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  1. i called to find out....they said the link i sent was the only one that was closed on and you can move in immediately to that unit.
  2. from what i heard they had afew closings and then they decided they were'nt ready for people to move in and stopped the closings....but i believe one of the closings went back out for resale....i found the link below for a resale. http://www.stirlingsir.com/06homesforsaled...asp?id=o4751504
  3. i heard they have had their first closings and their is already a resale on the MLS....nyone know if anyone lives there now?
  4. im sure once the residents arrive, the Home owners assoication will do stuff
  5. nice to hear that people are actually going to be living in this building....pray to god it doesent become a ghost building like sactuary
  6. im on the 15th floor....what floor are you guys all on and when are you all closing and moving in?
  7. i did my walk threw today...didnt really like the cement aspect in the condo....nyone else done the walk threw here?
  8. does anyone know if any of the resell condos in the solaire are selling??
  9. i doubt the solaire will look like a ghost town how the sanctuary does...not possible...solaire is a level of its own...as for view...they dont have too many investors....due to the contract regulating "flipping" as one must keep his unit for atleast one year....soo look for alot of new residents comming.
  10. walk threws are at the end of the month and closings start feb 20
  11. i dont know about the ad on craigs list but they have very few units left and there cannot be any resales in this building until one entire year after its built and the condos have gone threw closing...its in the contract
  12. corona cigar is a great add....if anyone has visited the dr phillips location...its a hang out spot....great to have a imported beer and a smoke....i bet a gators sports bar would be a great fit in there
  13. exactly!....i cannot see orlando a top destination for new years eve unless alot of families are making it out to the theme parks NYC...Las Vegas....and South Beach have to be the top destinations in the country
  14. I plan on renting my unit as well....how do you find tennents if you dont mind me asking?
  15. email blast to owners...apparently the broker somehow hacked into their database and emailed all the solaire buyers if they want to resell
  16. that is very messed up my friend....solaire sent out a email blast today about the website and asking people that are really interested in contacting them directly....are you planning on living here or are you a investor?
  17. here are some resales being offered by a local broker WWW.SOLAIRECONDOSFORSALE.COM
  18. they are pretty well sold...i think more than 80% the prices have gone up like crazi as to were it is unaffordable now. i dont think you can sell a unit before completion...if u can find a buyer also....i think you would find alot more better deals in the solaire...which will be ready to move in january...if you are looking for a condo in downtown...buddy of mine has one he wants to sell in the solaire...hes offering a good deal with prices below market
  19. there was some kind of red carpet function yday at the plaza...nybody know what was going on?
  20. they want tourist tax to pay...so sadly...i see more chances of it going to i-drive....i just hope the argument doesent kill everything....as homer heritage said even the performing arts center should be i-drive.
  21. seems like projects on i-drive move faster than downtown
  22. i just saw on channel 9 news........fire at the solaire construction site......i dont live downtown.........nyone know whats going on?
  23. to get the republican or democrat convention i heard we need a big arena......u think this could be a part of the reason for the sudden idea?
  24. solaire is gonna top off on the 29th floor but only 15-16 floors of condos as the bottom is parking.
  25. i think the site mite be down so they can update it with the new prices of the condos
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