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  1. We do. Didn't you see the Swiss guy fly over the English channel last week with a personal jetpack strapped to his back??!!! Maybe it was only top story on CNN International. Anyway - forget widening. Free jetpacks for everyone! It would sure help us out in Bangkok. I see what America's traffic future looks like without substantial planning... it's bad. Very, very bad.
  2. A new middle school is being discussed to be built in the Cobb's Glenn area. Apparently McCants Middle School (former Hanna building) was designed for 800 students and has 1200 now. With the growth in this part of the county - seems like a no-brainer to expand.
  3. AIM is reporting that Life Stone Materials LLC is going to bring 45 jobs and 5.5 million in investment. They are filling an existing building in West Anderson. It's a high tech textile employer producing specialized fabrics for military, law enforcement and other emergency responders.
  4. AIM is reporting that Microtel is building a four story hotel at I85 and Clemson Blvd. Story here.
  5. Ethanol Company to invest $10 Million to build near Belton. Not many jobs with this one, but the article says it will create a pretty good amount of tax revenue for District 1 and that it coudl open up this area to more development. I'm not sure I see how that will happen, but here's dreaming. That part of Anderson County sure could use some high quality jobs.
  6. If the case is made (that G'ville can support mass transit) by a successful BRT - then why would you want to switch to LRT? The case being made successfully would mean that the BRT is being used heavily, right? If it's being used and it's working....
  7. I think the financing thing does happen. Isn't that what happened with Pendleton Station? Half built and then basically abandoned. I can also speak from the perspective of living in Bangkok. We have half built highrise buildings all over town. The reason is when the currency crashed over 10 years ago, the banks didn't have money to lend. So even though, financing had been secured, it was not available. And projects that had already had huge amounts of money poured into them halted. I can't tell you how weird it is. 50 story buildings, topped out, with decorative balconies and fully enclosed, but completely empty because the developer couldn't get the final 10% financing to finish the thing. I don't think US banks are in the same situation, but the dollar has weakened a lot in the last year. The cost of building has been going up with oil and raw materials increasing. And the banking industry is under a lot of pressure. I am admittedly not an expert, just guessing.
  8. I thought the Audi rumor was the VW rumor, although I might be wrong. The other huge rumor for Anderson was Rolls Royce poking around Anderson County near Clemson, but that one seems to have died off. I think there was also talk that Rolls might be looking at other sites in the state too.
  9. Greenville is correct. That's the site. It's closer to the city of Anderson than the city of Greenville, but it's reasonably close to midway. My memory says that at most times of day it's about 15-20 minutes from downtown Greenville. As has been said before, this would be great for the upstate (Anderson in particular). It would really knit together Anderson and Greenville thereby making the entire Anderson - Spartanburg corridor feel much more like one big metro.
  10. Two hotels in Anderson are getting facelifts and a new name in the new year. The Ramada Inn on Clemson Blvd (not sure of the address) is becoming a Knight's Inn. My limited experience of hotel chains, that's a downgrade. However, the Quality Inn at Clemson and Beltline is going to become a full service Holiday Inn. The artists rendering makes it look like it's going to be six floors to boot. That's a little taller than it is now! I wonder if the artist got is wrong though - 'cause the article doesn't say anything about building up. But it does emphasize over and over again how extensive the renovation will be. At any rate - that's news.
  11. The developer doing the shopping cntr on Clemson Blvd purported to include a few big box retailers and a starbucks (among other things) is asking for tax incentives. The investment is $29,000,000. I have some mixed feelings, but I'm a bit uncomfortable with tax incentives for retail. What about you guys? Is that a good idea from a development perspective? Is it normal for a retail project (big as it is) to request and get tax breaks?
  12. Kennedy Street School Redevelopment The AIM is reporting a major senior living complex development from an old decrepit school facility in south Anderson. An area of the city which has long been neglected. This is good news on many fronts. It is not far from downtown. It's in a neglected area of town. It's infill. It sounds like a quality project. I could go on and on.
  13. Clemson Brick Forum to be hosted in Anderson County! I know it sounds silly but it's 700 delegates, 1200 hotel rooms and 144,000 in economic impact per year. AC has it in 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  14. I'll chime in on the International thing since I fly to and fro every once in awhile to Thailand. I don't see GSP getting any direct to Asia flights until the fly time is significantly less. The flights options from Atl are limited enough as it is. Many of the itneraries that come up for Bangkok to GSP stop twice to get to GSP. This past July coming to GSP from Bangkok, we flew to Tiapei, LA, Chicago and then GSP. We've done Seoul to LA to Atl to GSP. I've also done Shianghi, LA, Atl, GSP. ThaiAir does Bangkok to New York, but it's hugely expensive (about twice the cost of stopping for a two hour break along the way). For international stuff I think Europe (Germany, London, Paris) and perhaps Latin American destinations are more likely. Seems to me that the focus would be better spent on getting lower cost regional travel and some longer leg direct flights. I'd love to see an LA to GSP or San Fran to GSP. Don't know that demand would justify it though.
  15. AIM reported on Tuscany a new upscale neighborhood off of 81 N in Anderson is moving along well. It features fountains and lagoons. Interesting. One of the really interesting things though is this is another Anderson neighborhood locating on the far side of I85 from Anderson. I know of a few. It's a fairly recent trend that shows Anderson stretching its wings a bit. As neighborhoods stretch across the freeway, we are likely to see Anderson becoming more and more visible along 85 in the near future both in terms of traffic and development.
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