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  1. Farish Street Announcement Possible It's quite possible that an announcement about the reorganization of the long-stalled Farish Street project could be made in a couple of weeks. If David Watkins gets involved, this could only be a good thing for the city. I would like to see the scope of the project expanded to include more residential components in addition to the restaurants, bars and retail elements which are planned. If done correctly, this could indeed be just the thing for downtown Jackson. The Clarion-Ledger
  2. If you are referring to the Shark's Head in Biloxi, it is being rebuilt. I have not heard of any immediate plans for anything similar in Gulfport. Gulfport's rebuilding has been hampered by the hanging cloud of the port issue as well as confusion and tension in City Hall. I am not sure whether or not such a shop would be in the best interest of Gulfport at the moment. Your thoughts?
  3. To the best of my knowledge, the 420 room hotel addition will be about seven or eight floors high. As you have noted, plans call for the total renovation of the former Casino Magic tower. The renderings released so far have been rather more atmospheric than specific on details. The ovewrall look is vaguely Floridian with metal roofing and lots of balconies, piers and open space surrounding a central pool area. I have seen very little which explains how (or if) the tower will be renovated to relate to the new buildings. The tower is rather plain and could use something to lend distinction to its bulk.
  4. Shopping center in Fondren, Jackson
  5. While we are on the subject, one of the elevators in the Robert E. Lee building
  6. Farish Street- Recap Here's a recap of the woes of the Farish Street project. Essentially, this project has not had good stewardship in the past. I only hope its troubles will soon be over. Housing is essential- Wet Weillie's and the daiquiri bars can wait. It's understandable that the local banks were soured on this project. The Jackson Free Press
  7. I ought to take a few pictures of the DC rowhouses. A comparison of the two cities and their rowhouses might be interesting. Love the pictures. Keep them coming.
  8. Interior of the former Grehound Station in downtown Jackson This is now the office of Robert Parker Adams, Architect
  9. The Pinnacle at Jackson Place now under construction on Capitol Street in downtown Jackson This will be completed in the fall of 2008
  10. Segway Tours Capital Segway is offering Segway tours of Washington. Having just replaced my 2003 model with a new Segway P2model, I will be joining the tour tomorrow morning. I hope to get a few pictures taken while I'm at it. Will get them posted here eventually. The Segway tours have been popular with tourists and groups as well. With the cost of gas going skyward, I've also noticed that the catcalls from cars have diminished. The Segway many not be the perfect answer to every transportation issue, but it could prove to be a useful niche. Pictures to come....
  11. Great article! Laptopia? Seems to fit Dupont circle and the West End.....I live near the very corner mentioned in the article which now sports Starbucks, Five Guys, Hair Cuttery et. al.. I think I liked the independent bookstores which once lined this stretch of Connecticut Avenue much more than I like the chain stores which have replaced them. Still, Dupont circle has a variety and vitality which is hard to duplicate. I can't wait to read the rest of the article.
  12. Terrific photos! I'll even change the name of the thread too! Keep them coming!
  13. Farish Street- Change Many be Around the Corner Action may possibly be within grasp for the Farish Street redevelopment project. A formal announcement may not be made until later this week, but indications are good that David Watkins may jump into the project. Given his solid track record with the King Edward and his solid plans for the Standard Life building, this appears to be a smart move for Jackson. Farish Street has a lot of potential which has been allowed to lie fallow for too many years. I'm not convinced that Wet Willie's is the proper avenue to take, but for this area to work as an entertainment district, there will have to be similar venues. Keep your fingers crossed on this one.... The Clarion-Ledger
  14. Neon sign on Capitol Street, Jackson
  15. The Lamar Life Insurance Company Building in downtown Jackson This was built by Eudora Welty's father.
  16. The Mississippi Governor's Mansion, Jackson
  17. No apology is necessary! Please keep up the posting.
  18. First Phase of IP Expansion Opens A new land-based section of the casino and an elaborate Asian restaurant have opened in the first phase of what is expected to be a much larger expansion project. The additions and renovations cost $55m, but there is discussion of additional convention space and another hotel tower. When these additions will be announced is another matter. Most casinos tend to keep their expansions close to the breast until they are ready to proceed. We may be hearing more in the next several months- or not. The Sun Herald
  19. The project looks great. I still wonder how all of these condos are going to be filled in a declining market.
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