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  1. Thank you Governor Cooper. He's kept us as safe as possible but ultimately, it's up to each of us to follow safe protocol.
  2. I live in Durham -- near this project and Northgate Mall. There's a small, but vocal, crowd that thinks infill development is evil. In this context, it is young hipsters and older hippies fighting these projects. I want to ask them where they think development will go if it doesn't happen in these neighborhoods? Would they prefer that it be built in the middle of nowhere, destroy more open space and disrupt more natural systems? do they want jobs to be even more removed from where people live, especially poor people who can find jobs in gentrifying neighborhoods? Neighborhood protectionists - specifically those fighting the redevelopment of inner city, empty lots, and abandoned buildings, are the same people screaming about sprawl and economic injustice. Well folks, look in the mirror. (Rant over)
  3. I love that the Railway exhibit has a model of the Michigan Grand Terminal in Detroit. One of the best examples of ruin porn.
  4. I would like to see in-fill development incentivized, i.e. lower tax rates and/or fees for new development and revitalization. The justification is the fiscal savings. Compact development is fiscally conservative, maximizing the use of existing infrastructure, including roads.
  5. What's the limit on gatherings? I don't see the Governor making an exception. Trumplethinskin may have to do this at a federal facility -- maybe they have an exception to gathering size? Maybe the Federal Prison in Butner/Durham?
  6. East West did Meadowmont in Chapel Smell. I think they do respectable work. I still can't figure out why Brunswick County -- literally across the bridge from downtown Wilmington -- was moved to the Mrytle Beach, SC MSA. Most of the growth in Brunswick County is in the north -- Southport, St. James, Leland, etc., and associated with Wilmington. The only thing I can think is that it was political.
  7. A lot of support for North Carolina and Charlotte - NC is looking good tonight, especially Governor Cooper.
  8. The addition of a few floors looks sophisticated and perfect for P/M.
  9. Yes. Nashville's TV marketncovers a larger geograpphic area. San Diego is sandwiched between Mexico and LA. Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh-Durham would be 4th largest TV market if they were one. Look at the geographic size of markets like Boston, Atlanta, Ga, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas. A Charlotte to Raleigh TV market wouldnt be extraordinary.
  10. I plan to kick my Yanks to the curb when the Charlotte Queens of the National League start playing in 2024.
  11. It's better to aim high and miss the mark than aim low and end up being beige.
  12. I'm from DC and grew up in NYC and for some reason it only takes me 254 miles from my house in Northgate Park to 14th and R (Dad's) and 237 miles from there to E. 48th Street (Mom's). As I said, "as the crow flies"
  13. There have been three genocides in the US since 1776: against native Americans, blacks, and homosexuals. Now, it's anybody. I guess we just got better at not being able to care less.
  14. I totally agree with you. We are the biggest market in the US without MLB. I have never met a Georgia Braves fan in North Carolina in 30 years. Maybe there are some alive, but not many. Most are Red Sox or Yankees fans. Technically, DC is about half way between Durham and NYC (216 vs 222 miles, as the crow flies).
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