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  1. Honeywell looks like a giant paper shredder.
  2. Wow. HOT. Was in Charlotte yesterday for the first time in months. This city is really impressive and this building puts an exclamation point on it being outside uptown.
  3. I almost hate to ask... Any movement on this?
  4. DHHS to Relocate to Granville County
  5. I disagree. This information is absolutely germane to the Triangle (especially rapidly changing cities and regions). If implemented, it has the potential for profound impacts on the design standards used by local municipalities and NCDOT.
  6. The Raleigh Planning Commission recommended approving the 40-story addition to this project. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article229635109.html
  7. USDOT is reconsidering standards for roadway design with the understanding that not all roads should be designed the same -- that local conditions; urban design and economic development goals, etc., may be varied. This may be a good first step for those of us who think one size does not fit all, i.e. residential streets are too wide. https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/planning/economic_development/right_sizing/index.cfm
  8. We are searching towns surrounding Research Triangle Park for infill housing and mixed use-project opportunities and have been working with Butner lately. Came across this project created for Butner. Once the East End Connector opens, Butner will be about 15 minute drive to Research Triangle Park, downtown Durham, and Raleigh Durham Airport. Downtown Raleigh will be 15 minutes closer than it is now (30 minutes future). The project is for 450 acres with 2 freeway exits. Butner already has a grid of streets with a stable supply of residential, public buildings and parks, and, commercial integrated into the grid. Plan Notes Future development will impact the town's fiscal health, mobility, and quality of life Future growth and development locally and in the greater region will be impacted by a myriad of factors Durham "East End Connector" will create non-stop access from Butner to Research Triangle Park, Raleigh-Durham Airport, Raleigh and points South and East. The Falls Lake watershed means we'll have to think carefully about where development occurs and about how site's are designed and developed. Transportation needs and available funding require a renewed appreciation of the interaction between transportation and development Consumer preferences about where people want to live, work, shop and play are changing. Other Factors Impacting Development Today and in the Future: Population growth and demographics including accommodations for an aging population Job access and mobility https://www.butnergateway.com/uploads/1/3/8/1/13819061/butner_schematic_portrait_size_for_online_document_-_copy.pdf
  9. If we had a better transportation network - I don't know that I would be as bothered by the changes IF people had better access.
  10. I'm amazed by the prices of homes in SE Raleigh. Of course, I'm amazed by the prices of homes inside the beltline....period. We picked up our house on Kilgore Avenue near NCSU in 1989 and paid $72,500. We sold it in 2000 for a modest profit but it resold last year for what I consider an obnoxious sum of over $460 a square foot for 1075 square feet. I'm looking at infill housing opportunities in Butner now. The opening of the East End Connector will put Butner 15 minutes from RTP and RDU.
  11. At least they hung a sign advertising the project.
  12. Austin, Texas has more than you. It's metro is smaller. City is bigger.
  13. Isn't this the same photo you posted Monday? -- Is there anything new from Monday?
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