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  1. Hotel Projects Abound While public announcements have yet to be forthcoming, the likelihood of several important projects remains good. The City of Biloxi is said to be in talks with a "major hotel company" to operate the hotel at the convention center (expansion opening next year). This hotel is expected to have at least 500 rooms. Councliman Mike Fitzpatrick mentioned the possibility of a 2500 room hotel at the Broadwater site and the possibility of a 250 room Hyatt (Place?) hotel at the site of McElroy's restaurant which is being rebuilt. Other hotels mentioned include a $500m condo/hotel project with about 200 hotel rooms (these numbers don't add uo- there would have to be more rooms for this kind of money), and finally a Hilton Garden Inn. Many of these projects are in the approval or planning stages, so announcements may not be imminent. The 2500 rooms mentioned for the Broadwater site could possibly bring an element of truh to the rumors of Steve Wynn coming back to Biloxi. it would be unwise to speculate further on that one at this point..... WLOX News - video clip
  2. I've stayed in this hotel a number of times and had never thought to photograph it. Your photo makes it seem much more interesting than it really is. Well done indeed.
  3. Only in South Florida..... Note: This has already been posted in the Miami/So. Florida section, but I thought I'd post it here as well. TB
  4. An Indigo would be a really nice fit- particularly if they could renovate an older building (something like the King). As for Crowne Plaza, this would also make sense, but they are already retrofitting an existing hotel aas a CP, aren't they? As nice as it would be to have an Inter-Continental Hotel per se, I think this might be a stretch for baton Rouge- at least at this point. Indigo would fill a niche in the market for downtown Baton Rouge without adding too much to the existing room inventory. Too many new rooms at once is not always a good thing.
  5. I'm at a loss here. While casino expansion is not the only answer to Biloxi's future, it is puzzling to see these actions from a city which has all but pegged its future to the roll of the dice. In the absence of expanded tourist offerings, perhaps it would be nice to see a dose of good planning and real neighborhoods being built around a viable commercial core. Whay can't this happen in Biloxi?
  6. East Wing, The National Gallery of Art, Washington I.M. Pei, Architect
  7. DoubleTree is a strong possibility. As for Westin, that one may be a bit harder to get in the bag. The number of rooms will have a lot to do with dictating the flag the hotel will carry. If it is under 300 rooms, I would expect a less convention-oriented brand. How many rooms are being discussed for the project?
  8. A rear view of the new Hilton Baltimore from the convention center light-rail station- this is hardly an interesting buiilding, but I am sure it will be a busy hotel
  9. Avalon Project Becomes Four Points Sheraton Assiduous readers of this board may recall a posting regarding the Avalon, a condo-hotel which was to have been created from the tattered remains of the old Gulf Towers at 940 Beach Bouleavrd. Now it appears as though the property will be rebuilt into a Sheraton Four Points hotel. The rendering looks nice enough, but I liked the sleek interiors pictured in the Avalon's website. I suppose this is aonther casualty of the condo market. In any event, getting this prominent 10 storied building back on its feet is especially important for Biloxi. The Sun Herald Avalon website
  10. I'm sure the new stores will be welcome. It is a shame, though, to see opportunities for new urbanism being lost on the Coast. I understand the economic factors which have guided Biloxi away from New Urbanism, but I'm pleased that a few towns on the Coast are looking in this direction, even if it is only for inspiration.
  11. The guitar was about the only thing at the Hard Rock to survive the wrath of Katrina.
  12. The Old State Capitol building, Jackson- now being restored after damage in the wake of Katrina
  13. Please do visit DC. The city has improved significantly over the past twenty years or so. Baltimore has likewise enjoyed a renaissance- at least parts of it have. Both cities seem to be weathering the economic storm better than most, though who knows what will happen next...D.C. is still somewhat insulated from most recessions. Thanks for your kind words on the pictures in the thread. Thanks to Eridony, we have a strong documentaion of Baltimore which we have not had before. I have been enjoying your San Francisco shots.
  14. The Regions Bank building, Jackson
  15. Baltimore- Four Seasons Hotel and Legg Mason Tower There is already a rendering of this in the Baltimore projects thread, but I thought I'd include the rendering of the new Four Seasons and the adjacent Legg Mason tower on the signboard at the project site. This project broke ground not too long ago and is rising fairly quickly.
  16. Isle Expansion The delayed plans for an expansion of the Isle of Capri hotel and casino are back on track again after about a year of being shelved. Don't look for another room tower at this point, but the $160m expansion should bring a new land-based casino, new restaurants in the space where the casino currently operates and renovation of the south tower of guest rooms. This is expected to make the property more competitive with the new Margaritaville Casino which will open in 2010. There is additional land for more rooms, but the company will likely evaluate its business over the next couple of years before plunging ahead with more rooms. The effects of the current gas crisis have yet to be determined. My own take is that while the Coast may suffer to a certain extent, the long-term effects may actually help the Coast attract visitors within a certain radius. The Sun-Herald
  17. The Beau Rivage is still going strong these days! Nice shot Richy!
  18. The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jackson
  19. Not to throw water on Five Guys, but their quality has declined significantly in the past year or so. The burgers are good, but they are too thin and they will not cook them any way other than well done. the potatoes they use for the fries are great, but here again they tend to saturate them in oil. I used to visit one around the corner, but the quality has declined to the point that they have been scratched off my list. I think you guys could do better in BR than Five Guys.
  20. This situation isn't unique to Florida. How do you think most people in upstate New York feel? Should the rest of Nevada secede from the state because Las Vegas gets most of the money? I understand how South Florida might feel distant from tallahassee in many ways, but dividing the state does not make sense. Thus divided, Florida would lose stature.
  21. Federal Courthouse, St. Andrew's Cathedral and the Lamar Life Building on capitol Street in downtown Jackson
  22. Office building on Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle
  23. It is a disturbing trend indeed. I also noticed that the Jackson/Gulfport flights were being cut. Take heart, though. The otherwise booming airport in Fort Lauderdale is losing all service from United this fall. Not that I will particularly miss United....
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