet. Also may spend a few days in Houston sometime this summer.
  11. A quick shot of the skyline from the Ponchartrain Expressway:
  12. An RTA official that was just being interviewed on WWLTV mentioned that due to high gas prices and continued population return, RTA's ridership has increased by 53% over the last year.
  13. Here are some renderings of the second major phase of River Garden on the site of old St. Thomas project. 310 new townhouses and four story residential buildings will be constructed in this phase by June of '09. Construction updates:
  14. The Cardiac Cats! What a comeback yesterday afternoon! I'm one of the somewhat rare New Orleanians that grew up supporting both Tulane and LSU baseball, so I'm very happy to see LSU's program back on top. I think it's safe to say college baseball is back in SE Louisiana, with LSU and Tulane back on top, and UNO now having put together a very solid baseball program. (Back to back national tournament appearances for the UNO Privateers)
  15. And as soon as I posted that, I found the construction photo albums on the project's website. Link I have no idea how I missed the "New Construction Photos!" link in the middle of the page. The photos are from February, so I'll still get over there next week to see how work has progressed over the last 3 months. Site in January of 2007 Site in February of 2008
  16. This project was mentioned on WWL yesterday afternoon, so I thought I'd dig up the rendering and information as it hasn't been mentioned here in quite some time. These luxury condos are currently under construction on the 2600 block of Saint Charles. I haven't been through that area in awhile so I'm not sure about progress. I'll be brining my camera over to the site next week to get some construction updates.
  17. About the rendering of 930 Poydras that was posted back in May, I'm still thinking that it's not the official rendering. It just doesn't seem official, especially considering that rendering hasn't been distributed to any other sources that any of us have found. A 20+ story residential tower is a 500% improvement over a parking lot, especially along one of the city's main streets, but I'm hoping that the tower will look alot better than what we see in that rendering. I guess we'll all know for sure in a couple of months.
  18. A night shot of downtown New Orleans from 10 floors above Canal Street: I really liked the way the Hibernia Bank Tower's crown was lit that night. In terms of lighting, I guess it's New Orleans' version of the Empire State Building, as its lighting rotates between white, yellow, green, red, and blue on normal nights, and has special lighting patterns for important federal holidays, Mardi Gras, and to celebrate the Hornets or Saints.
  19. A couple of recent skyline shots from around New Orleans: Metairie's skyline from the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway The New Orleans skyline from the Ponchartrain Expressway
  20. Hey guys, sorry about my absence over the past 1-2 weeks. I was having some major internet problems which basically shut my DSL down for the last 10 days. Anyway, here's a shot from this evening, taken out on Lake Ponchartrain:
  21. Here are a few more constuction photos, these coming from the Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie. The first two are photos of the new Macy's going up, and the next few show the new parking garage going up right next door. The new Macy's is huge, so I couldn't really capture the whole site in the frame as I was driving by. I'll get some better shots soon, though. Macy's Parking Garage
  22. Hey guys, sorry about my absence over the past 10 days or so, I had some major internet issues that are finally under control. Anyway, today I was in the CBD and finally managed to snap off a few (crappy) photos of the construction going on at 930 Poydras. Again these are pretty bad, but they're better than nothing I suppose. Certainly alot of activity on the site!
  23. You bet, Richy! Even more so after the second blowout win for the Hornets over the Spurs last night, 102-84. David West had an extremely tough game, with only 10 points, (though he did have a solid 10 rebounds) but the slack was picked up by CP3, with his 30 points and 12 assists, Peja, with his 25 points, and scoring and energy when it counted from Mo Pete, Bonzi Wells, and Julian Wright. The Hornets now lead the Spurs 2-0, but the series shifts back to San Antonio, so the Hornets have to keep their cool and keep working hard, just as they did with Dallas. Here are a few shots from inside and outside of the New Orleans Arena from the last two Hornets wins over the Spurs: (All photos courtesy of Getty Images and the NBA)
  24. One hell of a night/morning around SE Louisiana in terms of weather. Right now there is quite a bit of heavy rain in Baton Rouge, and check out this band of storms that is moving through the southern portion of the New Orleans metro. The heavy rain stretches all the way from Morgan City to Mobile. There was also about 3 solid hours of heavy rain in Tangipahoa and western Saint Tammany last night.
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