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  1. Memphis Pictures

    That's an awesome shot bluff. The river is almost twice as big when its above flood stage.
  2. Memphis International Airport

    Another cool project. Progress is chugging right along down at the airport.
  3. Memphis International Airport

    Here's a link to the airport news letter. A lot of great news here as well. memphisairport.org
  4. Memphis International Airport

    Great article! I love how things get done at the airport. It's in great hands! I think the airport will just keep getting better and better, and continue to be the jewel of the city.
  5. Memphis Pictures

    Nice work as always otacon! The colors are really vibrant in your last ones.
  6. Memphis International Airport

    If I'm thinking of the same area your thinking of, It was designed for plane watching pretty much. Every time I go to the airport now I'll go up there and watch the planes land and taxi to their gates. Between the B and C terminals, I think there was a hotel up there back when the airport first opened.
  7. Memphis International Airport

    Looks like its coming along pretty well. That time lapse was fun to watch. Actually just got back from the airport tonight. That terminal still amazes me. Just the right size. Easy in and easy out. As I was headin back down Plough, I saw the A-330 to Amesterdam take off.
  8. Memphis Pictures

    Wow, those were awesome! The last trolley shot and the one with the fire trucks were the coolest. The lighting was perfect and they all looked so professional. Good job!
  9. Memphis Pictures

    Nice pictures L T! Thanks for showing them. I really like the picture of the newly renovated Goodwyn Tower.
  10. Memphis International Airport

    I agree with Clobber, they could make the garage look more in tune with the terminal, but at any rate, if they were to stick to that design I would be fine with it. It looks really nice, and it kind of goes with One Beale with the glass facade. If anybody hasn't read the rest of that news letter they should. It has an article with the progress going on around the airport and a pdf file on facts about KMEM as well.
  11. Memphis International Airport

    Wow, even the smaller carriers are having problems........ I have a solution. Its called Alaska, Midwest, and Gulf of Mexico.
  12. Memphis International Airport

    Well, farewell hub status....... I kind of like KMEM having a "hub" status...... oh well. Hopefully, something good will come out of this merger. As said before, maybe something similar to Nashville. I wonder how long it will take for a low-cost carrier to get established at KMEM once the traffic starts to slow. Southwest is alreadyin Nashville , so I was thinking they were too close, but what if Frontier started some major operations in Memphis. Isn't Denver their only city with a ton of operations out of it?
  13. Memphis Pictures

    I have a bunch of pictures I can put on, but I keep forgetting to or I want to do something else. Hopefully, I will get the urge to put some on here again.
  14. Memphis International Airport

    At over four times the size of the old tower this will be a nice addition to the airport. Also, even though KMEM is already an efficient airport, this tower will help for better efficiency as the airport grows. Speaking of growing, From the beginning of this year to around October, KMEM has had about 80,000 more passengers than last year and over 300 million more pounds of cargo. Also, on another good note, the inbound roadway to the terminal is now complete with new trees, signage, and no stop lights. Go KMEM!
  15. Memphis International Airport

    That is good news for Northwest, but why is Frontier cutting back services? Is it just in Memphis or other cities too?