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  1. Agreed. I want the Asheville train to go through downtown Winston-Salem. It would only strengthen our ties to Western North Carolina or WNC as its sometimes called. Since the completion of the Appalachian Way about 100 years ago and our rail and highway network that connects us to every western NC city we have been called the Gateway to Western North Carolina
  2. Why don't they build it next door to the Downtown Middle School and have a viewing fence along the strollway for bike riders and those taking a late night stroll? I would like a better view. I also would like to see the Old 40 bridge renovated to look like an old railroad bridge. Have that and the skyline as a view and run the Redline Trolley in a circle connecting the ballpark to Old Salem, Research Park, Downtown, Union Station and the central transit center. Its a perfect location! Thoughts?
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