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  1. Just as a reminder tonight at 7pm is the Annual Heritage Hill Holiday Pot Luck Dinner. http://www.heritagehillweb.org/
  2. There was no snow, but quite a bit of sleet and ice. A private contractor truck at Wood TV8 was doing loops in the parking lot and street as I was leaving. But that the city was asleep. Is there snow up there now?
  3. How is GR about clearing streets? This morning when I left at 6am, I did not see a salt or plow truck anyplace. I also have family on their way down from the UP today. Does not look like they will have a speedy trip.
  4. I am going to see Happy Feet, then thinking about heading to a few places downtown.
  5. Sometimes I think that Code Enforcement Officers have to deal with more verbal abuse than prison guards, refs, and cops... all because the job is political so there is no way that you can respond in a reciprocal manner.
  6. Good point, you would not want all of those people from Heritage Hill, Up Town, and the other neighborhoods riding onto East Grand Rapids to spend their money when they could just go downtown or keep their money within their own neighborhoods. I may be wrong, but wasn
  7. What is the anticipated day and night populations of downtown in the event that all the buildings are filled to 95% capacity? Additionally, what is the anticipated traffic count if this happens? Having numbers of prospective riders based on density estimations for each of the different target areas could be very valuable. I think that it is great that everyone is looking at this from two sides. The creation of a streetcar system would help to eliminate many of the parking issues and would possibility reduce the amount of vehicle traffic in downtown while increasing pedestrian traffic. (Which businesses would love for the impromptu business) Secondly, the street car system could act as a catalyst for new developments close to each of the designated stops. Depending on where these are put, it could spark even faster turnaround for some of the areas that are not developing as quickly. I am impressed with the amount of detail and though, as well as the effort put forth thus far by this group. Keep up the good work!
  8. Oakes to Jefferson Jefferson to State State to Cherry Cherry to College/Home Why?
  9. What was going on last night (Sunday Night) at 131/ Wealthy Street? They had Wealthy blocked off at division, and several other streets blocked off. As for crime this weekend, I hope they find the guys who started it, the people who beat that guy up and have a very public prosecution of them. Sometimes when a person does something like that, it is best to make this as public as possible to show others what will happen. Additionally, if there was a big group of people around, why didn
  10. Maybe they can raze the McDonalds that is right there too!
  11. Only if I have meet you in person. Thanks for the links and info. I will check out Josh's site.
  12. Anyone have info on Christmas Activities in Downtown? (Trying to make plans to have a party)
  13. Last night walking the puppy dog around the HH historic district while kids were trick or treating was kind of neat. This old historic homes, some decorated for Halloween, people out interacting with their neighbors, and everyone having a good time really enhanced the feel of community. Now why can
  14. I think that it would be wonderful if they brought back streetcars. The big thing would be if they could market them will and change the perception of public transportation. But depending on their destination locations, hours of operation, design of the cars, and realistic usability, I think that the perception would become immensely popular. I also hope that they put bike racks on them as well so we could use them. We would all have a learning process on how to share the road.
  15. I hear that there is a nice vacant site at Division and Fulton... Go Up, Go Big, be Grand!
  16. It was my first time attending the Tour and it is Amazing! Some of these houses and the amount of work that has been done to restore/ rehabilitate is truly phenomenal. If you get a chance to go next year it is well worth the cost!
  17. In all honesty, I will be looking at how these companies are structured, what the employment atmosphere is for each of them, and when the time is right (sometime next year) possible inquiring about employment up there. I figure by next spring, my Masters in Geography with an emphasis on Urban Planning and Development will be completed, I will have my AICP, and while I truly enjoy where I work (even though it is an hour away) I thought that it would be good to look at other opportunities as well. Right now, I am in Zoning and Code Administration, and while I think that it is a very worthwhile job, in the long run, it is not a position that I would want to remain in for a long time, and it appears that my City will not have any openings for other positions anytime soon. There is one place that I would love to get into, but I am going to explore all my options before making a choice.
  18. I know of the names, but I was wondering what was the names of their companies? I see all these company signs on these developments, but with the exception of a few of them, I am not sure who owns what companies.
  19. Who are some of the bigger name players in Urban Planning or Developers in Grand Rapids?
  20. I was in a the 5 row isle seat... Of my Economics Class at Western
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