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  1. The world's most powerful companies are based in Seattle? Internet retailer Amazon (#18), coffee chain Starbucks (#146), clothing merchant Nordstrom (#197), Weyerhaeuser (#373), Expeditors International (#390), and Alaska Airlines (#459).[1] Four more are located in the metropolitan area: Costco Wholesale (#15), Microsoft (#25), Paccar (#147), and Expedia Group (#385) (directly from Wikiworld) There are powerful corporations in Seattle area but the "world's most powerful companies"? That's a stretch. We all know Atlanta, GA has the world's most powerful companies.
  2. Midtown Exchange Great project but the city is doing zero to plan for traffic. No projects on the STIP to widen I-440 or Six Forks or Wake Forest. Unlike downtown Raleigh or a CBD, where this + North Hills densities are typically built, at least you have an interconnected grid of streets to distribute traffic. North Raleigh was designed on the suburban cul-de-sac model. Don't get me wrong, this project looks awesome, but Raleigh needs to start thinking about fixed transit and connectivity, a la Charlotte.
  3. WOW! It is a landmark. Fantastic building. almost cant believe it's being built in Charlotte, this will become the architectural anchor for North Tryon with Bechtler and The Mint as anchors to the south. Tryon will be a remarkable avenue for architecture. Big win for Charlotte.
  4. Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019 I don't think this belongs here except to say.... no Georgia on this list but NC has two cities in the top 5.
  5. Georgia has one city on this list of the Top 50 https://www.forbes.com/best-places-for-business/list/#tab:overall North Carolina has 5.
  6. Look at airports... There are 2 airports in Georgia of any consequence. North Carolina has at least 3. Only Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, California, and Texas have "major" airports in more than one city. GEORGIA Albany ABY ABY KABY Southwest Georgia Regional Airport P-N 34,226 Atlanta ATL ATL KATL Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport P-L 50,501,858 Augusta AGS AGS KAGS Augusta Regional Airport (Bush Field) P-N 270,797 Brunswick BQK BQK KBQK Brunswick Golden Isles Airport P-N 36,054 Columbus CSG CSG KCSG Columbus Metropolitan Airport P-N 44,813 Savannah SAV SAV KSAV Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport P-S 1,056,265 Valdosta VLD VLD KVLD Valdosta Regional Airport P-N 40,275 NORTH CAROLINA Asheville AVL AVL KAVL Asheville Regional Airport P-N 416,939 Charlotte CLT CLT KCLT Charlotte/Douglas International Airport P-L 21,511,880 Concord JQF USA KJQF Concord Regional Airport P-N 90,338 Fayetteville FAY FAY KFAY Fayetteville Regional Airport (Grannis Field) P-N 224,541 Greensboro GSO GSO KGSO Piedmont Triad International Airport P-S 848,261 Greenville PGV PGV KPGV Pitt-Greenville Airport P-N 47,457 Jacksonville OAJ OAJ KOAJ Albert J. Ellis Airport P-N 149,987 New Bern EWN EWN KEWN Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (was Craven County Regional) P-N 106,110 Raleigh RDU RDU KRDU Raleigh-Durham International Airport P-M 5,401,714 Wilmington ILM ILM KILM Wilmington International Airport P-N 413,185
  7. One thing Atlanta has over other cities is that it's the only game in the State of Georgia. Focusing on just one city, Georgia was able to all of its money into its capital. With the possible exception of Savannah, the rest of Georgia is struggling and cities are shrinking. North Carolina's growth is almost universal. Nearly every part of the state is expanding. The economy is as competitive - if not more diverse, but it's multi-polar and state resources, like transportation dollars can't be focused on one big city. Raleigh-Durham competes with Charlotte; Winston and Greensboro fighting against Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham. Asheville, Fayetteville, Wilmington in the corners fighting for their pieces. In the Georgia, the 99% of the pie goes to Atlanta. In North Carolina, the same pie has to be shared by multiple centers and scores of smaller ones. We are more like Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Texas and Florida, than we are like Georgia, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon and Washington. 38 Atlanta Georgia 486,290 15.4% 122 Augusta-Richmond County Georgia 197,166 1.0% 124 Columbus Georgia 194,058 4.0% 172 Macon-Bibb County Georgia 152,663 180 Savannah Georgia 146,444 10.3% 220 Athens-Clarke County Georgia 125,691 24.7% 284 Sandy Springs Georgia 106,739 25.6% 331 Roswell Georgia 94,786 16.1% 400 Johns Creek Georgia 84,350 39.0% 470 Warner Robins Georgia 74,854 50.3% 483 Albany Georgia 73,179 -4.5% 555 Alpharetta Georgia 65,799 41.1% 610 Marietta Georgia 61,048 -0.6% 664 Smyrna Georgia 56,685 27.3% 676 Valdosta Georgia 56,085 21.5% 17 Charlotte North Carolina 859,035 50.7% 41 Raleigh North Carolina 464,758 60.1% 68 Greensboro North Carolina 290,222 27.0% 77 Durham North Carolina 267,743 41.7% 89 Winston-Salem North Carolina 244,605 20.9% 109 Fayetteville North Carolina 209,889 5.2% 157 Cary North Carolina 165,904 70.3% 234 Wilmington North Carolina 119,045 32.6% 261 High Point North Carolina 111,513 28.7% 349 Greenville North Carolina 92,156 46.7% 351 Concord North Carolina 92,067 62.6% 353 Asheville North Carolina 91,902 26.0% 456 Gastonia North Carolina 76,593 13.2% 490 Jacksonville North Carolina 72,447 10.1% 628 Chapel Hill North Carolina 59,862 24.6% 672 Huntersville North Carolina 56,212 115.0%
  8. Great point. Exactly. They aren't in the same league. Raleigh-Durham is a different story, but I get the sense that even though population growth is greater Raleigh-Durham isn't keeping up with the "sexy" of Austin, TX or Nashville.
  9. Thanks. I considered LAX hotels "on site" because there are majors immediately adjacent, but the standard is, correctly, "connected". Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know the reason why there's no airport hotel at CLT? Is it the only major airport in the US without one? Thanks.
  11. Not for nothing, but North Carolina is the only state shown with two cities. That's 149000 moving to NC and it doesn't show the numbers for Durham. That's the real story. Outside or Texas and California, North Carolina is kicking a##. Sorry Georgia.
  12. You know, there's all this attention in the national media about Nashville and Austin. This project, along with everything else happening in Charlotte makes me think Charlotte stands out as largely ignored. It's a shame, but it's our secret. It's why I always liked the "shhhh Charlotte" campaign. A great city emerging under the radar.... Austin, Nashville be damned.
  13. Do you all think SF is gonna really miss Wells Fargo? I think it's inevitable now that WF relocates HQ to the QC. #WFHQQC LOL.
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