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  1. Maybe in a few years once I get to know the city better.
  2. How big of a deal is Halloween in Grand Rapids? I have always loved Halloween for the legends, history, and often times a continuing legacy of older historic buildings. Does anyone do a Haunted Ghost Tour of any of the historic districts? (Oakwood would be a great building on that one)
  3. There is an offer that I heard on the radio and I am trying to get more information about it.
  4. Who is the cable carrier for Grand Rapids? (HH area)
  5. The GF got a job as a care tech there and looks like she stands a good chance of getting a nursing job there once she finishes her program in the spring. She is very excited about everything and says that it seems like a wonderful place to work.
  6. I will be the guy in the Green Hat!
  7. Grit no... But it looks too much like an urban version of the lost boy
  8. Anyone know if anything is happening with the buildings on the west side of Division on the block that the Harris and similar buildings are on. Everything is boarded up, and many have had artistic designs painted on them. The buildings have a lot of potential if given a little TLC, but right now the facades scare me.
  9. Oh good. I thought that I was the only one with the Tuesday night addiction!
  10. In some groups like this I have noticed that they will on occasion have a city scavenger hunt where they will use a digital camera to find particular things in the city, with bonus points if that item is incorporated into the architecture of a building. One example would be a photo of a Gear. Well, there is a mural on the side of the brass works building that has a gear in it... and so on. Has this group ever done anything like that?
  11. Well, a happy note for me is this morning I E-mailed my information to apply to be appointed to a vacancy on the Heritage Hill Neighborhood Association Board. And We are almost done with the last of the painting and trim work for our new condo! And I heard someplace that Grand Rapids is in the top 10 best fishing cities (of similar size) in the county!
  12. Well, the faculty gave her a vote of no confidence, the students hate her, she cut several programs and two sports, enrollment has continued to decline since she started a few years ago, and she had some breach of contract according to the news report. I did not get along with her when we were both at NMU. Needless to say everyone I know of thus far is very happy that she will not have the opportunity to run the university into the ground.
  13. Yea... WMU fired Judi Bailey as president! I am sure that right about now the entire campus is going to erupt in jubilee!
  14. Depending on how it is constructed and the routes that it would take, a light rail transit supplemented with bus would be a phenomenal asset to the community. Having light rail stops at several of the commercial nodes in neighborhoods would be a tremendous help to revitalize many of those areas. Additionally, may auto corridors could share the road with a light rail train, or a one block off could become a one way with the train using the other lane. In areas such as the belt line, the center median could be used as the rail way. In a place like Grand Rapids that already has the target neighborhood notes and corridors, has unlimited possibilities. If a light rail line starting in downtown and ending at the airport was constructed that happened to pass by 28th and the Beltline, I think that you would see many less people driving cars.
  15. I think that it was created because over the past several decades many urban areas have automatically been associated with a liberal political frame and that the suburbs and exurbs have been associated with a conservative political frame. In many areas, this is further represented by looking at presidential elections where the dense urban areas have voted for a democrat, while the suburban and exurban (and even rural in the recent years) has gone to the republican side. There is also the stereotype of the unconventional urban bohemia ideology at odds with the traditional conservative ideology represented and reinforced in the play and recent movie
  16. Electrician question? Can anyone recommend a good yet extremely inexpensive Electrician who would replace the breaker panel in my Condo? The old panel is not
  17. Yes... but there is limited information
  18. I was thinking about this very topic the other day. I think that there are two inherent problems with the river right now. The condition and the accessibility, can both be improved, but to what point. Currently the condition of the river it
  19. Game 7, two good teams (but not my Wings), as great as this is, tomorrow I begin my seasonal Hockey withdraw.
  20. The history of these buildings and Grand Rapids is way too addicting. It
  21. I would have loved to, however this case finally went before the judge and with two attorneys and the defendant, it was important that I looked professional as a representative of the city. It was not too bad. The A/C was not turned up, and they shut it down at 4 and the case did not end till 5.
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