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  1. If the tax payers have to pay for a second democratic primary, I will be in the long line to file a law suite. Isn
  2. I hope that they are able to make a blend of historic architecture with a modern flare. I think that what they have done with the BOB is beyond spectacular given the space before they bought it. I just hope that they don
  3. This looks like a cool project. I hope they can get the funding soon!
  4. I have done it a couple of times when we were walking home from dinner. Often it is some place close to the Arena. I did not know that there was an ordinance against it. Whoops, guess they should not have picked me up!
  5. If they doubled the hight on the corner to create more of a streetwall, then there would be more than enough space for a retail store at the corner.
  6. I was there only a few hours later with my new Bride getting wedding photos!
  7. Now that makes me question the cooking process.
  8. So much for my BW3 Tuesday nights. My fianc
  9. Well, in response to your question, I was suspended for this post:
  10. Yea! I am back after a week long suspension! Now for the important stuff! I wanted to remind everyone that the Annual Heritage Hill Home Tour is the first weekend of October and for the first time; you can get your tickets on line, at the office, or several stores in the area!
  11. I too like how it looks at night... now if they could just do something with that concrete.
  12. What is the name of the development company on Ionia across the street from the park... and do they have a website? As for the meet up, what day of the week works best for people? For me, I am available most nights after 7, and would like to meet at a place in downtown that serves beer. edit.. I hate it when a "r' moves on me :-)
  13. Is there any potential of a social networking event in the near future? Because of work schedules, I am unable to make the
  14. Regardless of the design of the exterior of the building, I for one am looking forward to it being done. I love art and plan on visiting there often.
  15. I am starting to think that BW3 is not going to be in downtown
  16. Does anyone have historical information on McFadden
  17. Does anyone know if there have been anymore updates on the possibility of a trolley system in downtown? Additionally, have the cost numbers been narrowed down for a possible commuter rail? I have someone who is interested in joining the group discussion.
  18. It would be nice if a Buffalo Wild Wings opened up in downtown. All the college students, the Arena, me... I think that they could make it work.
  19. I think that it is necessary for the two to work together in harmony because the intent of their positions are very different. Planners and trained to always find the highest and best use each section property and to ensure that the intended use will take the health, safety, and general welfare of the public. This includes how each element of a design, including those beyond the building, interacts with the public. Traffic engineers by training will determine what is the best way to move people from one place to another in the quickest, most convenient, and safest way possible. Bot
  20. Someone filled one of them with a Yugo.
  21. I have said this before and I will go at it again
  22. This looks like a fun thread. Along the lines of the Freemasons and such, I hear that there is a Skull and Bones Conspiracy. Too many Government leaders on both sides belong to the same secret society. Additionally many civic and corporate leaders are expected to also belong. I think that UFO
  23. I agree that you can't force them to locate where they don't think they can make money, however this design is a glorified mall with auto traffic lanes instead of walkways. Additionally, the vast parking lots with minimal landscaping islands does not make it inviting. One thing that would have been beneficial would be proactive in terms of public transportation, multiple story parking structures that also contain mixed use opportunities, and promoting improved pedestrian access from the residential to commercial locations. It would have cost more, but it would also open up more space f
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