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  1. Ohr Museum Update

    In a brief review of BidClerk, I spied a listing for a museum renovation/expansion which could only be the ill-fated Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi. As you may recal, the campus designed by Frank Gehry sustained significant damage from Katrina. I will post as I get more information. I also noticed a listing for a museum expansion in Ocean Springs which I assume is the Walter Anderson Museum. Both projects are good news for an area which has had relatively little good news since Katrina.

  2. Wasn't a major hotel supposed to be built where the University Shopping Center once stood? I'd thought it was supposed to go up somewhere around where the old theater used to be. I'm surprised that a major hotel hasn't been built immediately next to the LSU campus. BTW, hello again, I know it's been ages. I'm back again.

  3. I'm impressed with the renderings shown in this thread. Any hope that the Palms on Third or something like it will be built? The drawings look great. I would also imagine that the entertainment district would prove popular with LSU students not far away.

  4. Hotel America/Sonesta/Summit/Clarion

    Ok, so it's not the most fetching building in the world and it obviously needs a ton of work. I'd still like to see it saved if only as an example of mid-century modern architecture. The interior would likely have to be reconfigured to meet today's standards. With the Statler/Parkview Hilton having been dispatched in the 1990s, I'd venture that this might be worthy of preservation- at least the shell. Somehow, I doubt there is anything much left inside.

  5. It sounds as though it must have been an interesting program. I think that the model from the late 1970s/early 80s might need tweaking in order to work today. Norfolk's Waterside has already undergone one metamorphosis into a more bar-restaurant orientation than it was originally planned for. Baltimore's Harborplace seems to be doing quite well, but it is also uniquely positioned to snare tourists and their wallets. I think the overall concept of the festival marketplace is still valid, but more thought needs to be given to the stores. People aren't necessarily going to flock to a place filled with stores like "I Cant't Believe It's Yogurt." Or maybe they are. Thoughts?

  6. Montgomery County Supports Light Rail Option for Purple Line

    In an important vote today, the Montgomery County Planning Commission supported the light-rail option for the Purple Line. the alternative to light-rail is a system of rapid buses which might be operated with overhead electric lines. This system, if implemented, would connect Chevy Chase, Siver Spring and Prince George's County. Some controversy has developed over the placement of the light-rail line along a popular walking trail as well as encroachment upon the grounds of a country club. The loss of a walking trail is unfortunate, but it is to the greater good of the community at large. I should think that Governor O'Malley would support the rail option also.

    The Washington Post

  7. The Circle Restaurant Will Close After Dec. 31

    The Circle restaurant, a 1950's landmark restaurant in Posrtsmouth will close its doors after New Year's Eve. I hope the building won't be demolished, but I would have to agree with many of the posters in the Pilot article below that the food at the Circle wasn't particularly special. Indifferent might be the right word to describe the food... It was more important as a sort of relic. For this reason alone (and its Virginia Landmark status), the building shouldn't be destroyed. I'd hate to see it replaced by another faceless chain restaurant.

    The Virginian-Pilot

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