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  1. This is not a mall. This is just afew restaurants with a movie theatre. And I dont see the city giving that much money.

    This company also owns baldwin park, and baldwin park retailers are suffering as well.

  2. that space is built for a movie theatre. inside you have a movie theatre. that cannot be changed now. it has to be a movie theatre.

    to change would cost more than building it.

  3. i saw a tivo of the news tonite....it said cameron kuhn would not answer wether or not the theatre was going to open....i am skeptical now....i hope nothing bad happens

  4. i think the problem is historically downtown theatres dont make money....for example ybor city muvico is a ghost town...it has terrible attendance...but i think in our case....our downtown is not going to be a typical downtown....its going to be a destination just like downtown disney and citywalk.

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