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  1. I wish that I would be able to find inexpensive air conditioned suits. This heat and humidity is killing me. I am about to leave for a court case, I am just hope that they have the court room AC so high that it creates icicles on the walls.
  2. Preconstruction planning is not much fun! I may need to find an Electrician if the condo association won
  3. So... do you think they found Hoffa in Milford?
  4. Has anyone been to this website? http://www.rapidgrowthmedia.com/default.aspx It looks like it has a lot of information. I know that they also have one for Detroit.
  5. repeat offender? You mean to tell me this guy has killed someone before?
  6. I need to get to downtown more once I move there.
  7. I am a huge fan of the ideas and principles of New Urbanism and think that its development is terrific. Having said that, I would encourage more infill and vacant Brownfield redevelopment site being replaced with New Urbanism instead of many of the Greenfield developments out at the edge of the suburbs. I have noticed several of them where the residents will still commute to a near buy city for employment and the families still rely on their cars as much as if it was a typical suburban sprawl.
  8. I was not aware of all this new development going on in Grand Rapids. Reading all these posts makes me even more excited to move up there later this summer! Now all they need to do is get the approvals for a light rail or trolley system and I will be thrilled.
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