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  1. cant they get a certificate of completion and then the retail can get their CO as they finish build out?
  2. This is not a mall. This is just afew restaurants with a movie theatre. And I dont see the city giving that much money. This company also owns baldwin park, and baldwin park retailers are suffering as well.
  3. what time is cold stone open until?
  4. that space is built for a movie theatre. inside you have a movie theatre. that cannot be changed now. it has to be a movie theatre. to change would cost more than building it.
  5. so is this thing a hotel or condo now?
  6. how is the cold stone doing? any business?
  7. was the auction on sat?...how did it go?
  8. any one know whats going on with the mercado redevelopment....anyone know whats going on with the square?.....are they still going to have the belagio style water fountain?....do they have tennants?....is the hotel still going in? onative i bet you have info on this one...fill us in!
  9. kuhn is always in hot water according to the media and then pulls out of it at the end.
  10. it doesent matter wether or not people live in the solaire but property tax is being paid
  11. the movie theatre scares me....i hope this thing gets built and running
  12. from what i understand the vote is required for the TIF money and that money is mainly being used to finance to OPAC...so i dont see a problem....the voters favour the OPAC
  13. how many people work in all his hotels cobined?....im sure alot of those people and their families will sign....but i dont see anything happening here
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