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  1. Phillydog

    New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    Good grief people. Can we be any more sensitive? The roads comment was a dig. It was funny. The comment about taxes is what we hear ad nauseam. Putting them together isn't rocket science.
  2. Phillydog


    For the record, I didn't say RDU does a mediocre job selling itself, I said "NC does a mediocre job selling itself as a destination". We've handed our film and TV industry to Georgia for example, which is millions of dollars in free advertising and promotion. Access between Raleigh and Charlotte is better for travellers who aren't driving, but getting to our primary tourism destinations in the mountains and the coast are still a challenge. Imagine intrastate rail linking RDU and CLT to Asheville and Wilmington.
  3. Phillydog


    Norwegian is flying from Austin, TX, further from Europe than RDU. They may be in trouble financially, and AUS may not work for them, but I don't see the difference between RDU and AUS markets other than NC does a mediocre job at best selling itself as a destination. Aer Lingus has renewed its commitment to Bradley, with the help of subsidies until the BDL - DUB become profitable.
  4. Phillydog


    Norwegian, Icelandic, WOW, Aer Lingus...RDU should have landed at least one of them by now.
  5. Phillydog

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    I like it. I'm glad it's not a mini version the main tower. 7/10.
  6. Phillydog

    Dorothea Dix Property

  7. Phillydog

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Good or Bad? At least there's no NC after "Charlotte". I think the article shows Charlotte is stepping up solve a problem.
  8. Phillydog

    Triangle Economic News

    ...Charlotte makes this list as well. NC shows well.
  9. Phillydog

    The Good News Report

    The combined GDP of the CLT - GSO - RDU crescent is $406.3b. The GDP of ATL is $385B The GDP of GA is $545B The GDP of CLT is $174B The GDP of NC is $538B One more comparison. "Metro ATL" covers over 8100 square miles, a bit more than the size of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and western Massachusetts combined. The Atlanta CSA is 6.5 million. The area of the "CLT - GSO - RDU crescent" is about 9000 square miles. The population is 6.8 million. The statistical comparison is fairly similar. Here are some differences, as I see it. Georgia has one engine for growth. North Carolina has several economic centers, plus 3 major tourism regions: 1. mountains+Asheville, 2. the OBX and 3. Wilmington-MB area). Georgia's "equivalents" to NC's coastal and mountain areas of tourism pale in comparison. The two states have been neck - and - neck for a few decades (Georgia's economic GDP per capita though caught up to and just passed NC in 2018). At some point, I wonder if one of them breaks away or do they continue to grow at the same trajectory indefinitely.
  10. Phillydog

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    Kinda what I said. BTW, Macy's is closed.
  11. Phillydog

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Are there no design firms in Charlotte or Raleigh? Evrytime I see a contract go to a Georgia firm, it's money leaving North Carolina. Pisses me off.
  12. Phillydog

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    So, is anyone writing Bloomberg to set the record straight?
  13. Phillydog

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say Northgate will be redeveloped as a smaller version of North Hills...
  14. Phillydog

    Raleigh City Hall

    FWIW, Charlotte Government Center is 15 stories. Could the chance to give Charlotte a little dig be the cherry on the icing of the cake for COR?
  15. Phillydog

    American Tobacco Historic District

    Article link?