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  1. BigCityAttitude

    COMPLETED: Hartford 21

    Actually that's Cityplace II, as in 2.
  2. BigCityAttitude

    N.NE Lodge | Off-topic posting

    I'm Nick, 25 from Bellows Falls, VT... I was going to Keene State in NH but decided it wasn't for me. I might be moving to Portland... Oregon.
  3. BigCityAttitude

    Portland Projects & Development

    Looks good! But I agree that 8 floors would make it near-perfect.
  4. BigCityAttitude

    Bellows Falls, Vermont

    Well the village was built on industry, as much of the northeast was. Obviously, industry isn't much of a draw anymore and people have moved elsewhere to find greater opportunities. Taxes are another thing. They are wretched in Vermont. Also home appreciation is creating a problem. People move away and often times nobody moves in to replace them due to its unaffordability.
  5. BigCityAttitude

    Bellows Falls, Vermont

    Not too far... Maybe an hour.
  6. BigCityAttitude

    Bellows Falls, Vermont

    Well I've pretty much lived here my entire life. I was born in Brattleboro and raised here in BF, and then when I was 18 I moved to nearby Springfield. I came back when I was 19, and I'll be 25 next month. Athens pizza is the best! When I lived in Springfield I would always go to BF just for Athens. Dari Joy's pretty good, but I haven't had it in a long time. Maybe I should... Did you ever go to Joy Wah, that chinese restaurant on route 5 on the way to Springfield? The fireworks have got to be the best around, because people from all over come to see them. I love it! It's just a great atmosphere, and a great place to raise your kids. It's great to finally be able to talk about BF with someone who's been here.
  7. BigCityAttitude

    Bellows Falls, Vermont

    I love living here. I moved away when I was 18 but I missed it so much, I had to come back. The town of Rockingham has about 5,500 residents, but the village itself has about between 3,000 and 3,500. Oh yes, and welcome to the forum! Where do you live now?
  8. BigCityAttitude

    Bellows Falls, Vermont

    It's always losing population *grumble grumble* but in 2000 I believe it was about 3,200.
  9. BigCityAttitude

    Manchester Pics

    Thanks for resizing them! They look a lot better. I love that second photo.
  10. BigCityAttitude

    European population figures

    Paris has a very large Metro, so I'm guessing 2 million is it's city population.
  11. BigCityAttitude

    European population figures

    Moscow has a downtown, as far as I'm concerned. Just not one distinguished by skyscrapers.
  12. BigCityAttitude

    European population figures

    It's Russia, what do you expect? Edit: In 2000, Russia had a population of approx. 146 million.
  13. BigCityAttitude

    European population figures

    Interesting... I thought the UK had more millionaire cities than London.
  14. BigCityAttitude

    Bellows Falls, Vermont

    Oh yeah? Where'd you go to?
  15. BigCityAttitude

    Bellows Falls, Vermont

    It's fine people, don't reply.