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  1. i had a question.....i have a unit on the 15th floor.....does nyone know....will my view just be totally blocked by the office building in front?
  2. i saw that 55 west has doubled its prices....now 400k gets you a studio on the 4th floor
  3. besides with the extention of alafaya.....the ucf campus will be very close to the lake nona area
  4. i dont know about the pumping water out of the ground but i believe orlando is more than 100 feet above sea level....i believe were I-4 and turnpike meet....that is 106 feet above sea level
  5. movie theatre parking garage is different from the residential...they have their own reserved parking spots....i think solaire is the PRIMO place to live downtown.
  6. i saw a ad in the paper today on a realtors page in the friday home section....it says they are now doing resales in the solaire.....and assigning contracts....i thought this was not allowed according to contract....is this true?....nyone know?.....hey i dont care if some pesty investor makes a ton of money off me but id rather pay the price and be in the solaire at the plaza than pay the same to be in the paramount or tradition or even the vue
  7. ripley aquarium....i think its location will be along universal blvd. in the new developments across from the convention center
  8. i think they are doing well with time but they took a long time in the sales office. they did not see the overnite sell outs like solaire and the paramount. in fact they still have units available.
  9. a friend of mine went to look at a condo conversion called seranatta on metro west blvd.......$360,000 for a 1400 sq. foot two bedroom 3 story Claustrophobic townhome.....we thought it was ridiculously overpriced.......any insite?
  10. i think this is the only building being built in downtown on schedule....i think they are doing a great job.
  11. when would they anticipate this track running?
  12. whos the developer of this development? or does anybody know about a sales office or interest llist for the project?
  13. were is the dellagio going to be built in dr phillips area?
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